Vision barbecue with Simon Pinchbeck

vision bbq 2017 0120th July 2017
Alex reports

Reaching men with the gospel seems to be an increasingly difficult task today. According to Evangelicals Now, men think the church is 'irrelevant; for wimps and women'. A survey by Sorted magazine even suggests that 50% of men feel comfortable in a ladies underwear shop while 33% of men feel comfortable in a church. Perhaps it’s because of reactions like these that the number of men in the church is on the decline. Dr Peter Brierley, author of 'Major UK Religious Trends' has even suggested that, according to the current trend, there will be no men left in the church by 2028. Of course you and I know that that is NOT going to be the case, because we will still be here, but you get the idea that something is going on

vision bbq 2017 02Men's ministry in a church is an attempt to combat this. I'm certainly not suggesting that women are not equally as important in bringing men in to the church, they are, but there are just some occasions, some conversations that might only happen between men. I'm sure this is the same for women too

The Men's Ministry Vision barbecue with CVM (Christian Vision for Men) guest speaker Simon Pinchbeck that took place last Friday evening was an event that attempted to tailor to this cause. We saw just over 45 men from a number of church's in the Great Yarmouth area come together to munch on some good quality food. We seriously over estimated how much salad would be needed (there were mounds of lettuce left), but everyone filled their boots and after a quick quiz, all were ready to hear what Simon wanted to say

vision bbq 2017 03Simon Pinchbeck's story is an eye opener to anyone. A man who was no stranger to violence and anger transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit in to wanting to do God's work and help 'fellas' where ever he goes. When he was part of the MET riot squad he was renowned for leading the charge, when he boxed for the police he was the champion and when he left the police and became a career criminal, he was a feared high earning debt collector. He then ended up rock bottom, full of resentment for his enemies, teetering on the dangerous precipice of revenge. But without spoiling the story, God showed Simon that he can soften even the hardest of hearts and as we as Christians know, God wants to do this with all of us. He wants to heal and restore us all

vision bbq 2017 04I know there were both Christian men and non-Christian men who heard Simon's testimony on Friday who were inspired. Simon (and CVM) have a passion for introducing all men to Jesus and also firing up Christian men to 'step forward from the back benches' to live an 'exciting Christian life'. There was an obvious yearning for more of this as some people voiced to me directly how they wished certain men they knew had come. But not to worry, as we are already looking to the next event, we will be doing it again (perhaps in a different church in the area), there is more to come

vision bbq 2017 06vision bbq 2017 05So if you know that guy that wouldn't be caught dead in a church or just doesn't do singing, or even socializing for that matter. Or maybe just someone who can't see how Christianity is relevant to them and doesn't care that it even goes on. Whatever the belief or thinking, we want to provide an event for all men in the Yarmouth area to come and chill, have some good food (with less salad) and maybe hear from an interesting guest speaker

As far as we are aware, this is the first time that CVM have been linked with an event in the Yarmouth area. If you would like to know any info or have any questions, or would just like to be kept in the loop about the next event, please don't hesitate to email us at

(Please note that we do not see this event or any future ones being affiliated with any particular church other than the one that all Christians belong to, 'the body of Christ')

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