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ENYFC update and prayer diary for May 2018 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

Registered Charity Number 1118022

“A man’s mind plans his way (as he journeys through life) 
but the Lord directs his steps and establishes them” 
Proverbs 16 v 9 (AMP version) 

EASTER HOLS 01We have only had two weeks in the school this month because of the Easter holidays.  Although we had a good break we missed the pupils and staff! However, this has given us the chance to catch up on preparation for Spring Weekend next month and also the Big Move into our new office premises. Thank you so much for your prayers and support over this transition. Matt, Nigel, and Ali were truly blessed with the loan of Kingsgate’s trailer and Dan Witheridge’s van to help with the bulky stuff as well as Andy Roberts taking a brief trip home to help out on the day. Even though Ali’s car finally gave up (after 16 years and 194,000 miles) and “died” on the day, there were many blessings around that – it wasn’t snowing, the car broke down in a manoeuvrable position, it was the end of the day not the beginning and she had been able to have roadside recovery in place!

CHRISTCHURCH 02Nothing could dampen our excitement of this new era though and with a kind donation of sofas from Richard and Polly Ward, we have been able to make it a cosy and welcoming place for young people and adults alike. In fact, the first week back at school, three of the young people from Theos “dropped in” after school for a hot chocolate, some fruit and a chat. Last week a pupil and her mum came to pay for Spring Weekend and ended up staying for two and a half hours, just chatting and drinking coffee. Then two Year 8 pupils came to chat as they didn’t want to go home yet! They ended up demolishing all the fruit on offer and didn’t leave until 6pm. In fact, one of them is now going to start coming to Theos and ETP. This was such a boost for Lorraine and Ali, that we now are so much more accessible to the people we have relationships with 


Please thank God with us for His provision. We are so grateful to all of you who are obedient to His calling to give financially for this office and for wages and other expenses. If you don’t already support us financially and would like to, our bank account details are: HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34 or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ. Thank you very much

THEOS 03We are now meeting at the office for Theos, instead of Costa – this is so much better for many reasons – it attracts the people who want to learn about Jesus rather than those who just want a free Costa drink. It is quieter, cheaper and there are not the distractions we were finding at Costa. For the rest of this term we are looking at Ephesians with the young people. If you would like to be a Prayer Warrior for any of these teenagers please get in touch and we’ll chat about what it means

YOUTH CAFE 01The Youth Café continues to be a consistent and safe place for the pupils to come after school. We have been amazed at the noisy but calm atmosphere every week as the 30 or so young people interact with each other. There are occasions when certain Year 10 lads arrive with the capacity to change the atmosphere but they don’t stay long; please pray that we will get (and take) opportunities to chat with them, even though they are a bit hesitant to open up any more than “Alright?” 

Please thank God for His servant Michelle who had an amazing conversation with Jayne* last Wednesday. Jayne has been adamant that God and the wonderful universe, stars, galaxies and science she loves, can’t possible co-exist, even though we have pointed out that science didn’t heal her headaches/eyesight but when we prayed with her at the cafe, they went and she hasn’t needed her glasses since! She was questioning again last Wednesday and Michelle gave her the gospel in such a beautifully simple way, telling her how much God loves us, what Jesus did for us on the cross and in the tomb and what that means for us today, in such a natural way that some of the other young people sitting close also engaged and started questioning. All those involved in that conversation are going to Spring Weekend so please pray that these discussions will continue there and that the young people will meet with Jesus Himself! Thank God that on this very date (25 th April) you were praying for “life changing conversations” (PD April 2018) and that’s exactly what He has given!

ARMOUR OF GODThank you for your prayers for Stand. Seyi has now finished meeting together as she is now in her season of A level revision and exams. Please pray for her stress levels and for her to keep Jesus in His rightful place on the throne, as she looks towards leaving home and Gt Yarmouth for life at university

Sam is still exploring Job – please thank God that His word is alive and SO full - even though Ali has read Job and knows the story, she is discovering new things and God is speaking to her and blessing her as she sacrifices time investing in Sam

ETP is growing. We are thrilled that there are new people coming along to this – a Year 9 pupil from Caister High who Ali knew at Gt Yarmouth High School (and whose older sister came to our last Glitterball with her friend from Park Baptist) has now started coming to Park Baptist Church on Sundays with her family. When she heard about ETP she was very keen to come along and she fitted in straight away, getting involved in all the cooking, washing up and the prayer diary we have there. Also one of the Year 8 lads who dropped into the office last Thursday after school (see above) is interested in coming to ETP, too.  He has taken consent forms away and we’re looking forward to seeing him on Tuesday. His Year 11 brother has been a regular at the Youth Café from day 1 and his Year 10 sister is one of the group of girls Ali often sits with in the dinner hall and has conversations with regarding what God looks like, what He can eat, how we pray, and praying for exam results. Please pray for breakthrough in that family, that through all the contact we have with so many of the siblings, they will see Jesus for who He is and accept His love and righteousness. Last week at ETP, we had a very deep conversation around the table whilst we ate – the rights and wrongs of governments and politicians regarding wars and bombings! Please pray for the volunteer whom God is nudging, whoever that is, to be obedient and to come forward to help once a month 

