Songs for Sundays workshop at St Andrew’s 

22nd March 2018
Janet Bowden reports
photos: Stephen Gostick

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Last Saturday, 17th March, over 40 Christians from 6 local churches took part in the Songs for Sundays Workshop at St Andrew's Church, Gorleston.  The workshop, for musicians, singers and worship leaders, was led by Resound Worship's Joel Payne, himself an experienced musician and worship leader

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Participants had the opportunity to explore the worship journey and how to use music to enhance liturgy. As we learnt brand new songs from the Resound Worship team, musicians developed creative ways to play their instruments, while singers experimented with parts and harmonies
The day was underpinned with Biblical teaching and great fellowship. Inspirational and expertly led by Joel Payne, it was real blessing to all. We went away inspired with fresh ideas for the worship in our churches, eagerly planning how to put them into practice
Joel said “A fantastic day and a half of Songs for Sundays at St Andrews, Gorleston on Sea, working with local musicians, teaching new songs and leading worship. Highlights included an incredibly poignant time of confession singing the refrain from 'Most Merciful God' in quickly-learnt four part harmony; the celebratory sound of the organ and the worship band playing together; weaving the prayers of intercession into 'God our Father (Let your kingdom come); the wanton overplaying of percussion instruments in the last song; being introduced by my Mum! Even the plummeting temperatures couldn't put us off. Last month we were in St Neots, this month in Gorleston, where next? Drop us a line!”
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