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ENYFC update and prayer diary for March 2018 

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“He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken! 
(Psalm 62 v 2) 


UPD 1 06-2017How true is that? As long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, and our identity rooted in Him we can never be shaken! We are holding onto the truths of that verse and others like it as we head into a very busy half term, leading up to Easter

Having had a good break over the half term week we are straight back into school dinner times and looking forward to all the opportunities God has given us to show a different way of living, of seeing and of being!
Ms Hawker (Head of Music) and her Year 10 music pupils are making headway in their plans for the Easter Concert which is on Thursday 22nd March after school. This not only fulfils the criteria for the GCSE curriculum, but it also enables the showcasing of the young people with enough courage to get up on stage and perform a dance routine, sing a solo, or perform in a band together. The fact that it is the same week as the The Sense visit is another of God’s provisions as it means that The Sense can get involved in the production and give a musical maturity and depth to these fledgling performers. Lorraine and Ali will be providing the decorations for the tables and stage so please pray for the concert – that all the arrangements will come together in a positive and uplifting experience


Could you provide a bed or two for any of these lovely young Gap Year people please?
They arrive on Saturday 17 th March in the evening and leave after breakfast on Friday 23 rd March

Or if you don’t have a spare room, could you provide a meal for them please?


THEOS 03-2018At Theos, we continue to be available for the young people to come and read the Bible with us, asking questions as they discover who Jesus is, although it is very “hit-and-miss” as to what time they actually arrive; with after school activities, detentions, wet weather all conspiring to encroach on this valuable time together. Even so, Holy Spirit is embedding the things they’re hearing about Jesus as we discovered when we recently had a session reflecting on what they’ve learned about Jesus so far. If you would like to be a prayer warrior for the girls, please let us know – only the Holy Spirit can move their hearts and change their lives! 

As usual with Jesus, there is always an added bonus…… of the baristas who often serves us our drinks used his staff discount to give us a reduced drink last week and when Ali thanked him he said “What you’re doing is so important – I never had that when I was a kid, we never learnt anything about that stuff but they need to know”


youth cafe 2017

At the Youth Café we have been making papier mache Easter eggs for the Easter Concert at school (see above) and next week we are welcoming a lady called Jen from the Time & Tide Museum in Gt Yarmouth. She will be running a workshop for the young people with some of the museum’s artefacts (Guess The Object And What It Was Used For!), a Still-life Photography station around the sea theme, a game called Extracting The Shrapnel….! and photo-boards of the Great Yarmouth fishergirls for some fun photos. This session is to encourage the young people to embrace the museum and the history of the town; some of the activities and artwork they do will be displayed in the Sea History Differently exhibition being held at the museum in the summer. As an added bonus, whilst we were getting to know Jen we discovered that she also is a Christian from a church in Norwich! Praise God for His massive family


We really need another male volunteer as well as ladies to serve these young people. If you would like to help on an occasional basis but can’t commit to every week, that would be very helpful. The young people really do value the provision of this safe place after school



 We are continuing to pursue the office premises in Row 75 in the town and have some really exciting plans for developing things once we are in. Our provisional date to move is the first week in April but as soon as we have the lease signed and confirmed we will be in touch to let you know the full address and moving date. Thank you so much for your prayers, we are really excited about being more accessible to the young people and of course to all you grown ups! This is going to mean we need to raise more income but we know that this is God’s provision and that He will provide somehow


ARMOUR OF GODThank you for your prayers for Stand

With work and family commitments making our meeting together very difficult we have decided that one-to-one sessions are the best way to continue with this discipling opportunity. Sam, Seyi, and Livvy are all on such different journeys and at different stages so please pray for their passion and love for Jesus to grow and be deeply rooted as they continue to walk with Him



KITCHEN 03-2018As we continue to partner with Park Baptist Church, the five young people  (two from the church and three from Theos) are getting on well. We are back at the Hub this month (previously known as Chatterteria), the café premises used by Park Baptist for mid-week groups. We’ve been cooking brownies and spicy meatballs already this term and next week it’s carrot cake. The young people couldn’t cope with the name Chatterteria so (as the venue has now changed its name) they have opted for E.T.P, which stands for Eat, Talk, Pray – much more snazzy and cool apparently! 

PIZZA 03-2018

What would you like on your pizza, Ali?"
"Oooooh! Everything please!"