Oh crikey! Spring Weekend is happening THIS WEEKEND! Please pray for us as we take two minibuses to Eaton Vale Activity Centre near Norwich on 4 th May for two days of fun and activities. We will have seventeen young people from the Youth Café with us plus Michelle, Amilcar and Louise alongside to assist Lorraine and Ali. The Sense and Stance will be providing the programme of sessions looking at our Identity and building on the relationships they already have with the young people from Gt Yarmouth. There’s going to be lots of outdoor activities plus some chocolate fountain shenanigans and circus skills, too. We thank God for His provision through a wonderful faithful couple who have supported us in many ways for over 11 years. They have given a very generous donation towards the cost of this camp so the young people only have to pay £5 each. However, there will still be a deficit so if you can’t do face to face youthwork but would like to support this work financially (if you don’t already) please see below for ways to contribute. Thank you. Also, please give thanks to God for our brothers and sisters in Christ at North Breckland Youth for Christ and Norwich Youth for Christ. They are bringing four young people but are providing Ang, John, Trevor and Peter to cater for us, Nigel, Debs, Daniel, Emmi and Abi to help oversee all the areas within the site and to ensure that the young people are safe and to maximise the opportunities for relationship building over the weekend. Please thank God with us for these people as we genuinely would not be able to deliver this weekend without them, Stance and The Sense

People often ask us “What does Youth for Christ actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you

Please join with us in praising God for the finances that come in every month. We are always grateful to those who contribute to keep this work going and especially as we are now paying an employee’s wages and higher rent and bills. Thank Him for His provision and pray that this will build as we look to raise more funding from various sources. If you want to know how to support us please get in touch. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship if you’d like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ. Thank you very much


Regular commitments for May 2018:


Tuesday 1st            
Dinner Hall (Year 10s & 11s) & Helsdon Hall (Year 7s, 8s & 9s)
Thank God for the favour He has given us in the school. Every day we have new opportunities to be light and grace in the place and it’s such a privilege.
Now we are no longer meeting in Costa, please pray that the conversations will be more open and less distracted. Thank God for the love and grace that comes over in Ephesians. Pray for revelations as we start this book.
Thank God for the new girl who has started coming and is a much needed boost to the other church kids who feel very isolated as young people in the church of today. As Lorraine, Claire and Pete teach them about growing herbs and they decorate pots to grow their own, pray that they will retain some of these life-skills they’re learning

Wednesday 2nd 
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Praise God for His kindness and gentleness. Pray that we will exhibit this whatever comes our way in school today
Youth Café
Thank God for His provision of volunteers - Michelle, Amilcar, Susan, Erny, Sue, Livvy, Louise. Please pray for another male volunteer to cover when Amilcar or Erny can’t attend. Thank God for the support of David and Katerina – leaders of the Salvation Army, and for the new female volunteer who’s exploring whether she would like to attend regularly

