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Unite update and prayer diary for June 2018 

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“Therefore, God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name above every other name,  that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father 

(Philippians 2 v 9-11) 

UPD 06-2018AWhat a Beautiful Name it is, what a Powerful Name it is, what a Wonderful Name it is, the name of Jesus Christ my King! And that’s exactly what so many of the young people from Spring Weekend discovered during our time together – they’ve come back to Gt Yarmouth, singing that very song, wanting to download it onto their phones, really engaging with the worship of Him through song. We ended the weekend with a praise party and lots of tears as they say goodbye to The Sense, Stance and the other volunteers who were completely brilliant! As you have already had the great news in an update we’ll  keep this one brief; sessions were all lead UPD 06-2018Bbeautifully by Andy, Wes, Bekky, Millie, Beth, Jay, Frankie, Aoife, Becks and Joy from The Sense and Stance, with a mix of fun activities, talks, testimonies and more personal small group work. All the young people engaged whole-heartedly this year (unlike previous years) and explored how God is our perfect Creator and Father, how Jesus is God the Son and the most significant person who has ever existed, then session 3 investigated the truth behind Jesus’ sacrifice of His own life for everyone in existence and what that means for us on a personal level, not just as a story we hear in RE lessons/church

UPD 06-2018CAs the young people were offered the opportunity to take that step; ask for forgiveness and choose to follow Him, 12 of our young people signalled that they had made that life-changing decision! Hallelujah! 
The two sessions the following day were exploring God the Holy Spirit and Life in the Spirit, which we did with the help of a timeline of the events around Jesus death, resurrection and the manifestation of Holy Spirit. Many of the young people could imagine and identify with the emotions these young disciples must’ve felt; sad, happy, overjoyed, anxious, depressed, excited and perhaps a measure of pressure to continue doing what Jesus had been doing, even to death on a cross? Please praise God with us, for Holy Spirit who was so tangible particularly during the last session of the weekend. At the end of the session, there was the opportunity to pray for each other and my goodness how humbling and beautiful was that? Being prayed for by a 13 year old new Christian! Most of the young people prayed with each other and leaders were able to pray with young people for situations at home that they were dreading going back to. A couple of girls are really struggling with older siblings who are dealing with mental health issues. It was a very emotional time for some of them as they began to see that this isn’t “all there is”. All this was interspersed with some great activities and the usual Mix Has Talent; an opportunity to discover hidden talents from both leaders and young people

UPD 06-2018DAll the young people were given flyers for the WEC summer camp and to our weekly Theos Bible study. Although there were 12 of our young people making commitments, many of them don’t follow it up when they get back to their home environments so please pray that they will continue to discover more a  bout this amazing new Life they’ve encountered

UPD 06-2018EUPD 06-2018FUPD 06-2018G

Please thank God with us for His provision.  The Spring Weekend event costs us over £2,000 and we couldn’t do it without you. We are so grateful to all of you who are obedient to His calling to give financially for this office and for wages and other expenses. If you don’t already support us financially and would like to, our bank account details are: HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34 or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ. Thank you very much

Thank you for your continuing prayers for Gt Yarmouth Charter Academy. As you know there is more publicity again at the moment concerning the merging of the two Inspiration Trust schools. Please pray for encouragement for the teachers and staff as they are facing more changes over the summer. The timetable is being extended on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and the lunch times are going to be split with the younger pupils eating separately from the older pupils. This is great from our point of view as it means that Lorraine and Ali BOTH get to see all years. Please pray that everyone will adapt smoothly and positively

THEOS 06-2018The first Theos after Spring Weekend was devoted to answering any questions that had arisen from the weekend. One Year 10 girl has had a significant experience of the Holy Spirit so please pray for her that she will continue to delve into His word and grow in strength and character in Him. She explained at Spring Weekend that her recently deceased uncle had a faith in Jesus and was not frightened of death and was really positive about his future. She was blown away by what she learnt at Spring Weekend giving meaning to all the things he’d been talking about over the years and was asking lots of questions. Kevin* asked why the timeline in the session at Spring Weekend had 3 crosses to symbolise Jesus death. Ali explained about the two criminals and they looked up the passages in John and Mark. They were intrigued by the word “Golgotha” and when they saw photos from Israel showing the rocky outcrop that looks so much like a skull, the Year 10 girl said “Wow, I didn’t realise that there were actually these places that exist in real life!” We can’t describe the privilege of seeing the “light go on” as holy Spirit reveals Himself to these young Christians. If you would like to be a Prayer Warrior for any of these teenagers, please get in touch and we’ll chat about what it means

