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Unite's prayer diary and update for April 2017

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“But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love.”
(Psalm 59 v 16)


After having The Sense and Stance in the school, we enjoyed a quieter month in March. However, we are still seeing God’s love and strength every day as Holy Spirit works in the hearts of these young people. Just one example of His perfect timing; the day after Ali had completed a pretty intense two-day course on Mental Health First Aid, she was queuing in the dinner hall with a Year 11 girl who was obviously upset about something. As the conversation developed, it became apparent that this young person was having a pretty tough time coping with anxiety and stress. Ali was able to spend the whole dinner time with her just walking around the school, listening to her and giving her time to talk. After lunch Ali was able to liaise with the pastoral staff who immediately arranged further support for this young person

Also, one of the Year 9 boys who has been coming to Room 6 for the last two years, but is respectfully dismissive of Christianity and always declines our offers of any involvement in anything even slightly “religious”, has asked if he can come to Spring Weekend this year! Please pray that he will actually come

Thank you for all those who prayed for Ali as she delivered her first assembly, something she has resisted for years! It ran smoothly and all the Year 7s listened really well as they were encouraged to find out more about Jesus and God before they dismissed it as boring and irrelevant


YFC 03-2017AThe Youth Café is as popular as ever; last week 31 young people came to hang out, including 5 new young people (thankfully 4 of the regulars didn’t arrive). We always pray before the café opens, asking God to bring the youngsters He wants there and to limit the numbers to keep it safe. We also ask Holy Spirit for His peace, which was blatantly obvious with so many young people in a confined space, two of whom really struggle with the school day. If you can make drinks and toast but young people scare you witless, don’t let that put you off – that’s where most of us started! God has given us some amazing young people to be alongside. It’s a really rewarding couple of hours and will dispel all the negativity surrounding young people in general! You won’t need to get into conversations with them  if you’re not comfortable with that, you can stay in the kitchen but you will be releasing those volunteers who DO want to engage with the young people. Let us know if you just want to come for a “taster” with no commitment 

One Year 7 lad is asking some really good questions at the café; “Ali, if God wasn’t real, what would you be doing with your life now? You come into our school as a Christian because Christianity has helped you and you want to help us, but what would you do if God doesn’t exist?” The following week he asked Livvy “Where did God come from?” Please pray that he will come to Spring Weekend as he says he is coming but hasn’t brought his forms back yet 

Michelle had a great conversation with some of the girls as they sat making Mothers’ Day cards and colouring. She was able to draw on her own experiences around bullying and gave them coping mechanisms as well as encouraging them and helping them to understand why people are sometimes unkind


ARMOUR OF GODThank you for your prayers for Stand. With the two young leaders facing some really challenging personal situations we are constantly grateful for His strength and love through your prayers. We’ve now finished the term of Apologetics and the young people are looking forward to leading some sessions themselves. We were also pleased and encouraged to be helping out with Identity’s Encounter event again this month, when 7 youngsters from Cliff Park Church came together for a night of music mayhem and board games, all washed down with milkshakes and cakes. Please continue to pray for Identity as they recruit a new leader for their next season


YFC 03-2017BSpring Weekend is coming up at the end of April. For a lot of the young people it is the highlight of their term; a chance to get away in a safe place with their friends and The Sense and Stance who will be leading sessions and workshops based around who Jesus is and why He had to die. 14 young people have signed up so far with two more expressing an interest. We thank God for the fellowship we have amongst our Youth for Christ family as we would struggle to deliver this event without Ang Fox and her team at North Breckland YFC, who are providing leaders and caterers for the event


YFC 03-2017CYFC 03-2017DNewday is approaching fast and we'd really appreciate your prayers this year as there is a lot of uncertainty around our site this year. Having had 4 or possibly 5 leaders from last year unable to attend this year, we are very short of support, so please pray that people will be prepared to serve the young people during this week of camping in Norwich. If you think you might be able to help in some way, please get in touch - you might just be the linchpin we're looking for!

YFC 03-2017EThe new jobs are being advertised this month with the closing date of 21st April.
Please pass the details on if you know of anyone who is looking for opportunities to share Jesus with the young people of Gt Yarmouth


People often ask us “What does Unite actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church to update you in person about the work of Unite, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you


We had a great time on Tuesday last month as 6 of us joined in prayer inside McDonald’s in the town. Holy Spirit’s presence was, again, obvious as we prayed for peace and for His presence on the young people gathered outside. This prayer time will be a regular feature (the staff was very supportive of us being there) every other Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. Feel free to join us and see what the Father does. If you’re not able to physically be present, please join us from your homes


Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

Alison and the trustees

Regular commitments for April 2017:

Saturday 1st                      
Youth leaders’ breakfast with Neil O’Boyle.  As we travel to Norwich with 4 young people from Stand, please pray that the National Director of Youth for Christ will be God’s mouthpiece for these young leaders in their walk with Him; that they will be inspired and challenged by what God says through this morning’s gathering
Sunday 2nd                 
Stand.  We are having a break over the Easter holidays as people are away and busy with families, but please continue to thank God for these young adults as they stay local, seeing all their friends leave for universities. Pray for them to gel and support each other in their faith
Monday 3rd – Friday 11th
School Holidays.  Thank God for the teachers at Gt Yarmouth High School, for the support staff, Senior Leadership Team, administrators, dinner supervisors and site management. Thank the Father for our acceptance in the school and the positive effect we can have in this environment. Pray that we will continue to be His hands and feet in the school and that He will open doors that He wants us to go through – that everything we do will be His idea; that we will be sensitive to the schools’ policies but have the courage to take opportunities where He gives them and always be ready with a reason for the hope we have in Him!
Jobs:  Please pray during these two weeks that the Father’s person will apply for the job vacancies we have at Unite, that they won’t be distracted from applying
Prayer Warriors:  17 Christians across the borough have become prayer warriors – they have the basic details of a young person with whom we are in regular contact (Year, age, church or not, brief family set up) and commit to praying regularly for that young person. If you would like to become a Warrior for a young person, please get in touch. They won’t know who you are and you won’t be able to contact them, but you can intercede with the Father for them
Tuesday 4th              
Unite Prayer:
  Thank God for His peace at McDonalds last month, pray with us as we meet again tonight at 7.30 to pray for the young people of the town. Pray that our being there will speak to the staff too, of His goodness ad love.
Sunday 16th                
Easter Sunday:
 As the Year 7s tuck into any Easter eggs they receive today, pray that they will remember the assembly Ali delivered about the real meaning of Easter and what Jesus did in defeating death, to enable us to have a new life with Him for now and for eternity. Pray that Holy Spirit will root His presence in the young people who want to know Him.
Stand. Hepsi and Julyan are leading our study today on Ezra. Please pray for them as this is the first time they’ve lead. Pray for peace and for God to speak through them, bringing what He wants to say to this group.
Tuesday 18th              
Room 6:
 Thank God for this open space in school. Pray for the students who come, that they will be blessed by their time in here today
Wednesday 19th         
Dinner Hall 
Youth Café:
 Thank God for the conversations we are having with these young people and for the trust they have in us. Thank God for Grace, Louise, Livvy, Ali, Sadie, John, Michelle and Joe, who faithfully serve these lovely young people
Thursday 20th
Stand leaders prayer meeting. Pray for Grace, Eddie and Ali as they pray about the young people and the next session
Friday 21st                  
Youth Connect

Please pray for more volunteers for this venture, that it won’t have to close after this year. Thank God for the love Claudia, Ricardo and Shirley have for Jesus and for the young people of the town
Vacancies:  As the closing date for our new worker arrives please thank God for the finances we have in order to employ someone. Please pray that we choose the right person – that God will speak clearly to the trustees about the applicants
Sunday 23rd                
  Pray for the young people as they dig into Haggai this week. Pray for Sam and Eddie who are leading today, that they will hear God as they deliver this study
Tuesday 25th              
Room 6:
  Pray for the conversations here – that there won’t be too many young people, making it difficult to have meaningful conversations
Unite Prayer:  As we gather together in McDonalds to pray for the young people of the town, pray for peace and His presence to be made known
Trustees meeting:  Thank God for His trustees, Richard, Matt, Nigel and Ali. Pray for more to respond to the Father’s prompting to join the team, so existing members can step down when they want to
Wednesday 26th         
Dinner Hall 
Youth Café:
 As the young people start to get excited about Spring Weekend, pray for The Sense and Stance as they prepare the sessions. Pray for Ang and her team as they plan the structure of the weekend. Pray for Ali, Grace and Louise as they prepare to stay overnight with the young people to build relationships and show Jesus to these teenagers. Pray for the parents to complete all the paperwork in time

Thursday 27th             
Dinner Hall
  As we meet together to pray, thank God for His goodness to us and for the journey He’s taken us on over the last few years of Stand. Pray for Eddie as he prepares to go to university and all that entails
Friday 28th                  
Youth Connect:
  Thank God for all the local young people who are now coming to this group
Spring Weekend.  Pray for those who are also going to Spring Weekend tonight and for safety as Matt transports them all to Norwich in a mini-bus; that they will be excited and open to all that Jesus is going to do in their lives this weekend. As they undertake team building games and activities tonight thank God for the health and strength they enjoy and pray that they will be kind and supportive of one another. Pray for a good night’s sleep please!
Saturday 29th              
Spring Weekend:
 As we open up discussions on “Who was Jesus?”, “Why did he have to die” and “Is the Bible true?” please pray for an openness in the young people to hear His words and for courage to follow up what they hear. Pray for safety as they try out go-karts, crate stacking, air rifles and circus skills, too today. Pray for a good night’s sleep please!
Sunday 30th        
Spring Weekend:
 Today we will be encouraging the young people to try climbing, raft-building and catapults, so please pray for safety. The discussions will be covering “What’s the point?”, “Why am I here?” and “Why and how should I pray?”. Please pray for patience and for protection, spiritually and physically. Pray for safety as Matt transports them back to Great Yarmouth and for energy for the leaders as they pack down. Pray for rest and refreshment tomorrow as Stance, The Sense and the leaders recover