Ormesby St Margaret church funds celebrations

17th November 2017
Liz Coates, Yarmouth Mercury

ORMESBY CHURCH nick butcher
Ormesby church. Picture: Nick Butcher

A gift day in aid of a village church has done just grand - twice over!

Some £2000 was donated in Ormesby St Margaret towards the village church, with more money coming in

The cash boost is needed now more than ever according to chairman of the friends’ group and church treasurer Geoff Freeman

A five year inspection had just revealed that the tower needed an overhaul likely to cost some £500,000

He said: “Although the church is in good condition, we have been warned for about 15 years that we would need to refurbish the tower, parapet, and put a new roof on it. And the whole thing needs repointing”

“Lottery and other funders looked set to pay around 90% of the cost but the community needed to show it was doing its bit too” he added

Work is expected to take place in 2020 and take two years

The church is over 800 years old

Donations welcome at the rectory in Church View