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Prayer for the NHS 

14th March 2018


Plans are underway for the next NHS prayer meeting following the success of the first one in February which saw around 30 people coming together to pray for the needs of the health service, its staff, and management. Photos provided by the James Paget Hospital

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The prayer meetings are being organised by Ruth Pillar, a senior manager with the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust and Dr Jamie Wyllie, a local GP who are both members of Cliff Park Community Church
The first meeting was held at Northgate Hospital with a particular emphasis on mental health.  Dr Wyllie explained that both he and Ruth Pillar were part of a group who regularly attended the national New Wine conference each summer where there was a challenge to people in the health service to try and organise local prayer meetings
The two were greatly encouraged by the number of people who attended and also the fact that several churches from the town were represented. The intention is that the venue and focus will change each time
The next meeting will be at the Chapel of the James Paget Hospital on Sunday 22nd April at 7pm lasting for an hour and a half
Anyone is welcome to attend