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I am willing to change, and I want to change.....


Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions
change 2013It's been hard for me of late to see God because I've been trying to "fix" myself. I've made zero impact
We cannot change ourselves. Only the One who made us can. Satan will try to convince us we can, but, as usual, he's lying. We are incapable of changing ourselves
How God must cry and smile at us. Probably, more cry over me, than smile!
I have a very hard time accepting my weakness and vulnerability. I want to fight for control of myself. I want to sort myself out. Be responsible for me. It's all lies. Wastes a massive amount of valuable energy. Oh, to just trust and lay down all the striving self-seeking and anguish. Torment, even
I am willing to change and I want to change, but I have to let Him change me. Allow Him to walk in. Who will say with me: Jesus, I open my doors to You. All that is shut or closed to You, I open. I open myself to You. I let You in to change me. Thank you Father. Enfold me with Your Sweet King Jesus