Fun Day for Rocking Rev

17th July 2017
Tony Mallion reports
pictures:  Stephen Gostick

The Vicar of Gorleston, Rev Brian Hall, swapped his dog collar for a retro shirt and trilby hat to become a Rocking Rev on Saturday when he played his bass guitar to take part in specially created Sixties band for the church fun day. It was the first time the parish church had staged such an event in the church grounds for 13 years

Summer fete band
The Long Faces performing (left to right) The Rev Brian Hall, Tim Harbord, Barbara Hall, Colin Rouse (drums), John Moore, Brian Bircham

Summer fete 2017 Bob  HilaryThe 58 year old vicar, who moved to Gorleston in the spring of last year from Nottinghamshire, said he’d started playing guitar when he was a schoolboy. “No-one else wanted to be a bass player” he said, “For five years I played on and off in a Status Quo tribute band”. He has occasionally taken part on guitar and drums with the worship band at St Andrew’s but this was the first time he’d really had a chance to perform since arriving at the church. When Tim got the idea of getting together a band I said “bring it on”’
pictured alongside:  Bob Boardley and Hilary Buckle on the golf game
The Fun Day band, who jokingly called themselves The Long Faces, was the idea of retired teacher Tim Harbord, one of the church worship leaders and a member of the choir. He put together the afternoon’s programme of sixties classics including numbers from the Hollies, Beach Boys and The Small Faces. The vicar’s wife, Barbara, joined Tim as a vocalist. Completing the lineup were John Moore, and Brian Bircham on guitars and Colin Rouse on drums. Although created just for Saturday afternoon Tim said they’d already been asked to perform at other church social events

Summer fete general viewsummer fete donkey ride
Crowds enjoying the Fun Day                       Donkey rides provided by Scratby Garden Centre

The group played throughout the afternoon and was one of the attractions along with games, a bouncy castle, and very popular donkey rides. The weather held and the five hour event drew a large crowd. “It was the first time the church had held anything like this for 13 years” said Rev Hall. “It was very much aimed at being our gift to the community. It was a fun day with the idea of bringing the community together”

He added that one little girl had enjoyed her donkey ride and ice-cream so much she told him “This has been the best day of my life!”  He said that he felt it was worth it just for that

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