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He was a man: not a movie star

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

movie star 2013The Bible says He wasn't handsome. There was nothing that we should desire. He was a man. Not a movie star. A man that came to set those in captivity, free. He was God man. Man was created in God's own image

The Holy Spirit made God into a seed and placed Jesus inside Mary. This is such a huge miracle. What a God we are serving. The actor playing Jesus in a film started to dance at the wedding where He turned the water into wine. I was horrified. In my limited, chained opinion Jesus was way too dignified to dance. And with a woman! How silly and ridiculous was this

When I thought this through I saw how small this view was. He didn't sit around in fine linens and silk and look soberly refined all the time: watching. He was a doer. Jesus was very much hands on up to the armpits and both feet with life. In life. He lived life. In abundance. He didn't watch life going by. He participated. He laughed, ate, joked, involved Himself. Had friends/mates. Was practical, had socials. He wasn't stuck up and cut off from people. He came for us. To us. Loved us

I think we have a damaged view of God and Christ. Yes, God disciples us, but He does this in love, not because He is hard, intolerant and a misery. He's not grumpy or harsh. He is love. GLORIOUS LOVE

Lord, we receive You in Your love. Envelop and infill Your beautiful Bride. Baptise us in Your glorious, fiery, pure, love. We ask in Jesus Name. Thank you