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Unite update and prayer diary for October 2017 

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“Do you not know?
    Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom”  
(Isaiah 40 v 28)

UPD 1 06-2017

Wow! What a month it’s been. You will, no doubt, have heard both negative and positive opinions of the new head teacher at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, in just his first three weeks. Thankfully the furore seems to have settled now and we are able to see how the new environment could work. Thank you for your prayers over this most recent change; we have genuinely felt buoyed up by them and have been truly blessed and encouraged by our heavenly Father. Isn’t He just awesome?

Mr Smith (new head teacher) is very enthusiastic about us continuing to visit the school at lunchtimes and Lorraine has fitted in very well already, engaging in conversations with the staff and pupils alike. Please continue to thank God for His provision of our presence in the school and pray for His protection over our role in there
The quiet place for the pupils to chat on a deeper level in Room 6 has come to an end but we are using that time to meet more of the pupils in the dinner hall. In fact, just last week Ali had an opportunity to pray with one of the teachers in the dinner hall
At “Theo’s” on a Tuesday after school the young people have been reading Genesis, with one of the girls picking out verse 27 of Chapter 1: “So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them” prompting discussion about what that actually means. Please continue to pray for Kevin*, his sister Lola* and their two friends as they regularly meet us to study the Bible together
UPD 2 06-2017
We are definitely missing Sadie, John and Grace at the Youth Café as numbers are growing with some new year 7s coming along. However, the team is brilliant and God is equipping us with everything we need including three new volunteers who will start over the next few weeks. Praise Him for His faithfulness and provision and for Katerina Lennox from the Salvation Army who has stood in the gap for us.

The Year 10 lad (now Year 11) who prayed for the Wii remote to work (PD July 2017) and who had a conversation with John about God and cancer (PD October 2016) had a long discussion with Ali about God creating us man and woman and how that fits with gender issues today. He was nothing to do with Theos and yet the same passage came up. We can’t describe the excitement of living for such a present, alive and awesome God!

One of the Year 10 girls asked Ali in the dinner hall if she could talk to her in private, which she did, briefly. The pupil had faced a pretty traumatic situation in the school holidays and was desperately wanting to talk about it. She said through tears "I can't wait for the cafe to start again. That's the only place I feel my voice counts for anything. You listen and I can trust you". Sadly, when she did come, there were not enough volunteers to engage in conversation with her. Please pray that we will have time to listen to her this week

If you can make drinks and toast but young people scare you witless, don’t let that put you off – that’s where most of us started! God has given us some amazing young people to be alongside. It’s a really rewarding couple of hours and will dispel all the negativity surrounding young people in general! You won’t need to get into conversations with them, you can stay in the kitchen but you will be releasing those volunteers who DO want to engage with the young people. Let us know if you just want to come for a “taster” with no commitment. Everyone who has visited so far, has commented on what lovely young people they are

ARMOUR OF GODThank you for your prayers for Stand. It’s great to have Identity Youth Project partnering with us this year, as Suzie builds relationships with the college-aged young people from the Gorleston churches who have been a big part of Stand over the last year. Please pray for these relationships to be long-lasting and fruitful for the young people in their walk with Jesus. This term we are doing a series on prayer: Teach us to pray; Intercessory prayer; “Unanswered” prayer; Lament; Singing prayer; Imaginative prayer and Listening prayer. Please pray that the young people will have a closer relationship with God as they learn how to communicate with Him and Him with them
Lorraine and Ali both had a good time last week, meeting other youth workers as they learned how to deliver a Christians Against Poverty course to young people and children. The CAP money course is fairly well recognised as being delivered to adults who need a bit of guidance on how to manage money, but the organisation also delivers sessions suitable for children, young people and students. We are very excited about the different opportunities for us to deliver the youth version to our young people, many of them having little or no concept of what money is worth
McDONALDS2 Chronicles 7:14 says ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land

Will you humble yourself enough to pray in McDonald's with us this month? We are meeting a little earlier so Lorraine can join us. We will meet at 6.30pm, on the 10th and 31st October but will not stay in the restaurant the whole time so please text if you're going to be later


People often ask us “What does Unite actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of Unite, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you

We had a great time with our lovely supportive brothers and sisters at the Salvation Army at the beginning of the month as they heard what we do in the school. It was a real blessing to be prayed for as we anticipated all the new changes. We are looking forward to joining Gorleston Baptist Church in October to update them in person and give testimony to what our faithful, kind and forgiving Saviour is doing through Unite and Identity

Commitments for October 2017

Sunday 1st 
STAND Thank God for His love for Seyi (Shay-ee), Julyan, Sam, Livvy and Grace. Pray that as we investigate prayer, they will have an ever-closer relationship with God

Tuesday 3rd
Good Practice Meeting As we join other youth workers across the region to discuss strategies for recognising and tracking the achievements of our young people, please pray that we will have opportunities to bring God’s love into the environment
Dinner Hall Thank God for this opportunity to listen to the young people. Pray against the negative opinions, rumours and gossip being circulated in the media
Theos Pray that the things Kevin*, Lola* and their friends hear today will take root in their hearts and they will want to know Jesus as their personal Saviour

