Looking forward to wonderful opportunities 

grant b-dRevd Grant Bolton-Debbage
Assistant Curate, Great Yarmouth Team Ministry
Great Yarmouth College Chaplain
as published in Parish Life, August 2017

"The LORD will surely save me; so
we will play my songs on stringed
instruments all the days of our life
at the house of the LORD
Isaiah 38:20

As the parish enters a new phase of her life, there are inevitably many changes afoot. The arrival of our new rector, The Revd Simon Ward, is imminent and as my curacy draws to a close, I too will be looking for pastures new. All of this allows space for new and wonderful opportunities. I am pleased that there have been many things for me to undertake whilst I’ve been here, but what I would like to focus on in this article is the newest of my endeavours – the Pathway Café Choir!
Great Yarmouth is alive with music with many new initiatives which are producing some great results! The Song School which takes place in the Minster four times a week has been an inspiration and a wonderful blessing to the children and ministry team who attend. It has been building confidence, building community and providing a space for fun education. The same, I am pleased to say, can be said about the Pathway Café Choir
pathway choirEvery Wednesday, after the food has been served and the tables cleared away, a group of around 6-7 people (clients and volunteers) gather around the piano to sing songs chosen by them with arrangements which suit our strengths! The group consists of a diverse range of abilities and, so in order to ensure inclusiveness, we try to be a paperless choir. This means that those who are unable to read so well need not have to worry. It also means that we give our memories a good work out too! The music chosen is joyful and uplifting. We are currently singing our own arrangement of Bridge over Troubled Water and One Day at a Time. Both chosen by the group

singing at the Pathway
We made our debut at the opening of the redecoration of the Minster Mission, which was kindly donated by Marks and Spencer – headed by Michelle. The set included Stand by Me, Let it be and This Little Light of Mine
The choir is growing and we are now able to utilize the gifts and talents of other guitar players from the Pathway. I am very excited to see how this project continues to unfold long after I have left here.  It goes to show that singing to the Lord a joyful song will resound all around and build us all up. May we continue to sing one another’s praises as well as God’s and be sure to let the music soothe our souls!

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