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Share-a-Prayer 07/06/2018 

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Heavenly Father, I saw a bottle of squash and on the label was written "dilute to taste". The Gospel is full bodied, the Body of Christ, risen, resurrected from the dead by the Holy Spirit, and cannot be diluted, it must not be diluted. Your Living Water does not dilute, it adds power, it adds life, it never takes away, it always gives. We must not dilute the Gospel, we cannot water it down to make it more palatable
Whenever people taste and see, they find that the Lord is good. Like good nourishment, flavoursome; and we too are to be like salt, the salt of the earth. There are those who spit Your Name out like curse, "Jesus!!". I was once one of those people, but what a difference now that I know You as my Lord, my Saviour. Thank You that I am now forgiven
To each of us who know You, Your name is as sweet as honey, a balm to our souls. Let Your Living Water flow over my soul, let Your Holy Spirit come and take control
Father, strengthen my resolve to trust in You, Your Son, Your Spirit; do not let my faith dissolve when faced with trials but let it rise up, stronger, effervescent, fizzing, and bubbling with Life so You are glorified and people can meet with Jesus through Your Spirit in me, and in all who believe. Amen


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