Wednesday 4th
Dinner Hall Thank God for the teachers as they now sit with the pupils having lunch. Thank Him for how He has sustained them through some tough times and praise Him for the positive attitudes and laughter we now hear in the school
Youth Café Thank God for the two new volunteers who are “testing the water” today at the youth café. Thank Him for their faithful support of Unite over the last 10 years and for His freeing them up for such a time as this. Please pray that they will commit to being regular volunteers for the café

Thursday 5th
Dinner Hall Thank God for the relationships we have with the staff and pupils here. It has recently come to light that the pupils often ask teachers “Is Ali in today?” and “When is Ali in next?” Please thank God for His favour and pray for protection over our role in the school

Sunday 8th
Stand Praise God that He wants an ongoing close relationship with us. Thank Him that He is always ready to listen and always present with us. Pray that these young people will know His presence all around them on a daily basis

Tuesday 10th
Community Breakfast Pray for fun and laughter as we spend time together hearing about each other’s ministries and supporting/praying for each other
Dinner Hall Please pray that the pupils who want to talk will be able to find Lorraine and Ali in the dinner hall. Pray that Lorraine and Ali will be vigilant to spot the ones who are on their own.
Theo’s Pray that Kevin*, Lola* and their friends will take their spiritual future seriously and understand how vital and life-changing Jesus’ atonement is
Unite Prayer We are now meeting at 6.30pm so that Lorraine can be part of this group. Please pray for any young people we meet – to ask questions about why we keep meeting in McDonalds and why we keep praying for them

Wednesday 11th
Dinner Hall Praise God for the calm atmosphere in the school at the moment. Thank God for how His sustains and equips Mr Smith and the leadership team
Youth Café Thank God for His protection over the leaders and young people. We pray for this every week as it’s vital that Holy Spirit protects the young people spiritually and physically so the Café remains a safe place for them. Thank God for Louise, Michelle, Livvy, Ali, Joe and Lorraine

Thursday 12th
Dinner Hall Thank God for those pupils whose mental health has improved already this academic year. Pray for those pupils who still struggle to cope with life in a community environment.
Identity As we meet together with Suzie from Identity, to pray together and build each other up, please pray that we will encourage and be a blessing to each other

Friday 13th
Norwich YFC Pray for a safe journey for Lorraine as she travels to Norwich to have a day with our sister centre in Norwich. Pray for inspiration and clarity as she learns how a larger YFC Centre works

Sunday 15th
Encounter Thank God for the opportunities to partner with other organisations. Thank Him for the work Identity is doing in Gorleston with the young people. Please pray that the young people who attend Encounter will take advantage of all the leaders on hand to answer their questions and help them towards a real life-changing relationship with the living Christ

Tuesday 17th
Dinner Hall Pray for those whose home situations are difficult, that they will continue to enjoy their schooling.
Theo’s Thank God for the evidence of His hand on these young people’s lives already. Thank Him for the head knowledge they have but pray that it will develop into a love for Jesus and a life changing relationship with Him

Wednesday 18th
Dinner Hall Pray for the catering staff today who are working in the dinner hall. Thank God for them and the opportunities we have to chat with them
Youth Café Pray for calm as the young people will be looking forward to the half term week next week. Please pray for wisdom for Ali and Lorraine and the volunteers in their discussions with the young people about Hallowe’en

Thursday 19th
Dinner Hall Pray for the pupils as they are looking forward to Half Term. Pray for His protection over them and peace for those whose home life is what they escape from when they’re at school

Sunday 22nd
Stand As we look at the subject of so-called unanswered prayer with these young people, please pray that God will show them how to trust Him when it appears that He hasn’t answered our prayers

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th
Half Term Thank God for His brilliant idea of rest! Thank Him that it is factored into the academic year. Pray that Lorraine, Ali, staff and pupils will be able to rest and recharge, spending quality time with their families and Jesus. Pray for those pupils who don’t want to be at home, whose lives are too difficult at home. Pray that they will look for Him in their sorrow

Saturday 28th
Eastern region trustee gathering Thank God for these amazing people who give of their time to ensure the safety and integrity of the YFC centres across the country. As Matt and Ali meet together with BYFC trustees in Cambridge today please pray for enthusiasm, a building up of each other and more testimonies of the wonders of our God and Saviour. Please pray for a safe journey and thank God for our trustees Nigel, Matt, Richard, and Ali. Please pray that those who are being nudged to be a trustee will be obedient to the call

Sunday 29th 
Gorleston Baptist Church Thank God for the history we have working with our lovely brothers and sisters in this church. Thank Him for their grace and their passion for young people. As Lorraine and Ali share about Unite and Suzie updates on Identity please pray that those who are being prompted to contribute (volunteering, financially and/or in prayer) will be obedient to Him and catch the vision for Great Yarmouth and Gorleston

Tuesday 31st
Dinner Hall Pray that the pupils will all return to school ready to get the most out of the next term’s teaching and extra-curricular activities. Thank Him for the freedom we have in this country to talk openly about Jesus without persecution. Pray that we won’t squander opportunities today
Theo's Thank God for the finances to continue buying these young people drinks at Costa. Pray that people will contribute financially to the ongoing work of Unite
Prayer at McDonald's Again, this will be starting at 6.30pm so please come and join us. If that’s not possible please pray that the young people we see in there will chat and want to know what we’re doing and why. These are usually the pupils who don’t often talk in depth to us at school. Pray for opportunities to show them Jesus

Thank you for your support 
and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)