Action Zones 

It's hard to ask for help

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

helping hand 2013I feel I need help. I know I need help. Yet, I try and help myself. It's hard to ask for help. Hard to receive help from anyone
I know I'm weak but I want to be strong in myself. I don't like being so sensitive. But God made me sensitive on purpose. And for a purpose. He wants me to be sensitive to Him. He wants us all to be sensitive to Him. To see and know His presence. I turn from Him because I want to pitch my own tent. Set up my own shop


It annoys me to be at His beck and call. It's some pointless, ridiculous game I participate in all too frequently. I'm talking small as well as big stuff. The postage stamp and the castle sized issues. I want to tell God how much better I'd be at it than Him


At self-governance and guiding my own life. I want to shake my fists and stamp my not so little feet at Him. What a child. What a baby. I say, "I'll do anything, use me" Then cry when He tells me what do because it hurts. It's going to cost me. Normally, a character change.  He doesn't answer when I want Him to. Often, not what I want either


What's so wonderful about Him is that he loves me unconditionally through all this struggle and hole digging. He loves me. He loves you