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ENYFC update and prayer diary for February 2018 

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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths"
(Proverbs 3 v 5-6)

UPD 1 06-2017Please thank God with us for the change in atmosphere in the school this academic year. Everybody has now settled into the changes and the school is running much more peacefully and respectfully. As this term progresses, however, the staff will be under increasing pressure to help the Year 11s (in particular) attain good exam results in the approaching exam season. Please join us as we pray for the staff, already running extra classes after school in order to give the Year 11s that much needed boost to their education. Thank God too for the way the Year 11s are loving learning. A few times last week Ali had the famous sonnet from Romeo and Juliet recited verbatim over lunch by pupils who were actually excited that they are achieving and learning. One Year 10 girl who sat with Ali said that she has done lots wrong in her (short) life and has made some really bad choices but now she feels that “the way the school is now I can really turn my life around” and she is hoping to become a vet or a midwife!

We have the privilege of working with Ms Hawker again (Head of Music) and her Year 10 music pupils who are planning an Easter Show in March. It was such a boost to us that six of the eight pupils involved are well known to us from the café and the Taste/The Sense mission weeks over the years. As we visited the lesson where they were planning the decorations for the show, one of the girls brought the name of Jesus into conversation (totally unprompted by us), by saying “Well, that IS the whole reason Jesus came!” when someone mentioned making the world a better place! What a joy to hear that. Please pray for protection over the school and God’s healing hand on the many pupils and staff who have been off sick with various nasty bugs this term 


At Theos, the three regular young people have resumed their visits to chat and study the Bible. Please pray that both girls will want to know Jesus as their own personal Saviour as well as just coming for a chat and milkshake. We are discussing who Jesus is at the moment and are taking our time enabling them to ask plenty of questions, so please pray that they will ask valuable, genuine questions inspired by a zeal to know Him


youth cafe 2017

At the Youth Café some new young people are starting to come regularly – one Year 9 lad spoke to Lorraine in the Helsdon Hall (second dinner hall) and said how much he had enjoyed his first visit to the café, having been invited by his friend “People are so kind and there is lots to do. I haven’t been to any clubs after school before, but I will be coming to the café again”. Thank God for the lovely volunteers who really value these young people and make the café a safe and worthwhile environment for these young people – Livvy, Susan, Sue, Erny, Michelle, Louise, and Amilcar

We really need another male volunteer as well as ladies. If you would like to help on an occasional basis but can’t commit to every week, that would be really valuable. Last week three regulars couldn’t make it and we were very close to closing the café, which (thank God for His provision) we haven’t had to do in 4 years. One of our volunteers comes on the first Wednesday of the month so if you could do one of the other Wednesdays that would be great; please get in touch. The young people really do value the provision of this safe place after school

Do you remember the Year 10 pupil from the Remembrance Day parade/praying for her Granddad/ receiving a Bible from us? (PD Nov and Dec 2017 – we will refer to her as Julia).  Well, she was very upset just before Christmas as her Nan passed away suddenly just a few days before the end of term. Ali prayed with her in the last Youth Café and when we came back after Christmas, Julia was telling Ali about the funeral and how much she had learnt about her Nan, including a photo she had seen which showed that her Nan was very involved in some sort of youth work, holding a banner with the word “JESUS” on it! The excitement in Julia’s face was a real thrill as Ali was able to share how God has had His hand on Julia’s family for generations and that He has always loved her and her family. Thank Holy Spirit for His gentle ways and how He brings us close to Him through tragedy and grief. Please pray for Julia and her family; that they will all come to know Jesus and walk their very special journey together




 NEWSFLASH: We are very excited to announce that we are following up a possible office building. It came to light from a landlord known to Nigel (trustee) as we were enquiring about one of his other empty properties. We really do believe this is the office space for us as it has space for a social area too. It is beautifully decorated and we were all struck by the cosy, homely feel when we viewed it. Please pray that the process will be smooth and positive and if you are available during the Easter school holidays and are able to help us move, please, please do get in touch (details at the end)


