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We had a really good Treat 

1st November 2014
treat 2014
To our family of pray-ers and supporters - thank you again for your prayers over Treat on Friday - this is how God answered them reports Alison Roberts
The evening went really well and it was encouraging to see the 7 young people really enjoying themselves. But for us, the strength of Friday's event was in the team God provided on the day. They were all absolutely amazing - each for different reasons; James (16) and Ben (17) from Cliff Park, having been there all day to set up, were a great example, in the evening, to a couple of young lads who have very difficult home lives and because there were so few young people, they had time to chat with them. Angel was there all day too but still had the energy and enthusiasm to take a couple of girls, who are visiting the area, under her wing for the evening. Saskia (16) from Cliff Park, again there for the day to set up, courageously set aside her feelings and took on the games and mess when the girls in her team didn't want to
Claire, our new safeguarding officer from Park Baptist and is new on the team but got stuck in for a 12 hour shift of cooking porridge and spaghetti, washing up, cooking lunch, preparing the 10 individual games and transferring equipment between games and keeping us hydrated with drinks throughout the day. She had the privilege of teaming up with Grace (16)from Kingsgate, Lizzie from Hope Church, and Andy from Park Baptist
Grace (20) from the Tab was on the technical team with Darren from St Andrews Church; they were with us all day setting up and serving even though it was Darren's son's birthday. Olivia (18) from St Nicholas Minster brought home-made cookies and kept score during the evening
Gillian and Brian Philpot provided a delicious meal at tea time. Steve and Yan from Gorleston Baptist brought a much needed breath of fresh energy and enthusiasm at 9pm for the pack down and clean up as did Robert from Cliff Park
The two prospective trustees, Nigel and Matt, arrived in the evening after work and child-minding duties and absorbed themselves in whatever there was to do during the event, staying for the pack down and eventual unloading of everything back at the office, finishing at midnight
And last (just because someone has to be!) but in no way least - Mark, from Identity, who was the epitome of grace, patience and a servant heart all day for a 14 hour day
There were no niggles, no tension and no frustrations and with so many different natures and characters, that is truly a blessing of the Holy Spirit
20 volunteers from 7 different churches took part across the whole venture
The message was one of how, no matter how messed up our lives become, through what we do to others and what others do to us, Jesus is everywhere with us and although we can clean up the mess on the outside by having a shower or bath, only Jesus can clean up the mess on the inside which we keep covered up, where nobody else can see
As we all know, after such a mountain top experience comes the inevitable valley - where fatigue sets in and the enemy tries to sap all the joy the Father brings - please pray for protection for all these young (and not so young!) people who gave so much in just that one day, that however shallow or deep their valley is, that they will grow deeper with God through it

Louise Lyle (Guest) 03/11/2014 08:51
This was such an encouraging article, I had no idea of the work and teamwork that goes into the event, Alison you write with such expressive joy and hope that I can not help to be moved, I will surely pray as requested. Blessings to all the team.