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ENYFC update and prayer diary for July 2018 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

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"Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall
but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on ings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary..." (Isaiah 40 v 31)


GYHS 07-2018With the last month being very focussed on the GCSEs, Year 10 mocks and other end of year exams, the young people have been contemplating their futures, whether it's advancing into the next year group or leaving school for college or an apprenticeship. The Year 11s have now left the school after an emotional Leaver's Assembly, in which Ms Miller, Head of Year 11, gave a positive tribute to each and every pupil by name, reflecting on their relationships over the past 5 years! Very moving to see just how much these teachers invest in the pupils. The Year 9s have moved into the Dinner Hall for their lunch times so Ali has been enjoying rekindling relationships with lots of these pupils who have not been accessible to her for the last year, but many who used to come to Room 6. Lorraine is enjoying the extra space around the tables in the Helsdon Hall to get to know more of the Year 7s and 8s. It was also really encouraging when a member of staff approached us to ask us to pray for her step-son, who needs Holy Spirit in a life-transforming way. She said "When I heard the news last night I immediately thought of you". It's not appropriate to go into details here but please pray for him and his step-mum and the situation they are in. We were praying for this member of staff anyway, as, in 2015 as she opened up (during our Nomad mission week) about how she had been hurt by church but still has a strong faith in God. She is the one who has been so enthusiastic about us praying in the library


YOUTH CAFE 07-2018The Youth Café has benefitted from the Year lls returning to enjoy chilling out with their friends and peers. It has been a great opportunity for the younger pupils to listen to the wisdom of the older ones! One Year 7 lad who struggles to make it through a day without a detention, was quizzing a Year 11 lad about how he had been similar but had managed to turn his life and attitude around and what a positive life he was having because of it. One of the Year 10 girls opened up to Michelle about her inability to sleep, owing to her old, decrepit mattress and her older sister keeping her awake with late nights/early mornings. Michelle shared this in the debrief after the session. The very next day there was a mattress topper on Freecycle which, when we found out the owner, discovered that it was someone from a church in the borough, who was delighted to hear where the topper would be going, and delivered it to us the very same day. Ali took it round and the girl and her mum were surprised at such a quick response and obviously very pleased. BUT, even better than that, we found a beautiful, hardly-used mattress on Gumtree which was in Norwich - Ali "just happened" to be going to Norwich on the Friday, so was able to collect the mattress and deliver it the same day to the family. Imagine how overjoyed they were to have this provision! They couldn't believe that we would do that for them. Needless to say, certain things we can "fix" practically through God's provision; the big sister situation needs a different sort of His provision; more prayers, please!


From September, the school timetable will be extended on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 3.50pm. This means we will have to change the days of our groups as the Salvation Army is not available at a later time-slot on Wednesdays. Thank God for His provision of this amazing venue and pray that the change will not affect those who can attend

THEOS 07-2018

in Theos we have finished the sessions on Ephesians and are now discovering more about Jesus' life as He walked on this planet. Another youth service provider is giving free access to Jump Warehouse on Tuesdays for the young people from the town, so the girls are all enjoying that at the moment. *Kevin is the only one coming to Theos for now but we are really grateful for the time to invest in his questions and his walk with Jesus, without him being distracted by the others who aren't always as interested as him. We are now practising the art of memorising scriptures. It's amazing what the promise of Haribo will do!


ETP is having the same drop in numbers as Theos whilst the young people enjoy Jump Warehouse. However, the young people who are coming along are definitely appreciating the attention of the adults without the other young people around. We are having some good conversations with some of them and two of them are really keen to come to the summer WEC camp we are doing this year. Don't forget to pass on your easy quick recipes to Lorraine, Pete or Ali please, so the young people can be enthused by some different meals

ENYFC OFFICE 2018We had a fantastic time at our Worship Fest at the office. It was so humbling and encouraging to see 26 people from so many different churches coming together to worship the Almighty One and praise His name for what He is achieving with us all in the town as we work together for His glory. And it wasn't even packed! Jack Gray from Ormesby Baptist Church (Light of Life) led us sensitively and beautifully with some great songs and we're keen to do it again soon


LORRAINE 07-2018Please join with us in praising God for the finances that come in every month. We are always grateful to those who contribute to keep this work going and especially as we are now paying an employee's wages and higher rent and bills. To boost the coffers, Lorraine has decided to dedicate her cycle ride in the Dolomites THIS WEEKEND to raising funds for the work we are doing in Great Yarmouth. This is what she says..... "On the 1St of July 2018 I am taking part in the Maratona-dles-Dolomites in Italy. This is a 65-mile cycle race (106 km) with an altitude gain of 3130m. The gradients on the mountain climbs will be between 6.1% and 7.9%. Although I love cycling and have cycled in Italy, Tenerife and the UK, this is the greatest challenge I have set myself. I have only been riding a road bike for the last 12 months but I would really like to complete the event in under 8 hours. I have been out training in all weathers, including cycling from Lowestoft to the East Norfolk Youth for Christ office in Gt Yarmouth, which has been great when it has been dry and warm, but it is not so good when it rains! However, cycling has been a really good way to see more of God's great beauty around the UK and other parts of the world. (You also get to know all the good coffee and cake shops in the area)