Thank you for your prayers for Stand. We are studying the very relevant topic of stress, what the Bible says about it, and how He says we can overcome! Thank Him that Seyi, Livvy, and Sam are still enthusiastic about meeting together. Please pray that those who have missed a few weeks over Christmas will be confident to come back and that Holy Spirit will renew their zest for Him



PARK BAPTISTAs we continue to partner with Park Baptist Church the five young people  (two from the church and three from Theos) are getting on very well. They are coming up with some great cooking ideas including some Enid Blyton based recipes! Watch this space for Uncle Quentin’s pork pies and Amelia Jane’s toffee apples! This term we are also introducing ironing, planting bulbs, sewing buttons on, and other similarly basic but helpful life skills as we continue to discuss issues they’re going through in life and what the Bible’s perspective is on certain themes. Again it would be great to have another male leader who could stand in when Pete Timothy is unavailable, as we can’t run without a male volunteer



Look what’s coming up again…..SOON! We have had so much excitement at the Youth Café for this weekend at Eaton Vale Scout and Activity Centre in May. With The Sense and Stance leading the sessions, it was here, last year, that one of the young people became a Christian and Theos was born!! The young people who went last year have already taken their leaflets home and are desperately “nagging” their parents to pay and “sign up” quickly before the spaces all go. Please pray that those whom God wants to be there will be able to go. The camp costs £60 pp but this is prohibitive for most of our young people so we usually charge them £5 each and we pay the rest. Some of the young people have 6 siblings, so if they all want to go, it costs the family £30 and this is not a priority for the parents. If you are able to sponsor one of the café young people to go to this camp please get in touch (details at the end)


CAMP SITEAfter lots of prayer and seeking God’s will for this summer,  the trustees have decided that we should be experiencing a different type of summer camp. Over the years, the young people we engage with have changed and we have decided that the WEC Youth Camps on the North Norfolk coast are the ones we should be engaging with this summer. Therefore, we will not be attending Newday this year. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this


Please join with us in praising God for the finances that come in every month. We are always grateful to those who contribute to keep this work going and especially as we are now paying an employee’s wages and higher rent and bills. Thank Him for His provision and pray that this will build as we look to raise more funding from various sources


People often ask us “What does Unite actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of Unite, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you


Regular commitments for February 2018: 

Thursday 1st               
Dinner Hall (Year 10s & 11s) & Helsdon Hall (Year 7s, 8s & 9s)
As Ali continues to meet the pupils in the Dinner Hall and Lorraine gets more acquainted with those in the Helsdon Hall, please pray for conversations and courage for Lorraine to approach new pupils whom she hasn’t met yet

Sunday 4th                         
Please thank God for everything He has shown these college-aged young people over the last term. We thank Him for their growth with Jesus and pray that they will grow closer to Him over the next month

Tuesday 6th                
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for His favour in the school. Pray for protection over Lorraine and Ali in their roles here

Thank God that these three young people continue to come and study the Bible. Pray for them to take a step of faith and commit to following Jesus
Thank God for this opportunity to give these young people some personal time away from their often chaotic lives

Wednesday 7th           
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for the group of Year 10 girls who are asking some really searching questions about prayer and God. Pray for peace and grace in the Helsdon Hall as they work as a team packing chairs away after their lunch

Youth Café 
Praise God for His provision of the lovely volunteers who commit so faithfully to this group, Livvy, Amilcar, Louise, Michelle, Susan, Sue and Erny. As Jen from the Tide & Time Museum visits to engage the young people in the “Sea History Differently” project and exhibition at the museum, pray that the young people will get involved and be courageous about having a go! Pray that they will find it a positive experience

Thursday 8th               
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for the improved relationships between staff and pupils over the last term. Praise Him that “community”, wherever that is, is all His idea!

