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ENYFC update and prayer diary for April 2018 

UNITE logo 2015We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

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"These are the words of Him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What He opens no-one can shut and what He shuts no-one can open. I know your deeds. See I have placed before you a door that no-one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name..............."  
(Revelation 3 v 7-13)

UPD 1 06-2017Every time we focus our attention on Jesus instead of our circumstances.  He ALWAYS shows us how “in the midst” He really is

The Senior Leadership Team at Gt Yarmouth Charter Academy welcomed Stance and The Sense for the 10th consecutive year last week, with much excitement from the pupils who have seen them before and a cautious optimism from the staff who haven’t experienced them yet. Ms Hawker (Head of Music) and Mr Edwards-Gill (Head of Drama) were not in post last year so they really took a risk in giving over their lesson time, particularly under the current new teaching style in the school, where emphasis is very much on the instructional rather than on the experiential

It took a couple of days for the teams to adjust to this style of teaching which is quite different from what they’re used to delivering. During Monday’s timetable were some pretty tense moments, so much so that on Tuesday Ali texted some of you wonderful supporters and our trustees with a “please pray” text. Then she and the Stance girls (whilst waiting for the class to arrive at the gym) took their eyes off the situation and turned their attention to God by singing worship songs in the gym and praising Him for who He is. At the same time The Sense (waiting for their pupils to arrive in the dinner hall for their lesson) prayed and lifted His name on high in that place, too. Within minutes, the above scripture was texted to us and Ali remembered the “verse of the day” she’d read first thing, which God had told her she would be needing that day: Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself...." (Matthew 6 v 34) This gave us a real boost and with our eyes firmly fixed on Him we made the most of the opportunity we had been given to be His Light in the school and the situations we were given. With humility and grace that can only come from Holy Spirit, Andy persevered through the difficulties and delivered some great teaching, impressing Ms Hawker with his knowledge of the ostinato and his expertise on the electric guitar

As the week went on, the rest of the team felt more confident to take on some teaching and soon Jay was teaching passionately about the drums, whilst Frankie shared what his faith means to him. Ms Hawker soon encouraged the classes to get up on stage and see for themselves what it is like to play their favoured instrument in a band setting – an experience that few, if any of them will ever experience again. In the drama classes, Stance were able to perform their routine “Transform” and explain the meaning behind the dance – that God transforms us into new creations with a new life – before inspiring the class to create, rehearse and act out an advert around either an existing product or a fictional product. One group had Mr Edwards-Gill in fits of laughter as they invented a “Chazer” (a blazer that once you put it on, you magically acquire all the attributes a Charter pupil aspires to!). The panel of “judges” then gave constructive feedback on the performances, encouraging the pupils to be bold and passionate about their performances

The PE department had asked Stance to deliver some of their Year 7 and Year 8 classes, teaching a short dance routine which horrified some of the pupils, “Dance? I can’t dance!!” but once they saw Ali and Lorraine joining in, completely out of synch, arms and legs all over the place, they all had a go and had some fun. At the end of each lesson there was time for Q&A which brought out some interesting questions such as “What’s your favourite pizza topping?” and “Why do you do what you do?”. One Year 8 lad asked, “How did you become Christians?” which gave us the opportunity to share our testimonies with them. This clearly impacted some of them so please pray that they will follow up these conversations with Lorraine and Ali in the dinner halls

UNITE PD APRIL 2018AWe’ve mentioned over the last few months, the Easter Show that the Year 10s had to deliver as part of their GCSE Music coursework and the decorations Lorraine & Ali were providing, well, the highlight of the evening was the fact that The Sense had learned all the songs the 16 acts were performing, so they could accompany them on the stage, giving the pupils (whether soloists, choir, instrument club or duets) the opportunity to perform to parents, staff and pupils as part of a musical ensemble like they will probably never experience again. The show also gave the opportunity for the Year 10 pupils who are not so musical, to operate the lighting system under Joy’s guidance and tuition. Ms Hawker was absolutely amazed by the commitment of the band to making sure the event was a high-quality performance which showed the pupils and school in the best possible light. It was definitely a “positive and uplifting experience” (PD March 2018) 

(Apologies but under new Child Protection policies at the school we are not able to provide any photos of the pupils this year) 


God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect – we’d seen so much of His hand at work on Tuesday with Stance and The Sense in the school (see above) that we couldn’t help but share it with the young people at Theos that evening, abandoning our prepared study! Julia*, Kevin* and Lola* listened intently as Lorraine and Ali described how we had felt that morning, how we had texted our church family and how God had inspired and encouraged us with words from His Word, giving us the grace, strength and humility to face the rest of the day/week and how He turned our concerns and frustrations into praises, giving a whole different outlook on our circumstances. Julia* in particular was intrigued to hear first-hand how all that she’s been learning about God, actually works in our every-day situations. Please pray for her – she is in Year 10 and is really passionate about reading her Bible and seeking God. A Year 9 girl who used to come to Theos but then moved to another school has now started coming to Theos again. She causes quite a bit of distraction for the other young people but please pray that we will love her and manage her well and that something of what she hears “lands” and she comes to know Jesus

