Meriam Ibrahim of Sudan 


cross 2014You may be aware of the Islamic court ruling that this Christian doctor, who is 8 months pregnant and married, and has been imprisoned since February, been given 100 lashes for adultery (i.e., because she is a Christian her marriage is considered 'unlawful'), and hanged for changing religion although she was raised by her mother as a Christian
This is obviously an evil court ruling.  I would like to know what you consider the best way to protest
May I suggest that you recommend to parliament that ALL requests for planning permission to build any further mosques be stopped and that Sudan be informed that 5 mosques in UK will be closed if this action goes ahead
There must be a more robust way to protest this outrage than just lodging a protest
Islam CANNOT be allowed to bully people into fearful submission
Thank you for your attention in this vital matter
Yours sincerely
Peter Gray-Read  
note from webmaster:
  I know that Peter has already submitted his feelings to our MP, Brandon Lewis, and you may wish to inform him of your views also.  I suggest that you pray robustly into this situation for a solution to be found that no other young women will have to suffer in this way

Graham Lawson (Guest) 21/05/2014 22:25
Withdraw any aid we give unless this sentence is quashed,send back the Sudanese ambassador immediately
David Morrice (Guest) 22/05/2014 08:28
Tragic as it is, what is happening in Sudan today will, if not radically checked, happen here tomorrow. The liberal policies of the 1997 Government has much to answer for. Under the guise of "Politically Correctness and Human Rights" we have allowed a religion of intolerance to flourish and change the fundamental face of this once so called (but tolerant) "Christian based" society.
NSmith (Guest) 22/05/2014 09:39
We have in the past been a tolerant country to all who want to come here, but when you hear and see how Christians are being treated in Sudan and other places, enough is enough no more. We are supposed to allow them the freedom of their religion when they openly despise ours. but the main thing here is the intolerance toward their own people to choose to whom they pray. And I wholly agree with Graham. Something must be done.