Baby Leonardo is dedicated and 13 yr old Joel is baptised 


By Yvonne Hill
Photos supplied br Roger Hill


The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Burnt Lane was brimming with joy and praise as they celebrated the dedication of baby Leonardo Alexander Gaspar Ribeiro and the baptijoel1 websm of imagehis young uncle Joel Gaspar who is only 13 yrs old.

The dedication took place in the morning and was conducted jointly by Pastor Rio Espulgar and Pastor Kirk Thomas.  The proud parents put their precious little bundle into Pastor Rio’s arms to bless him in the same manner as Christ was blessed as a baby.  The whole Gaspar family looked on with great pride and emotion.

The whole church then retired to the upper room where they enjoyed a wonderful fellowship meal which was prepared by the ladies.  The tables were laid out with centre pieces of a football pitch as Joel loves football.




At 3pm in the afternoon there was a second service of baptism for Joel.  He was about 10 yrs old when he walked into church on his own and attended just about every week.  His mother Amelia and brother Ruben soon followed him and Ruben was baptised earlier this year. 
joel 2 web He is now attending the Newbold Seventh-day Adventist College and he is training to become a Pastor.

Pjoel 3 webastor Thomas conducted a very moving life changing service and went on to say that the greatest thing to watch is a new believer take on the newness of life in baptism.  He told the story of a man who had a drink problem and who was actually drunk when he went down into the water but came up in newness of life never to drink alcohol again.

The hymn showers of blessing was sung just before Joel entered the pool with Pastor Rio.  He said that it a marvellous thing when a young person decides to be baptised and he said that he himself also was also 13 yrs old when he decided to be baptised and spoke of the indescribable joy it brought into his life.

Joel was gently lowered under the water, many of us felt very emotional as it was such an amazing atmosphere.  After Joel and Pastor were dried off many people came forward to congratulate him and to give him gifts.

On behalf of the church we wish Joel God’s richest blessings and pray that little Leonardo will follow in his footsteps when he grows older.  (Please click on to link on left hand side to see Joel's brother Ruben's baptism)