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That empty hole in your life can be filled by the Holy One to make you whole

1st July 2017

Judith Edmonds
creation of adam 
My husband recently bought a second-hand 1000 piece jigsaw of Michelangelo’s 'Creation of Adam'.  He decided to check the number of pieces before commencing the putting it together and found there were apparently 3 pieces missing.  He then decided to double-check the original count and, ‘hooray’, found there were indeed the full 1000 pieces!  He was overjoyed of course
Following a Bible study session that morning, we were led to think about what had occurred earlier with the jigsaw.  His jigsaw with 3 pieces missing would have had a nasty hole which could not be filled.  Our lives without Jesus have that void which many people search to fill: something they describe as that “something missing”’ only to try avenues that quite simply do not work and, possibly may be harmful
There is only one way that we can be made whole; and that is to fill that nasty gaping hole with the Holy One: Jesus

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