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Dear supporters and friends

Please donwnload the May prayer diary here
We've had a bit of a reflect this month and have so much to be grateful for, join with us in praising God


SCHOOL: After a hectic term with the Taste visit and assemblies, we are really encouraged by the increase in the number of pupils coming to Lodge 7 in the school at lunch times and also having conversations with Matt during his time in the dinner hall. Three boys who come in fairly regularly are gradually opening up about their lives and struggles. One of them asked for a Bible and (although he told his friends he'd burnt it) we believe has started to read it. We are looking forward to some interesting questions and conversations now Matt is back in school this term after the Easter break. Some girls came to Lodge 7 at the end of last term and were sharing about some family illness they're trying to deal with at the moment. They felt they knew Matt well enough to trust him with the difficulties they face. One lunchtime was spent with one young lad who is not looking forward to his immediate future as it just seems full of exams, stress and worry about what will happen after school. Please continue to pray for the young people as we look forward to developing more work in the school. Also pray for Matt as he continues to encourage and advise these young people

And a couple of new ventures:


OVER 18s: We have started a discipleship group for the young adults who are Christians in the town. We are keen to encourage them to study the Bible and get to know God’s word so this term we are following the Just 10 series from well-known evangelist J.John, as we investigate their relevance and application in the 21st century. Hot chocolate and cake will probably make an appearance too. Please pray for Nigel Lawrence (volunteer from Hope Church in Great Yarmouth) and Alison (ENYFC) as they deliver this course


Youth Cafe flier 2014YOUTH CAFE: We are really excited to be announcing that the Youth Cafe, born out of the Mission Academy is starting on Wednesday 7th May from 3.30-5pm as we partner with Ben and his team from the Salvation Army. Angel and Elizabeth have worked really hard to get this off the ground and it has been their vision for a year now, to give the young people of the town somewhere safe where they can go to chill out with Christians who can give them a different aspect of life without having the structure they have all day at school. This will give time for chat and relationship building. The long-term approach will be flexible enough to provide structured Christian input in the future if we feel that is the right direction for this particular group. We will also be signposting the young people to yfc@park and other Christian events and clubs in the churches and ENYFC. As this is a weekly event the volunteers are likely to get quite tired so if you feel you can give an hour and a half once a month to ease the load, please let Alison (07733 143660) or Ben (858069) know

yfcpark flyer Summer 2014b

YFC@PARK: Tonight (27th April) we begin the third series of yfc@park with a “superheroes” theme at Park Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth NR30 2JN. The first one will be Ironman and is open to any high school aged young person. Other dates are Sunday 25th May and Sunday 22nd June


PRAYER WARRIORS: Thank you to our prayer warriors who diligently and faithfully pray for the young people with whom we have contact. There are still 8 young people who need a prayer warrior. This is simply a person who will promise to pray in their own time regularly for a young person by name. They will not meet the young person and the person praying will not be identified to the young person, but when there is anything significant happening in their lives you will be informed so you can pray/praise for that situation. Please let Alison or Matt know if this is something you can do.

Thank you, for your love and support
Alison, Richard and Matt
Contact: Alison Roberts
07733 143660

Office: 52 Deneside
Great Yarmouth
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