UNITE PD APRIL 2018BAt the Youth Café there has been quite a lot of excitement this term – Jen and Nat from the Time & Tide Museum went down a storm with some of the young people as they painted their own pictures, judged the artwork Jen brought in and posed in the fisher girl photo boards! Although this is not necessarily “Christian” input, it was really encouraging for us as team to hear Jen praying with us before the café started (as we always do) and we pray 

that this might be an opening for her to share her testimony with Nat. Also, Nat


 was really enthusiastic about what she saw of the way we love the young people at the café. She said she hadn’t seen a youth club run quite like we do; engaging with and valuing the young people. Please pray that she will want to know more about what motivates us

We really need another male volunteer as well as ladies to serve these young people. If you would like to help on an occasional basis but can’t commit to every week, that would be very helpful. The young people really do value the provision of this safe place after school


In Stand Seyi is approaching her A level exam season after Easter so we are studying the Biblical approach to stress and our identity in Jesus. Sam continues to dig deeper into the Bible, studying Job and what we can learn about our attitude when we are finding life difficult. With Livvy we are processing what it means to be a Christian in 2018 and how the Bible is relevant in today’s society


UNITE PD APRIL 2018DThank you so much for your prayers for our new office space.  We are moving in on Monday 2 nd April –hallelujah! But there are still some hurdles to overcome! Please feel free to pop in on the day and unload some boxes or wait until the following wee


k when the kettle will well and truly be ON! We are really grateful to the leadership at Christchurch who have been our most generous landlords for the last 9 years; our pennies will certainly be pinched as we will be paying higher rent, bills and insurance now. Please pray that the Lord of all, Jehovah Jireh will continue to supply our every financial need as He always has

Our postal address is now 4, Row 75, Howard Street South, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2PU. Phone and emails stay the same.  Hopefully the photos above will give you an idea of where it is – basically go all the way down Victoria Arcade (westwards) and straight out of the end (NOT turning right towards Regent Street), then down the row directly facing you, towards the Town Hall. We are along that row, on the left



ETP 04-2018AETP (Chatterteria!) never made it back to the original premises  so we are still at Park Baptist Church, which was a good job when Stance and The Sense came to visit as we needed the space! 

With 18 of us, the young people did a great job of cooking a pasta bake and chatting with the teams about their lives on the road and walking with Jesus. The prayer book was well used with all our thanks and requests, but the young people all prayed along with the adults and last week one of them actually agreed to say grace – the first young person to say it! Praise God for his courage!

ETP 04-2018BETP 04-2018CETP 04-2018D

Last week the church had designed a Prayer Space for the week leading up to Easter so after the young people had cooked a quick and easy “leftovers-all-in-one-dish” meal we all went upstairs where they were really keen to engage with the stations; none of them had experienced the one we did at the school a few years back so they were intrigued by the concept of praying in ways other than verbally


Spring Weekend is almost upon us and is fully booked with a waiting list! Praise God that the young people see something in us that they want to spend more time with us. Stance and The Sense will be providing the content of the sessions discovering that our identity is in Jesus, not in our appearance, friends, prowess, sexuality or family status. Please thank Holy Spirit that He is already preparing the hearts of those who are coming and pray that the young people from the different groups (North Breckland, Poringland and Gt Yarmouth) will gel beautifully as family and encourage and support each other over the weekend. Pray that lives will be changed by Jesus



You will notice that many things are changing for East Norfolk Youth for Christ over the last year: new worker, new office, new school/academy. You may also notice that this Prayer Diary has a new look, because we’re not the only ones who are doing a new thing: National Youth for Christ has undergone an exciting rebrand. The journey has not been about getting a shiny new logo but has been about re-discovering our identity as a ministry and being clear on the story we tell as “One Youth for Christ” across Britain. It has been about the depth of Youth for Christ, not the surface. We continue to seek to do this by showing Jesus in a way which is relevant to every young person; through our centre we continue to demonstrate the love of God, declare who Jesus is, encourage a decision to follow Him and disciple young people to live their lives to the full. We don’t believe we should stay in our buildings, we believe we are called to go. We believe we are called to re-think how things are done and we believe the time has come to do things differently. We are still about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus. For more information see and our new website will be up and running very soonENYFC LOGO 2018 

Regular commitments for April 2018: 

Sunday 1st – Sunday 15th April

Easter Holidays
Thank God for the opportunity for Lorraine to tell the young people at the last youth café about the real meaning of Easter. Thank Him for those who listened to her talking about how important we are to Jesus that He gave His life for every single one of us. However mucked up and messy our lives become, He still loves us enough to die for us because He doesn’t make mistakes! Not only that but He came back to life winning the battle of good over evil forever so we can have eternal life starting right here and now! Please remember the young people for whom time away from school is not something to be relished but a time of worry, fear and loneliness. Pray that they will remember some of the things they heard in the week from Stance and The Sense
As Lorraine and Ali take some much-needed time off this fortnight, please pray that the office move will go smoothly and that everything will slot into place regarding new payments, phone lines, internet, fitting everything in the space available and injury-free moving! Thank God for His provision of the new property and the opportunities it will give us to engage more often with the young people, as they drop in for hot chocolates! Many of the young people want to talk in depth at the café but with 30 youngsters each week we don’t have the capacity to dedicate enough time to those who want more, so we are excited that we will now be able to give them that time at the new office!  
Tuesday 17th

