Action Zones 

Nothing is impossible with Him


Lisa Cunningham BA(Hons), MA
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

faithFaith believes when it neither knows, nor sees. It endures, until the end. Faith burns away the dross of unbelief and stands triumphant, even in death. It holds onto truth and the Word; Jesus Himself, when the only thing left to do is trust. Not as the last resort, but as the only resort. Jesus is the resource we all should go to first. Not last, or second, but first. He is the only friend that has the power to sway all.


Nothing is impossible with Him, or for Him. All things are possible; we only have to make the decision to choose Jesus. We have the choice to make daily, whether we will choose life this day, or death. Meaning ourselves, the flesh and satan, or Jesus. His will, not ours. It's easier in the sunshine times of our days to choose Him over the lies but when the days are darkened it's hard


When we acknowledge our weakness then we are made strong through and in Him as we reach for Him. We become weaker and weaker if we choose ourselves and try to understand satan's ways. It's pointless trying to outwit satan, we can't in our own strength


If we accept our weakness and present it to Him then His strength can infuse us. God is our defender - our MIGHTY Warrior king. In Him we can and have already won. We need to know who we are in Him already. Without Christ, the Holy Spirit, we cannot defeat satan. Satan may try to convince us that we are able to, but if we try without Him, then we are exhausted, imprisoned, defeated and deluded. Jesus is the answer to our faith. It is Him we must trust to provide our every need. From our daily bread to our sleep. Faith without actions is, indeed, dead. We work our faith in Him not without Him. In Jesus we find our life