Mystery of unexplained gifts in Lowestoft town centre solved 

31st March 2018
Conor Matchett, Yarmouth Mercury

FREE ART FRIDAY 2018 nick howe
Free Art Friday saw gifts left for shoppers in Lowestoft Picture: Mick Howes

The mysterious appearance of gifts, paintings, cards and poems throughout the centre of Lowestoft has been solved

On Good Friday, March 30, shoppers were puzzled by a number of items propped up in shop doorways and tied to benches in London Road North, in Kirkley, and along the seafront

Each had labels attached stating “Free please take” with another which said “All art is free as part of Free Art Friday”
The confusion as to who was responsible for the gifts to the townspeople was put to rest when the mystery was solved
Esther Day, of Lowestoft Chaplaincy, revealed the reason behind the Easter treasure
She said: “Lowestoft Chaplaincy wanted to do something different for the town and to share the love that Easter is all about. Free Art Friday is a national initiative and we thought it would be a good idea to do it here
“We wanted people to enjoy the art that we had placed around the town and take whatever they wanted. All we asked was for them to post a photo the item on our Facebook page – Chaplaincy Lowestoft”
this article also appeared on the Yarmouth Mercury website and is used with permission