Action Zones 

Turn to God: he's waiting to help you.  He is our safety net


Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions


safety net 2013We are never tempted beyond what we can bear. God knows us. He knows me. But the key that unlocks the prison doors is turning to Him. Trusting Him

We will fall if we believe that we can in our own strength win over our flesh. We are weak so that we can know His strength. I fail miserably and do not know why. I pray for help and guidance, for a way out. I ask for help but do not actually want to receive it. Or, the help God wants to supply is not what I thought it would or should be. It doesn't fit my criteria. Or my box. God is His own man. He is God. Too often we try and manipulate our answer. Manipulate God. We think we know a lot more than God

I used to pretend that God was too busy so I was entitled to sort my own issues. Now I see that for what it is. We need to trust Him. Not just His wisdom, but Him in general. We don't know what is going to happen in the next five minutes, let alone the next five years. How can we possibly know more than Him anyhow?

Today I have been really tempted. I felt deep unease and lost my peace. I was praying to Him for help and God basically said "I am! Let Me!" I wanted to forsake all I know and do something very unwise. But I turned to God. Not just asked Him. I turned to Him. Stood before Him and received what I needed which was my way back to His side

Where are you today? Are you by His side? Hiding ashamed in a corner or closet of your mind's own making, or somewhere outside of Him

Come back to the fold today. He's waiting for you to return