Cliff Park's Easter Magic at the Pavilion

18th April 2017

Tony Mallion reports


pavilion 1Easter Sunday was quite a bit different for Cliff Park Community Church when minister  Rev Mike Simm joined the Eastern Region Baptist Minister Rev Nick Lear on stage doing magic tricks. Nick Lear who is also a conjurer and member of the famous Magic Circle was the guest at Cliff Park's Easter Celebration at Gorleston Pavilion Theatre - and he got Mike Simm (pictured with the pilot's helmet) to assist him in a dramatic knife throwing card trick involving a magical Easter bunny. No vicars or puppet rabbits were injured in this trick

Nick Lear also performed one of the handcuff escapes created by the famous escapologist Harry Houdini. While Houdini wanted to appear to be death defying Nick Lear used this illusion to dramatically explain how Jesus was the only person who really did conquer death and is alive today to be our saviour
pavilion 2The two hour Easter Celebration had songs and Easter hymns, including Thine be the Glory, led by Lester Bullen and musicians and singers from the Cliff Park worship band. There was also a testimony from church member David McDicken who told the audience how Jesus had met with him in his Norfolk garden and totally changed his life, even though at the time he had no contact with a church

Cliff Park Community Church was set up in 1999 by St Andrew's and Gorleston Baptist Churches and is based at Cliff Park Junior School meeting each Sunday at 10.30am. The church uses the Pavilion for its annual Christmas carol service and also decided to return to the venue for Easter this year after a five year gap. It meant transporting equipment and rehearsing in the morning ready for the afternoon celebration. Admission and refreshments were free but a bucket collection was taken for the work of Christian relief organisation Tear Fund for its East Africa Appeal

pavilion 3Tony Mallion, who led the group organising the service said: “As a church we like to follow that Norfolk motto of ‘du different’ which was certainly the case with our Easter celebration. It is always a pleasure to have the setting of the Pavilion with its atmosphere, facilities and welcoming team”
“To be able to have modern worship from our church band and then Rev Nick Lear with his mixture of magic and message was a great way to say that Jesus is alive on this most special day”

Rev Mike Simm added : “We need to keep doing events like this if we are serious about trying to reach all kinds of people with the gospel. We are fortunate that we have a church full of people who are willing to do different things each year”

photos: Tom and Tony Mallion

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