NINE young people have already signed up for Spring Weekend; that’s 2 months before the cut-off date! They are really looking forward to this weekend away. We’re very excited about spending some time with our brothers/sisters/colleagues from North Breckland Youth for Christ and their young people too, discovering what exactly is our true identity and worth? The Sense and Stance will be providing the programme of sessions and building on the relationships they already have with the young people from Gt Yarmouth. There are going to be lots of outdoor activities plus some chocolate fountain shenanigans and circus skills, too. We thank God for His provision through a wonderful faithful couple who have supported us in many ways for over 11 years. They have given a very generous donation towards the cost of this camp so the young people only have to pay £5 each





People often ask us “What does Unite actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of Unite, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you

Please join with us in praising God for the finances that come in every month. We are always grateful to those who contribute to keep this work going and especially as we are now paying an employee’s wages and higher rent and bills. Thank Him for His provision and pray that this will build as we look to raise more funding from various sources 


Regular commitments for March 2018: 

Thursday 1st               
Dinner Hall (Year 10s & 11s) & Helsdon Hall (Year 7s, 8s & 9s)
Thank God for the favour He has given us in the school. Every day we have new opportunities to be light and grace in the place and it’s such a privilege

Friday 2nd
As Richard and Ali meet to discuss our budget/fund-raising strategy please pray for wisdom and insight into God’s plans for the future of East Norfolk Youth for Christ in the town. Pray that we will be responsible stewards and risk-takers in His name
Lorraine will be delivering the CAP Money Youth Workshop again tonight – this time in partnership with the Salvation Army and their Guide group. Please pray for courage for Lorraine and for the young people to engage. Pray that this will set them in good stead to be great stewards of the finances they’re blessed with throughout their lives

Sunday 4th                         
Stand is not on today so please pray for our finances. We are blessed with Lorraine and would like to increase her hours as well as expand the team more. Ali is a volunteer so doesn’t take a wage, but with the new office we will need to build on the finances God has already blessed us with so please give thanks as we celebrate His provision and pray for more people to support future workers

Tuesday 6th                
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for the conversations we are going to have with the pupils today. Thank Him for His peace that reigns in the school now

Thank God for these three young people who still come to read the Bible with us. Thank God for the barista who is so supportive of what we are doing. Pray for him to come to know Jesus too
ETP (Chatterteria)
Thank God for these five young people. Pray that they will understand the concept of prayer and will grow in their confidence as they pray out loud to their heavenly Father

Wednesday 7th           
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for both Ali and Lorraine as they decide who to sit with today. Many pupils want to sit with them and it is becoming a challenge to discern who needs our attention each day

Youth Café 
Praise God for His provision of the lovely volunteers who commit so faithfully to this group, Livvy, Amilcar, Louise, Michelle, Susan, Sue and Erny. As Jen and Jo from the Tide & Time Museum visit us today to engage the young people in the “Sea History Differently” project and exhibition at the museum, pray that the young people will get involved and be courageous about having a go! Pray that they will find it a positive experience. (apologies, this was listed for 7th February which was an error)

Thursday 8th               
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for the conversations we are going to have with the staff and other adults today. Praise Him that “community” is such a great idea!

Friday 9th
Cross Organisational Directors Cluster 
Please pray that this opportunity to get together with leaders of other organisations will be the start of some partnering opportunities to encourage and support each other and the town’s young people.
As we have started to meet up with these young adults on a one-to-one basis please pray for Sam and Ali today as they meet to study Job! Pray that Sam will grow in his relationship with God as we dig deep into His Word

Saturday 10th
Community & Evangelism Course
Thank God that He speaks in so many different ways and guides us with His loving hand through many different experiences and training. Pray that Lorraine will be sensitive to His calling and direction through this course
Sunday 11th                
Thank God for Seyi and her relationship with Him. Pray that as we embrace the subject of “Renewing your mind” we will grow more like Jesus each day

Tuesay 13th     
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall  
As excitement builds towards next week’s visit of The Sense and Stance please pray that all the plans and arrangements with timetabling, lunches and setting up goes smoothly. Although this is the tenth year that the teams have been in the school, there have been so many new members of staff that very few know quite what to expect!

Praise God for the money to afford the drinks every week. Praise Him for the provision of the new office so we can begin meeting in there next month

ETP (Chatterteria)
Thank God for this opportunity to work together with Park Baptist Church. Pray that the young people will have a real breakthrough in some of the issues they’re praying about
Trustees meeting 
Thank God for Nigel, Richard, Ali and Matt – our faithful committed God-given trustees. Please ask God if this is something He is calling you to do. We need at least two more trustees and this is very much a new and exciting season we are heading into. Please get in touch without commitment if you have questions. Pray for His wisdom and guidance as we meet tonight

Wednesday 14th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for Mr Smith (head teacher) as he has taken the risk of having the Sense and Stance in to take lessons next week. Pray that he will have His peace about them coming in and that he will see the positives for the pupils’ learning.
Youth Café 
Thank God for Katerina and David!! We are so blessed by the “new” leaders of the Salvation Army. They are standing in tonight as neither of our regular male leaders and are available; nor is one of our ladies. Please pray that they will both be blessed by their encounter with these wonderful young people. Please pray for peace and calm in the venue as there seems to be a lot of excitement at the moment within the Year 10s! 