Since working with East Norfolk Youth for Christ God is growing a love in my heart for the young people in the town and I would really love to achieve this personal target whilst raising money for the events and outreach we do with those young people


If you would like to sponsor me either an amount per km or a one-off for the whole distance, 100% of your money will go towards East Norfolk Youth for Christ's work with young people in the local community of Great Yarmouth. I will keep you informed of my progress


I am dreading the climbs up the long hills but really looking forward to the descents, the food stops and the best apple strudel you can ever taste! I'm really excited to be among the atmosphere around the event and chatting to people from other countries, too. Please pray for safety and good weather and if you can afford to give even a small amount, it will all help me to achieve my target of £500


Thank you very much, Lorraine


CYCLING TUMBLE 07-2018 Since this was written she has taken a tumble off her bike whilst training, (although beautiful, it's pretty scary on the country lanes as a cyclist) she has had to learn how to change her gears and brakes and is repeatedly cycling up and down the steepest hills possible in this area to build her stamina. God has already provided the £500. Thank you so much for the boost this has been to Lorraine, Ali and the trustees. Not only that but there are more donations coming in - wouldn't it be fantastic to double the original figure? At the time of print you have given £806.20 (including Gift Aid). Thank you SO much! Do you think we could make it to the £1000 mark?

Only £193.80 to go.....


If you want to know how to support us please get in touch. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship (East Norfolk Youth for Christ) if you'd like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ and post them to the office address at the top of this update. If texting is easier for you, go for it - just text UYFC18 £5 to 70070 or UYFC18 £10 to 70070 (or however much you want to donate). Or if you're ok with technology you can go to


People often ask us "What does Youth for Christ actually DO?" If you're not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we'd love to come and meet you. We are visiting our family at Park Baptist Church on 15th July and really looking forward to that


WEC CAMP 07-2018 We had a good time with Michael Lawrence last month, training us up for a week at the WEC camp in summer. As you know we are not going to Newday this year, we are trying out a different camp which is coming to Norfolk in July. Lorraine will be with the Warriors (9-12 year olds) and we're thrilled that two of the young people from Park Baptist Church are enthusiastic about attending, as well as another two from the Youth Café and ETP. Ali will be with the seven Teens (13-17 year olds) who have signed up already. It will be a new experience for all of us. We are praying that this will be the ideal opportunity for the young people to grow in their faith and build on what they learned at Spring Weekend. Please pray for wisdom regarding the price we are asking. The camp costs £180 pp but we are charging the young people £22 based on the estimated food costs for a week but some of them are saying they can't even afford this. Please pray for discernment for the trustees


Regular commitments for July 2018:

Sunday 1st
As Lorraine undertakes this huge challenge please pray for God's blessings on her for today. Please pray that she will complete the challenge in under eight hours, that she will stay safe from injury or illness. Thank God for the fitness and health He has given her to enable her to take part. Thank Him for the beautiful scenery she is going to be cycling through. Pray that she will be able to absorb His greatness, creativity and power and that she will feel His closeness during the day. Pray for a safe journey home and for good quality sleep and recharging of Lorraine's energy levels.
Tuesday 3rd                 
Dinner Hall (Year 9s & 10s) & Helsdon Hall (Year 7s & 8s)
Thank God for the space with the Year 11s having left school. Thank Him for
the availability of Year 9s to Ali to rebuild their relationships.
Theos Thank God that we have time to invest in those who really are
seeking Him. Pray for revelation for the young people attending.
ETP Thank God for these young people. How precious they are to Him.
Pray that the leaders will be sensitive to their concerns about life issues

Wednesday 4th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Praise God for the opportunities He provides so faithfully with both the staff and the pupils. Thank God for the positive atmosphere in the school at the moment. Pray for it to continue.
Youth Café Thank God for the amazing volunteers who are so faithful with a genuine love for the young people they serve. Thank God for how they're growing individually and as a team: Michelle, Amilcar, Susan, Erny, Sue, Livvy, Louise. Please pray for another male volunteer to cover when Amilcar or Erny can't attend.
Thursday 5th              
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Please pray for revelation for the member of staff and her step-son today; that they would allow Holy Spirit in and that He would turn the lad's life upside down from where it is at the moment.
Thank God for the trustees meeting last month; for the encouragement they are to each other and for the unity they have as a team

