Action Zones 

Some dates and event to reflect upon

     some observations from Peter Gray-Read
member of Gorleston Baptist Church





2300 BC

World Wide Flood

World Wide Violence and

Promise – rainbow



sexual immorality   






1870 BC

Gen 12:2-3 Blessing of Abram and nations

The LORD desires to bless all people.  On His condition.

History shows the blessing / cursing re dealing with Israel





1850 BC        

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sexual sin and immorality            

Lesson heeded for a time                                                                            









1000 BC

David’s adultery

Death of child and



and manslaughter

Kingdom divided






30+ AD

Jesus - crucifixion

My sin and yours

Forgiveness + inheritance






Abortion Act     


Devestating Foot and Mouth






Reducing age of             

‘Gay rights’

Devestating Foot and Mouth


homosexual consent







2010 April

Refusal to allow Israel to use advert featuring Jerusalem       

Palestine / Arab claims to Jerusalem. Supposedly a disputed capital.

Massive volcanic eruption (next day): 17,000+ European flights  grounded            






Gay marriage Act passed by government

‘Gay rights’

Devestating floods –surpassing records - lesson learnt?

     =========  What next?… ==============A divided kingdom?============ Scottish Independence? ========
Coincidence or judgement on personal and national sin - you must decide

Righteousness exalts a nation.  Sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

There are many other examples of human / national / societal action in defiance of clear Biblical guidelines leading to very adverse consequences.  Equally of course there are many examples of righteous acts leading to great blessing and prosperity for regions, countries and individuals.  God is not mocked… we reap what we sow Galatians 6:7

We must not be homophobic or rejecting of people with sexual disorientation we have all been morally disorientated and in need of forgiveness and guidance.  But we must not officially sanction what has been shown to be contrary to Biblical principles.  Equally those who are suffering the devastating effects of the floods need our full support and prayer.  We must pray for righteous leadership in the nation