Bible Best Bits

13th February 2018


Harbour Radio's Way to Go show on Sundays at 6pm has focused on the link between faith and mental health for a few weeks.  Now we need your help.  We would like to include in the show some 'Bible best bits' that will encourage the listening community.  In other words, is there a verse or a story from the Bible that has picked you up and given your hope, kept you going, given you peace, etc?
What we would like, is a suggested text and a brief explanation about how the Bible has helped.  These will be used in between songs to encourage people.  Not everyone who listens is a Christian so please avoid too much ‘Christianeze’
You can send your text and testimony to Donna direct or leave a message at Harbour Radio

Do you have a news story or forthcoming event relating to Christians or a church in Great Yarmouth or surrounding district?  
If so, email with details and, if possible, a suitable picture