Sunday 11th                
Thank God that He has everything we could possibly need to deal with stress and that He shows us so clearly in His Word how to deal with it. Pray that these young people will persevere with renewing their minds

Monday 12th  - Friday 16th     
Half term week 
As the staff have some much needed “catch up” time, pray that there will be some way they can take some time off marking and preparing this week to spend quality time with their loved ones. Pray that the pupils will make the most of the week to catch up and that they will organise their time well, so they get some rest, too. Please pray for Lorraine and Ali as they start packing up the office; for wisdom regarding what to throw and what to keep!! Thank God for the generosity and faithful support of Ruth Witheridge as she helps us with this mammoth task. Thank God for the trustees as they faithfully guard and guide this organisation, seeking God at every opportunity to grow the work and bring His Kingdom to Great Yarmouth

Saturday 17th              
Community & Evangelism Course 
This is the second of six Saturdays for Lorraine as she embarks on this course run by Moorlands College, The Message Trust, London City Mission and Christian Concern. Please pray for safe travelling, confidence as she steps out of her comfort zone and that Holy Spirit will inspire and enthuse her with His ideas for developing the work in Great Yarmouth. Join us in thanking God for the finances to invest in Lorraine in this way and develop her many gifts

Tuesday 20th              
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for the staff in the school, for energy and enthusiasm to get back into it after the half term week
Pray for the seeds that are being sown to take root and grow this term

Pray for Ali and Lorraine as they head up this group without Pete today. Pray that a male volunteer will come forward to help and that the young people from Park will still attend, even though Pete isn’t available

Wednesday 21st          
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Thank God for all the young people who are asking about Jesus and prayer. Pray that Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to them and that Ali and Lorraine will have the relevant words to say
Youth Café 
Thank God for the opportunity to assist the school music department and Year 10s with their Easter Show. Pray that the papier-mâché Easter eggs the young people are making today for the show, will go well and open up conversations about the real meaning of Easter

Thursday 22nd            
Spring Weekend 
As Paul Roast (North Breckland Youth for Christ) and Ali discuss the arrangements for Spring Weekend, pray that plans will go smoothly and the ideas we settle on will be God’s will for this weekend in May. Pray for volunteers to come and stay for the weekend

Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for His great love for us that while we were still sinners He died for us. Thank Him for the real freedom that gives and pray that Lorraine & Ali can communicate that to the pupils

Saturday 24th              
Youth Evangelism Conference 
We love going to this event each year and we praise God for His equipping of Jim Overton (Cambridge Youth for Christ) and the other agencies who are partnering to give us all a boost of teaching, prayer and encouragement. Pray for refreshing and re-energising for Ali, Lorraine and Suzanne (Identity Youth Project)

Sunday 25th                
Pray for patience and determination for these young adults to renew their minds and change the way they think about God: that they will know Him as a good and perfect Father

Tuesday 27th              
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for the Leadership Team at the school; that they will have wisdom and positive conversations

Thank God for the finances to continue to meet with these young people at Costa. Thank Him for the provision of an office which is suitable for meeting the young people

Thank God for the provision of the kitchen for this group. Pray that the young people will engage with the life skills. Pray for peace for those with chaotic home lives

Wednesday 28th         
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
As the excitement builds in the school for the The Sense week next month, please pray for people to host and feed the team. The week will be a little different this year as the Helsdon Hall is now being used for the Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, 9) pupils to eat their lunch, so we will need to re-think the venue. Please pray for wisdom and patience for all concerned as we deliver this week in a new way. Thank Him for the privilege of bringing the team into school again for the 10th year
Youth Café 
Pray for peace and fun in the café today. Pray for more volunteers to come forward to release those who have been so faithful
Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

******  If you are able to accommodate any of The Sense or Stance, between Saturday 17th and Friday 23rd March  incl, please get in touch. Also, if you would like to help but have no spare beds, they will also need feeding, so if you could help in that way please, we would be very grateful

Thank you 
Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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