Action Zones 

Christ must be first and foremost

Lisa Cunningham BA(Hons), MA
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

If we love Christ, how can we love another? Christ must be first and foremost; our main focus. When I pray I often ask God to hold me. I want Him to hold me. He has beneath us His everlasting arms

HOLDI want Him to hold me


God holds the world in his hands. If you put your hand over your face and consider until you appreciate how your hands relate in size and proportion to your entire frame you then can begin to picture how big He actually is

Childlike faith makes water gush out from rocks. We are to have a childlike faith. A child can be very simple, direct and honest. Open, sincere, untainted. They trust very easily. They play, experiment, are free, and quick to learn. We need to be all of these things. They "see" themselves being and doing heroic and mighty things

Adults often shut down all these activities and many others. We stem our creativity, close and slam the door on our wonder and excitement. Our awe. Why do we do that?

I still ask countless questions. Still want to learn. Want to play. Want to trust. Often, I'd rather not to have to deal with adult issues. Christ is my loving Father. He, if I will come to Him and ask and will allow Him to, will provide me with guidance, acceptance and reassurance.  His touch of counsel and wisdom.  I could struggle on for a lifetime without ever asking. Many of us do not have because we do not ask

God loves us. He doesn't hate us. He died a cruel death on a cross out of love for us on an individual level, not out of hatred. He died so we could live in Heaven and not be eternally driven from His presence in eternal fire and torment. That was, and is, the depth of His love. He saved us from hell and damnation. How can I not love Him back?