Dinner Hall (Years 10 & 11) & Helsdon Hall (Years 7, 8 & 9)
Thank God for His open door in the school. Pray for those Year 11s revising for their exams this term. Pray that there will be enough expectation to inspire the pupils to achieve their best, but that they won’t succumb to too much pressure and become ill. Pray for the teachers, too who are under pressure to achieve better results this year

Please pray that the young people will continue to attend as we move to the office for this. Costa was never our preferred option because of the cost and the attraction of the drinks, however, we were limited by the need to safeguard ourselves and the young people and by there not being another venue that opens after 4pm without selling alcohol!
Thank God for the relationships that are deepening at this group. Pray for courage for the young people to go deeper with their questions. Thank God for the courage of Kevin* who said grace last term, that he will continue to step out
Wednesday 18th             

Dinner Hall (Years 10 & 11) & Helsdon Hall (Years 7, 8 & 9)
Thank God for the atmosphere in the dinner halls, that the young people feel comfortable talking to Lorraine and Ali. Pray that they will open up about their fears and concerns
Youth Café 
Thank God for the young people who come here, enjoying the freedom and the safety of the group. Pray for conversations to be re-ignited after the talk from Lorraine last term and thank Him for the conversations we are having regularly

Thursday 19th              
Dinner Hall (Years 10 & 11) & Helsdon Hall (Years 7, 8 & 9)
Thank God for the conversations we are going to have with the pupils today. Bless the members of staff and the pupils to receive His love and mercy

Friday 20th                  
As Ali and Sam look at the book of Job, pray that Sam will open his heart to being challenged by God and encouraged to step out with courage in talking to his friend about a real relationship with Jesus

Saturday 21st               
Community and Evangelism Course 
Please pray for a safe journey for Lorraine as she travels down to London for the 4th day of her course. Thank God for His provision in financing this and also for her ability to complete her assignments well

Sunday 22nd               
Please pray that Seyi will manage her stress levels well and will learn how to see God in every situation. Thank Him for the gifts He has bestowed on her to enable her to achieve academically. Pray for self-discipline as she revises for her A levels

Tuesday 24th              
Dinner Hall (Years 10 & 11) & Helsdon Hall (Years 7, 8 & 9)
Thank God for the impact of Stance and The Sense before Easter. Please pray that some of what was heard about Jesus over that week will be remembered and investigated

Pray that Julia* and Kevin* will not just learn head knowledge but will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will be changed by Him. Pray for a flame of new life to ignite in their hearts
Please pray for inspiration for the recipes for this group. The young people want to cook and we would like them to learn healthy recipes but their dietary fads mean there’s a lot they won’t eat! Please feel free to suggest quick and easy meals!
Trustees meeting 
Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we plan to fund-raise and grow the team. Thank Him for the journey we’ve had over the last 11 years and praise Him for the impact we have had on the town’s young people. Thank God for Nigel, Matt, Richard, and Ali – trustees - and pray that those people whom God is nudging to come forward will be obedient as we look to recruit more trustees

Wednesday 25th         
Dinner Hall (Years 10 & 11) & Helsdon Hall (Years 7, 8 & 9)
Thank God for the conversations we are having today. Thank Him for the staff who were impacted by the Stance and The Sense visit. Pray for them to have the courage to ask more
Youth Cafe
Pray that Michelle, Louise, Amilcar, Susan, Sue, Erny, Lorraine, Ali, and Livvy will have some life-changing conversations with the young people. Thank God for this team who have gelled together really well and are growing in confidence in their relationships with the young people. Thank God for His protection that we see every week and for His peace that visitors notice but can’t explain!

Thursday 26th             
Dinner Hall (Years 10 & 11) & Helsdon Hall (Years 7, 8 & 9)
As excitement builds around Spring Weekend in a couple of weeks pray that Holy Spirit will be preparing the hearts of the young people to receive His gospel message and surrender everything to the Creator. Pray that their reservations and barriers will be demolished in the name of Jesus

Friday 27th                  
CAP Workshop
This was cancelled in March due to the amount of snow we had, so please pray that Lorraine will be able to go ahead with delivering this workshop to the Guides at the Salvation Army tonight

Sunday 29th        
As we meet for the last time, pray that the life-changing habits and strategies for life at university will be deeply embedded in Seyi’s heart and psyche as she looks forward to leaving the area after summer. Pray that she will know Holy Spirit is with her and has already gone before, preparing the way for the next season of her journey with Him

Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Thank you 
Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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