YOUTH CAFE 06-2018The Youth Café continues to be a consistent and safe place for the pupils to come after school. They love the “icing” biscuits and are getting pretty artistic as you can see in this photo. We have been amazed and excited to see God’s perfect timing this month. Someone offered in October last year to be a Prayer Warrior (get in touch if you want to know more about this). We have been waiting and praying for the right young person for him to be praying for but Father hadn’t made it clear, yet. One Wednesday in February, a Year 9 lad came to the café stating some pretty extreme misconceptions about God and Satan. He had a chat with our fantastic volunteer, Amilcar but we didn’t see him again! However, we knew that this was the lad the new Prayer Warrior needed to be praying for, and quickly! For various reasons this wasn’t communicated to the Prayer Warrior until May, but the very next day the lad arrived at the café and had another long discussion with Ali around his misconceptions

LAUGHING COWIt was so beautiful to see the light invading the darkness in his expression as his misc onceptions about this horrendous, brutal, ugly, god he’d been told about started to disappear and he listened to the truth of the beautiful, loving, sacrificial, merciful, gracious God we know. Please continue to pray for him and his friend who is also unaware of the truth about God

 ARMOUR OF GODThank you for your pr  ayers for Stand. With Sam getting more and more involved in Identity Youth Project’s work, we have agreed with Sam and the Identity Trustees, that they will take on the privilege of mentoring and discipling him, so it is with mixed emotions that we say au revoir to Sam as we know it’s God’s plan for him but we will definitely be staying in touch and meeting up again. It has been an absolute privilege to see this young man growing in confidence from being a young person, then young leader and now an adult, still serving God in his local church and with local young people 

ETP 06-2018AETP 06-2018BETP is growing still larger this month. The Year 10 girl who had such an experience at Spring weekend is now coming to ETP as well as Theos and she is bringing her friend to both events too! Lorraine and Pete Timothy are still working together to come up with healthy and quick recipes from the young people to cook, even though they sometimes only eat half of it as they “don’t like” some ingredients. However, we are now seeing them trying new foods and actually quite liking them! Lorraine is able to continue with the conversations from Theos and the young people all get involved in praying for each other around the tea table. Thank God for the way the young people from Park Baptist and from Charter Academy have gelled here and are working together as they cookETP 06-2018A

UPD 06-2018IPlease join with us in praising God for the finances that come in every month. We are always grateful to those who contribute to keep this work going and especially as we are now paying an employee’s wages and higher rent and bills. Thank Him for His provision and pray that this will build as we look to raise more funding from various sources. If you want to know how to support us please get in touch. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship if you’d like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ. You can also give via text. Please contact us to find out how. Or, of course you could sponsor Lorraine!

ENYFC OFFICE 2018Thank you so much to all of you who  have sponsored so far – she is already over her target of £500 and we are so pleased at the encouragement this has been to her. Please continue to sponsor her as we have another new bill we hadn’t needed in ou  r old office: a Copyright Licence which is going to cost over £200. God is always Provider and the Gift Aid on Lorraine’s current sponsorship gifts will go halfway to covering this! How amazing is He – that He already had that in place before we needed the licence

There is ALWAYS something to praise Him for. And we are going to do that together on Sunday June 10th at 6pm at the office – come and join us for an hour or so of worship to the Almighty One who never disappoints or fails to provide.
Open to everyone

WEC 06-2018As you know we are not going to Newday this year, we are trying out a different camp which is coming to Norfolk in July. We already have 11 young people interested in joining us on theWEC Teen and Warrior Camps in East Runton. Please pray for the right young people to sign up and pay their fees in time. If you feel you could sponsor a place for one of these teenagers, please do get in touch; the cost is £190 for each person so we will be subsidising the places quite heavily to enable the young people to attend.The camps are concurrent and for different age groups. Lorraine will be with the Warriors (9-12 year olds) and Ali will be with the Teens (13-17 year olds). It will be a new experience for all of us as neither of us have been on these camps before. However, our volunteers from a few years ago, Nigel and Sushila, have been involved for many years in these camps so they come highly recommended. We are praying that this will be the ideal opportunity for the young people to grow in their faith and build on what they learnt at Spring Weekend

People often ask us “What does Youth for Christ actually DO?” If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we’d love to come & meet you


Regular commitments for June 2018:

Monday 4th           
National Focus Day As Centre Directors and staff from National and across the eastern region gather together in Cambridge to worship and encourage each other please thank God for the legacy of Billy Graham’s starting this organisation in 1947 and for all the young people and adults who have come to know Jesus through Youth for Christ
Tuesday 5th           
Dinner Hall (Year 10s & 11s) & Helsdon Hall (Year 7s, 8s & 9s)
Thank God for the favour He has given us in the school. Every day we have new opportunities to be light and grace in the place and it’s such a privilege
Theos Thank God for this growing group of young people, keen to ask questions and find out more about our beautiful Saviour
ETP Thank God again for this growing group. Please pray that the problems with the oven will soon be sorted
Trustees Meeting Pray for wisdom and grace as we meet together to discuss the way forward with all the changes in the school. Thank God for Ali, Richard, Matt and Nigel
Wednesday 6th       
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Praise God for His opportunities in here, with pupils and adults. Pray that we will take every one of them
Youth Café Thank God for the amazing volunteers who are so faithful, who are teachable, and learning so much about youthwork and young people. Michelle, Amilcar, Susan, Erny, Sue, Livvy, Louise. Please pray for another male volunteer to cover when Amilcar or Erny can’t attend
Thursday 7th                  
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Please pray for young people who need to talk to find Lorraine and Ali. Pray for finances to come in to sustain the organisation and grow the team

Sunday 10th           
Worship Fest As Jack leads us in worshipping our most amazing and holy, precious God, join us at the office or praise Him in your homes with us
Tuesday 12th           
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Pray that the changes coming in will be accepted and a positive new era for the school!
Theos Thank God for what He has revealed to them about our identity through Ephesians. As we continue with this book pray for revelation for the young people
ETP (Chatterteria) Thank God for the new young people as well as the regulars. Pray for inspiration for Lorraine and Pete. Pray for Ali as she stays at the office and chats with those who don’t go to ETP, that they will discover something new about Jesus
Wednesday 13th     
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Pray for both Ali and Lorraine as they decide who to sit with today. Many pupils want to sit with them and it is becoming a challenge to discern who needs our attention each day
Youth Café Praise God for His abundant love, grace and mercy which sustains us every day. Thank Him for His protection last month with some incidents and accidents that needed it!
Thursday 14th        
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Thank God for the atmosphere in the school. Pray for the new teachers, that they will settle in quickly and enjoy this working environment
Friday 15th                       
Retreat Day Pray for Lorraine as she spends time today seeking God’s will for herself and the young people of Great Yarmouth
Tuesday 19th           
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Thank God for how the pupils have coped with the GCSEs this year. Thank Him for His peace that a lot of them have felt as they’re more prepared this year. Pray that these last few days go smoothly and without incident    
Theos Praise God for His revelation to these young people. Pray for them to grasp the difference He makes
ETP (Chatterteria) Pray for Ali, Lester and Lorraine today as Pete and Claire have some time off. Pray that things will flow and the oven will work!
Wednesday 20th   
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Pray for Mr Smith (head teacher), that his heart will be softened towards God and for continued good health for him
Youth Café Thank God for peace and calm. Pray for inspiration as to how we change things to accommodate the timetable changes from September. The whole school will be staying in school until 3.50 so will only have around half an hour at the café. Pray for wisdom as to how we change the time/day
Thursday 21st         
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall As the young people get excited with Lorraine and Ali about the WEC camp, pray that the right people will sign up to come. Pray that the parents will engage with it too
Friday 22nd             
Please pray for safety as Lorraine and Ali travel to Ipswich to undergo training for the WEC camps
Saturday 23rd         
Community & Evangelism Course Thank God for all Lorraine has learnt from this course about evangelism in the community. Thank God for how He has enabled her to complete her assignments and essays. Please pray for the students as they prepare to leave today as they won’t be meeting up again. Thank Him for the friendships that have been made on this course
Sunday 24th           
Volunteer Social As these wonderful volunteers meet to spend some social time together getting to know each other more and having fun together at the office, pray that they will bond more and be a stronger team in their shared identity as children of God
Tuesday 26th         
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Thank God for all the young people we will interact with today. Thank Him for the privilege we have in this country of talking about Him openly
Theos Pray for the group tonight as we continue to study God’s Word and get excited about the WEC camp
ETP As Claire, Pete and Lorraine enable the young people to discover the joys of ironing as a life skill, that they will have meaningful and joyful conversations together
Wednesday 27th     
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall Praise God for the education system we have in this country. Thank Him for the Christian teachers in the school. Please pray that they will all have the courage to stand for Jesus
Youth Café Pray that these young people will have time amongst the fun and games to have life-changing conversations with the volunteers
Thursday 28th         
Dinner Hall & Helsdon Hall As this month comes to an end and we look forward to the summer, pray that the expectation will be positive for the adults and the pupils
Art Exhibition As the Art Department showcases their work pray that the staff, pupils and parents will be encouraged and positive about their work                          
Thank you for your support 
and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)


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