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Unite's prayer diary for July 2017

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Taking the Good News to every young person in the East of Norfolk
Registered Charity number 1118022


“The Lord turned to him and said 
‘Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. 
Am I not sending you?”   (Judges 6 v 14)


Regular commitments for July 2017: 

Saturday 1st                      

Drop into KINGSGATE COMMUNITY CHURCH if you can between 10am-4pm to intercede for the young people of our nation. With prayer stations to help focus our prayers

Sunday 2nd                        

The young adults from Stand will combine once more with Identity Youth Project in Gorleston, to welcome Suzanne Coldman, new Youth Worker into the “fold”. Magdalen Way Methodist Church – 5pm, everyone is welcome to attend

Monday 3rd                 
Newday meeting 

Please pray as Suzie, Matt, Amelie, Lynda and Ali get together to plan and pray for Newday this year

Tuesday 4th                
Room 6

Please pray that as the term draws to a close the young people will hear a “nugget” of goodness from Jesus as we chat

Theos (follow-up from SW) 

Pray the three young people will actually be stirred to discover more about Jesus as we look through His story

Wednesday 5th           
Dinner Hall 

Thank God for the privilege of visiting the high school and spending time with the students.

Youth Café 

Thank God for the volunteers who faithfully sacrifice their Wednesdays. Pray for Hepsi as she tests out her “toasting” skills in the kitchen here. Thank God for her love of Jesus and willingness to step out of her comfort zone during the school holidays

Thursday 6th               
Dinner Hall

Thank God for the young people He is going to prompt to chat with Ali today. Pray that they will want to know more about Him

Stand Prayer 

Thank God for Grace and Eddie, that as they have stepped back from leading Stand at the moment, they will feel refreshed in Jesus and His love for them

Awards evening 

Thank God for this opportunity to reward the Key Stage 3 & 4 students for their achievements this academic year. Thank God for the staff He has put in the school who are positive and encouraging to the pupils

Friday 7th                   
Youth Connect – Emmanuel Church

Pray for that as the church leadership evaluates this group after its first year, that they will hear God’s voice regarding the future sessions


As the Year 11s attend their prom at the Masonic Lodge, pray for protection over them and that they will realise how important it is to look at their hearts and not what they see externally

Sunday 9th                  

Thank God for the way He has gelled this group of older teens. Thank Him that they have all missed each other and have come back after their exams with a new zeal to NOT be “lukewarm” Christians!

Tuesday 11th              
Room 6 

Pray that there will be more of Jesus love shown here


Pray that these young people will see beyond the Costa drinks and begin to trust Jesus; that Kevin’s young faith will stay strong and not wilt as he struggles to see Jesus in his everyday life

Unite Prayer

Thank God for His peace at McDonalds, pray with us as we meet again tonight at 7.30 to pray for the young people of the town. Pray for the staff who see us meeting there regularly – that they will ask more questions

Wednesday 12th         
Dinner Hall

Thank God for all the conversations Ali is going to have today with staff and pupils. Pray for Aggie who has left but keeps in touch with Ali; pray that she will explore more as they meet over coffee

Youth Café 

Thank God for His protection over the leaders and young people. We ask for prayer for that every week as it’s vital that Holy Spirit protects the young people spiritually and physically so the Café remains a safe place for them. Thank God for Susanna, Grace, Louise, Michelle, Livvy, Ali, Joe, Sadie and John

Thursday 13th             
Dinner Hall 

Pray for the pupils who are not looking forward to the holidays; that they will find a way to be at peace in their home situations

Stand Prayer 

Pray for Holy Spirit’s leading as we start to plan next year’s sessions

Sunday 16th                

Thank God for community, however big or small. Pray for wisdom as the young adults decide what to study next year

Tuesday 18th              
Room 6 

Pray for the teachers with whom Ali has a relationship with as a result of this group. Pray for them over the summer – that they will have time to think about why we do what we do


Pray that the young people will remember their journals over the summer holidays and use them to grow closer to Jesus as they write

Wednesday 19th          
Dinner Hall 

Pray that the pupils will enjoy their last week in school; that the pressure will be off and they can have fun whilst they learn

Youth Café 

Pray for the volunteers for this last session. Pray for calm as the young people will be very excited to be finishing school but disappointed that there is no café during the holidays. Pray for prayer opportunities

Thursday 20th             
Dinner Hall 

Pray for the catering staff and MSAs today. Pray that they will see a difference in Ali and want to know more

Friday 21st July – Tuesday 5th September
Summer holidays 

Please pray for all the school staff; those who are leaving, those who have been here for many years and those who are starting in September; that the new school year will bring a new sense of community to the team and that they will be rested and refreshed over the holidays. Pray for their protection and their family lives to be blessed by the break

Saturday 29th              

As we meet to load the van, please pray for the peace of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us so we can work as a team, honouring Him in our actions and attitudes. Thank God for all those who commit to helping

Sunday 30th                

With the van and cars loaded up and raring to go please pray for amazing weather to pitch the tents and set up the marquee for the week. Thank God for His financial provision enabling us to help so many young people attend this event.

Monday 31st July – Saturday 5th August

Pray this week for immeasurably more than we can ever imagine as Holy Spirit empowers and reveals Himself to these young (and older) people in ways they’ve never encountered before – that they will come away from this week, emboldened and raring to go out into the world and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Ali – Lynda – Matt – Amelie – Suzanne (leaders)
Hepsi – Grace – Vicky – Ellie – Lily – Ireti – Seyi – Julyan – Eddie – Sam – Angel – Sophie – Hannah – Susanna – Robert – Mickie (young people)       
Thursday 20th August

Join us for our third prayer session. This time it will be held in Great Yarmouth High School, Salisbury Road, NR30 4LS as we pray for the work of Jesus through Unite during the next academic year. Join the trustees to pray from 6pm-8pm


Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)