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Update from Unite and Prayer Diary for March

UNITE logo 2015Lots of exciting stuff to report this month
The volunteers at the café are growing in number even though some of them are for the short term. We thank God for His provision in this season
As most of you will have read, we had an amazing week with them in the high school last month and as a result of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the young people in this town, one of the boys who is a regular at the Youth Café became a Christian and prayed along with Andy (from The Sense) when he gave the opportunity for the pupils at the gig on Thursday evening to ask for forgiveness for anything and everything they’ve done that’s wrong and ask Jesus into their hearts to make a difference in their lives. Please pray for him as he starts this incredible journey with our Saviour and friend. If anyone would like to pray regularly for him as a prayer warrior, please let us know
Thank you for your prayers for the Youth Café – there was an upsetting situation outside the café but thanks to God’s protection nobody was physically hurt and He taught us lots through the process
At Stand, Reece gave a passionate overview of what it means to do a gap year for God, how it has changed him and broadened his outlook, enthusing him more and more to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to anyone who doesn’t know Him. Andrew quietly but again, passionately told these young men how to use what gifting they have to spread the word in their own communities, even if they don’t want to do a gap year; that the most important thing is to be where God wants you. As a result, one of the young men is seriously considering and praying about doing a gap year after college
There is a lot of excitement about the Spring Weekend at Eaton Vale with North Breckland YFC which we were involved with last year. It’s from 29th April – 1st May and The Sense again is presenting the programme of workshops and Bible studies. Last year we took eight young people (only three of whom were “churched”). Nine have already put their names down to come this year. If you know of anyone who has a mini-bus we could use for transporting them please get in touch as most of them won’t be able to get there without us providing transport. Please get in touch if you have any “school years 6-10” young people who would like to come or if you need fliers
We are also starting to book in for Newday. It’s running from 1st – 6th August this year and we will be partnering with churches in the borough to take young people from the age of 10yrs old to 17yrs old. If you’re older than that and want to come and serve, let us know and we’ll chat through the options with you. The price at the moment is £158 until 7th April, when it will increase. Contact Ali on 07733143660 or your youth leader if you would like to come
Thank you for your prayers and support and praise the awesome God we serve that He is sovereign over all
Nigel, Matt, Richard, and Alison

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