The Brook (Cornerstone School of Prophetic Ministry)

The Brook (Cornerstone School of Prophetic Ministry) is a Norfolk-based training and equipping for Christian ministry in the 21st century


It is aimed at those who wish to be trained and equipped for ‘works of service’ (Ephesians 4:12) but who are unable to attend a Bible College full-time;  or those already serving the church and beyond who want to explore further prophetic ministry with an apostolic revival anointing


CornerstoneBibleWebThe church is moving into an era when there will be an authentic release of the ‘saints’ to be Christ’s body in the world. The differentiation between what we know as full-time ministry and congregation will diminish. This will require training!


Our goal is to equip you to be effective in the work of service God has called you to. We aim to do this by establishing your Christian life in kingdom principles, building up your faith according to God's word, discipling you in the truth of what Christ has done and teaching you the (whole) word of God in the power and freedom of the Holy Spirit


Sample CD available containing excerpts from lectures during 2010-11 ( )


Contact: Cheryl Grace or Christine Thorpe for more details and costs.
Tel: 01508 495346

Cornerstone Church (Norwich) in covenant relationship with

Kingdom Faith Ministries led by Pastor Colin Urquhart

Cornerstone Church (Norwich): Registered Charity No 1118125
In association with
The Way of the Spirit (Registered Charity No. 1110648)

Reproduced from the Network Norfolk web site. Used with permission.