Action Zones 

All He wants is for us to want Him

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

cross and bible 2013All He wants is for us to want Him. When we come to Him He gives us a new want. Provides me with a new me. A new you. We try relentlessly to deal with the old dead person we all once were before Christ walked in. When we are baptised we are raised in resurrection power: a new you. A new me is born. We are brand new. Yet we try to resurrect the dead and fix the dead man- our former selves
We can't accept our death. God died so our former lives, before Christ, would die. Could die. We are resurrected a new creation, yet look backwards, always fighting, always searching for the best solution to crumble the garbage, bury the waste, burn the dead remains, rather than simply accepting and permitting Him to fill us. Infill us


Not us sending ourselves, each tiny experience, to our own spiritual landfill - a place we invented to solve our burial needs. And we are wondering why it's not happening. It's all futile. Where is our joy, our sunblast? Our love? All we feel is condemnation and a constant sense of failing. We know there's more, plenty more, but we're not getting it
It's because we are not receiving the Gospel. The beautiful Gospel as it was given. God didn't send His only Son to earth to die a horrific death for us all to not get it. It's love that sent Him to the cross for you and me, not condemnation, nor judgment. L-O-V-E. Love. It's surrendering to love that heals the wounds. Sets the captives free. Heals the broken hearted. Releases those in darkness into a Great Light. Resurrests us into new life