Good music, good chat, good news! 

HARBOUR RADIO LOGOHarbour radio’s Christian programme is called Way To Go.  Rev Peter Paine and Martin Frisby share leading the show with Donna Dodson.  It’s now on Sundays at 6pm for an hour

Designed to appeal to those who have an interest in faith but are not necessarily sold on being part of a church, we have a very informal approach and tease out how following Jesus makes a difference to our lives and our community between playing excellent music.  We would love to hear from people who have some good news to share.  Or just tune in and have a listen

Maybe you have a favourite (not churchy) song that communicates something of the love of God or our journey towards faith.  We have an item most weeks called ‘the non-religious hymn book’   It’s for pop songs of any era that have a spiritual message in them.  Or that could be made into a spiritual song of praise or longing by adding or changing a few words.  You would be surprised how many love songs work if you just change baby to Jesus!! 

There are lots of voluntary roles still to be filled at the station so maybe you could get involved too

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