Vision breakfast for men at All Saints Belton 

14th February 2018
Tim Bunn reports
photos: Tim Bunn

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VISION BREAKFAST 2018AOn the morning of 10th February at All Saints Church Belton, just under 30 men from the Yarmouth area and beyond, gathered to eat a small mountain of bacon, egg, and sausage rolls and to hear an important message
That message was that God the Father loves the men He created and He loves His sons. Easy to grasp you might think, but Simon Pinchbeck, our guest speaker from CVM (Christian Vision for Men), talked from a wealth of experience on how many men have had difficult to no relationships with their fathers and the impact this can have on them
VISION BREAKFAST 2018BHis focus, how the love of God the Father is unmatched and real, which from his personal experience and testimony has the ability to change even the most violent of criminals in to loving men of God
Still tough men, but now even tougher with and for Jesus. That morning we saw one man give his life to Jesus and others recommit their lives to him. By the end, everyone left fired up, inspired by the Father’s love to go out and serve him in the community

VISION BREAKFAST 2018CWe also listened to a very real talk on men's mental health issues highlighting the importance of the need to deal and help each other with such problems. The biggest killer of men under the age of 50 in the UK is suicide, making raising awareness of this very poignant

Some readers might ask the question “why have men's specific ministry?” Here is a serious answer:

Reaching men with the gospel seems to be an increasingly difficult task today. According to Evangelicals Now, men think the church is 'irrelevant, for wimps and women'. A survey by Sorted magazine even suggests that 50% of men feel comfortable in a ladies underwear shop while 33% of men feel comfortable in a church

VISION BREAKFAST 2018DPerhaps it’s because of reactions like these that the number of men in the church is on the decline. Dr Peter Brierley, author of 'Major UK Religious Trends' has even suggested that according to the current trend there will be no men left in the church by 2028. Of course we know that this is NOT literally going to be the case, because we will still be here, but you get the idea that something is going on
Men's ministry at All Saints Belton is about men helping men, introducing the church to them and ultimately introducing them to Jesus. I'm certainly not suggesting that women are not equally as important in bringing men in to the church, they are, but there are just some occasions, some conversations that might only happen between men, this of course will be the same for women too

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