Tuesday l0th          
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Please pray for *Julia. Even though she has left GYCA and now attends a school in Gorleston, she definitely started a journey with God through The Sense gig, Theos, Spring Weekend and conversations in the Café and school. Please pray that she will not lose touch with Jesus as she loses touch with her friends at GYCA. Pray that although she doesn't come to our clubs and events so much now, the seeds planted during her time with us will bear fruit for Him. Thank God for what He has done so far in this young life

Thank God for His beautiful Son who was the example for us all. As we study Jesus life on this earth, pray that these young people will see Him for who He was and is, that He is trustworthy and faithful

ETP Thank God for the time we have to invest in these few young people. Thank you for the relationships they're building with each other and pray that they will be a positive influence on each other

Wednesday 11th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Pray for both Ali and Lorraine as they decide who to sit with today. Pray that they will be intuitive to His direction. Youth Café Praise God for His abundant love, grace and mercy which sustains us every day. Thank Him for providing the mattress and topper last month and please pray for *Janine's big sister, that she would be more considerate of the noise/time she comes home. Please pray for her big sister's safety, too - she is one of the girls Ali got to know at the school before she left for college, 2 years ago. Pray for protection over Amilcar as he is our only male leader tonight.

Thursday 12th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Thank God for all those teachers who are leaving the school this season due to the closure of the "technical" departments. Thank Him for the input they've had into the learning environment. Please pray for them to find employment elsewhere and for this to be a positive move for them

Thank God for His Presence at our Worship Fest last month. Pray that the young people will embrace sung worship

Sunday 15th
Park Baptist Church
Thank God for the excellent relationship we have with this family. Thank God for the volunteers and trustee from this church who are committed to the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ. Pray for Lorraine speaks of our vision, dreams and hopes for the town and that as she shares, more members will be inspired and enthused to engage with young people; that they will be keen to disciple young Christians and realise what a blessing and privilege it is to be involved

Monday 16th - Tuesday 17th
Directors' retreat
Pray for Ali as she travels to Cromer to meet with the other Youth for Christ directors and spend time away from the office sharing, encouraging and challenging each other through this time together. Pray that Holy Spirit will reveal the next steps for each of the directors (Diss, Norwich, Haverhill, North Breckland, Cambridge, Newmarket) and that His plans will be the only ones we invest in

Tuesday 17th
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall
Pray for peace in the dining halls today, that as this last term of the academic year draws to a close, the young people will know how to safely amuse themselves over the summer; that He will bring peace to those who are not looking forward to the summer holidays. Please pray for conversations to happen that will enable support and prayer. Theos Praise God for His revelation to these young people. Thank Him for the funds to treat these young people to a "Costa" and cake, as promised when we left Costa last term. Pray that they will continue to read their Bibles when Holy Spirit prompts them over the summer

Pray for this last session to be a positive and uplifting session; that the young people won't be too despondent that it isn't happening over the summer but they will remember to pray and cook whenever they're prompted over the summer holiday period

Trustees meeting Thank God again for these wonderful people and pray for others to come forward as prompted by Him. We need more trustees who have the heart for Jesus to transform the young people of this town. Please search your heart and get in touch to find out more. It's not as onerous as the title suggests, in fact it's a privilege and a joy!

Wednesday 18th     
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
Pray for Mr Smith (head teacher), that his heart will be softened towards God and for continued good health for him.
Youth Café Thank God for the Year 11s coming back last month. Praise Him for the four years we have been engaging with these young people. Pray that they will stay in touch as we seek to see them changed by Jesus

Thursday 19th        
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall 
For this last time in the dining halls, please pray that Ali and Lorraine will bring words of comfort and strength to those who are dreading the holidays. Thank God for the freedom some of the pupils will enjoy. Pray for God’s protection over them as they enjoy their free time over the next six weeks

Saturday 28th July – Saturday 4th August
This is WEC camp week and Lorraine and Ali will be thrown in at the deep end as we adventure with (hopefully) eleven young people from the Youth Café. Pray for safe travels and protection from injury and sickness. The one thing we would love to see is ALL eleven saved by the grace of our Father God and the sacrifice of our Saviour Jesus. Please pray for this and that we will be sensitive to Holy Spirit and to the young peoples’ needs. Pray for us to have fun and good, deep, life-changing conversations. Ali is particularly excited as Sushila and Nigel (volunteers during 2013-2016) will be leaders on camp bringing their four boys! As the family now lives in Lancashire, opportunities to get together are few and far between. Please pray that they will have some time to catch up, to build on their friendship, to encourage, challenge and inspire each other     

Thank you for your support 
and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us


Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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