Thursday 15th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for the staff who have to clear out the tables and chairs every day numerous times to enable classes to be held in the Helsdon Hall. Pray for energy and for grace with each other as they work together

Saturday 17th              
The Sense and Stance arrive tonight and head straight to London Road Baptist Church to set up, ready to lead worship tomorrow morning. Pray for a safe journey and problem-free set-up

Sunday 18th
London Road Baptist Church
Thank God for this opportunity for us to represent East Norfolk Youth for Christ at Lorraine’s home church. Please pray for her as she speaks to her church family about her work with us. Pray for The Sense as they lead worship and for Neil as he teaches us. Thank God for His love for us all, wherever and whenever we worship

As we pack down and travel to Gt Yarmouth Charter Academy to set up, please pray for protection from injuries and freedom from damage to property and equipment

Monday 19th
The Sense and Stance This is the first year many of the teachers and staff will have seen the team teaching and performing. Please pray that the whole week will be a positive experience. Thank God for His provision of the right venue (Dinner Hall) as we prayed last month (PD 28th February 2018)

Tuesday 20th              
The Sense and Stance
 Day two with a full day of song writing, performance and dance routines, please pray for energy for Aoife, Wes, Joy, Andy, Becks, Franco, Jay, Millie, Beth and Becky and His grace and patience with each other and the pupils
Theos & ETP 
Pray for the young people to open up to the team members as we join the two groups together tonight and have an evening of games and chat with The Sense and Stance

Wednesday 21st          
The Sense & Stance
Thank God for another day to be involved in the lives of the staff and pupils at Gt Yarmouth Charter Academy. Pray for some really good questions from the pupils for the team and some conversations about Jesus
Youth Café 
Again, as the teams visit the youth café pray that the relationships built up over the years will result in some young people coming to know the Saviour Jesus who is the reason we live and breathe!

Thursday 22nd            
The Sense & Stance
Thank God for the health and strength of the team, pray that this will continue as the week draws to a close.
Easter Show 
Thank God for His provision in enabling this to go ahead and for His timing of having The Sense available to provide music for the singers. Pray for energy for Stance as they perform a routine with the pupils they’ve been working with over the week

Friday 23rd             
The Sense & Stance 
Thank God for the amazing hosts – many of them have been hosts for the majority of the ten years the team has been coming to Gt Yarmouth. Please pray that they will be blessed and renewed by Holy Spirit. Thank god for those people who have given extra financially to cover the expenses of the week. Pray that this week will be a pivotal part of the young people’s journeys with our Father. Pray for a safe journey down to Essex for The Sense and Stance tonight

Sunday 25th                
Pray for Seyi as we get together again to grow in our relationship with Holy Spirit. Thank Him for His revelation of His love for us and pray that Seyi will immerse herself in the reality of being a new creation in Him

Tuesday 27th              
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
After all the excitement of last week, pray for some genuine conversations about why the team do what they do and why Lorraine and Ali visit the school to give their time to the young people

 As we look forward to the Easter break, pray for conversations today about the second half of the Easter story! The young people know something about Jesus dying on a cross but they don’t know much about His resurrection. Pray for a revelation of His grace, power and love for us

For some young people the holidays are not something to look forward to; please pray for peace in the homes this holiday and for safety and joy for the young people and their families

Wednesday 28th         
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for all that He is doing in the hearts of the young people and staff. Please pray for positive conversations today as we look forward to a break of two weeks.
Youth Café 
Pray for peace and fun in the café today. As Lorraine talks about the Easter story and we share a chocolate fountain experience, please pray that the message will sink in and take root in their hearts

Thursday 29th March - Sunday 15th April
Easter Holidays 
Please pray for the pupils this fortnight, who are struggling with life and their circumstances at the moment. Thank God that He has abundantly more than they/we could ever imagine needing and He is overjoyed to bless them/us with His goodness. Please pray that the young people will remember in the tough times all that thy have heard from Ali and Lorraine and that they will call out to Him. Pray that everyone will have rest and be able to recharge their batteries to start afresh in the new summer term. Please pray that the office move goes smoothly and we settle in with our neighbours and build good relationships with them. Pray that the office will be a place where it is known that the peace, love and joy of Holy Spirit reigns and God's name is glorified                                   


******  If you are able to accommodate any of The Sense or Stance, between Saturday 17th and Friday 23rd March  inclusive, please get in touch. Also, if you would like to help but have no spare beds, they will also need feeding, so if you could help in that way please, we would be very grateful

Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Thank you 
Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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