Thursday 3rd
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Please pray for calm in the halls today and for young people who need to talk to find Lorraine and Ali
As we complete the final preparations for Spring Weekend, pray that everything will run smoothly and we will be gracious and patient
Friday 4th              
Spring Weekend 
Thank God for everything that has come together to enable us to run this weekend camp again; for the volunteers supporting each other, for the finances, for the freedom, for the centre and for His grace. Please pray for Ali as she kicks off the weekend with an introduction on how to “hear” God as we look to show how relevant He is every minute of every day, not just when we are in church or RE lessons! Please pray for safe journeys
Saturday 5th          
Spring Weekend
Thank God for the sleep we got last night and for a new day. Pray for revelation of His love for the young people today, for The Sense and Stance as they teach on God the Father, God the Son and God the Saviour. Pray for His protection over the activities and fun
Sunday 6th            
Spring weekend
As we hear about God the Holy Spirit and Life in the Spirit today, please pray for the young people to really “hear” what God is saying to them. As we head home, please pray that the encounters they’ve had over the weekend will not leave them and that they will be protected from the evil one’s doubts and deceit
Tuesday 8th           
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Thank God for the conversations we are going to have with the pupils today. Pray that the young people who went to Spring Weekend will continue to question and investigate what they heard and won’t just leave it all at Eaton Vale!
Thank God for the young people who will be coming today to continue looking at who God has created us to be (Ephesians). Pray that the Year 8 lad who is starting to come and who went to Spring Weekend will be uninhibited in his questioning
Thank God for the new young people as well as the regulars. Thank Him for the fact that last month Lorraine, Pete and Ali were all able to get alongside three of the young people as they chopped vegetables, fried chicken and boiled the spuds, as all three needed to talk about some important personal difficulties they’re facing
Wednesday 9th     
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Pray for both Ali and Lorraine as they decide who to sit with today. Many pupils want to sit with them and it is becoming a challenge to discern who needs our attention each day
Youth Café 
Praise God for His abundant love, grace and mercy which sustains us every day. Pray for protection over the young people today and thank Him for the volunteers who are so ready to give an answer to those asking about the hope they have; that they do it gently and with respect
Thursday 10th        
As Ali meets a prospective new volunteer for the Youth Café, please pray for wisdom for both as to whether this is the right step forward
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for the atmosphere in the school. Thank Him for the open door we have there and for the opportunity to pray in the library before we go in to the halls
Friday 11th
As Ali and Sam meet up together for the last study of Job, pray for revelation from our Father and for Sam to take on whatever God is teaching Him
Saturday 12th
Community & Evangelism Course 
Thank God for those lecturers who are teaching on this course and for what Lorraine is learning. Pray for safe travels and for her to absorb what God wants her specifically to hear today. Pray for wisdom in how it shapes the work back in Gt Yarmouth
Tuesday 15th           
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
As the tension builds towards GCSE exams, please pray that Lorraine and Ali will be able to offer comfort and wise words today. Thank God that the Year 11s seem a lot less stressed than in previous years. Thank God for all the hard work the staff have invested in this year’s school life
Praise God for what He is doing in the lives of these young people. Pray for revelation through Ephesians today.
Pray for Claire, Pete and Lorraine today as they cook and chat with the young people; that they will be able to give comfort where necessary. Pray for safety over the cooking and inspiration for new recipes
Wednesday 16th     
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Pray for Mr Smith (head teacher), that his heart will be softened towards God and for continued good health for him.
Youth Café
Thank God for peace and calm – you have been praying for that regularly (most prayer diaries!) and He is providing that every week. Pray for inspiration as to how we stay in contact with the current Year 10s when they move up to Year 11 next year so won’t be able to attend the Café
Thursday 17th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for more conversations and thank God for the work He is doing in the school and the pupils hearts.
Please pray for our finances. We have always been blessed with finances to continue the work but we never take that for granted and know that it all belongs to Him. Ali doesn’t need to take a wage but we would love to grow the team to two workers which means we will need to increase our income. As grant funding bodies are not always happy to provide for worker’s wages, please would you consider (if you don’t contribute already) giving to support the workers on the front line? Or if you’d prefer to sponsor a club or event please clarify that with your donation. See above for the different ways to donate. Thank you
Tuesday 22nd         
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Thank God for the food we enjoy here at school – that there is free school meal provision for those who can’t afford to send food with their children
Theos As we continue with Ephesians, pray that Holy Spirit will equip Lorraine and Ali with the answers to the young people’s questioning
ETP For some young people the holidays are not something to look forward to, so as the young people anticipate another holiday next week (Whitsun) pray that they will see the positives in having rest and time off
Wednesday 23rd    
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Pray for wisdom and clarity as we look to expand the work next year. Pray for insight into where Jesus wants us to invest our energies in the school. Thank Him for His continued favour here
Youth Café 
Pray for peace and fun in the café today. Pray for the young people who really miss the Café in the holidays as it’s the only thing they do out of school
Thursday 24th        
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Pray for peace and calm as the Year 11s continue with their exams. Pray for the younger siblings of these pupils who are affected by the stress in their homes. Thank God for His peace and pray that the young people will know it and claim it.
Please praise God for the wonderful Trustees who are responsible for the way this charity runs; for the direction, oversight and guidance they exhibit as they continue in their faithful service to this work and the young people of the town. We would really love to have some new trustees to bring fresh vision and enthusiasm to the board as some of the trustees are nearing the end of their terms on the board so please prayerfully consider if you would like to explore this amazing opportunity to serve God in this way. Just a phone call to find out more won’t commit you to anything. Contact details are at the end of this prayer diary
Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June
Whitsun Week
As we all take a much needed break from the routine of the school week, please pray for those staff members who have been made redundant, for the families who struggle during the holidays and for the pupils who are uncertain about their futures. Pray for rest and refreshing for Lorraine and Ali and for renewed vision and energy for them over the week

Thank you for your support and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

PHONE:       Ali:     07733 143660
                   Lorraine:      07917 047150
 POST:         No 4, Row 75, Howard Street South, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2PU

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