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Share-a-Prayer 09/06/2018 

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Heavenly Father, occasionally people using metal detectors, or good old fashioned excavation of the ground find some treasure trove. Sometimes deep sea divers find sunken treasure at the bottom of the ocean
Our treasure is neither of these types of treasure trove, our treasure is Jesus, His Spirit in us, treasure in clay pots! Thank You Father that You have made Jesus known to us, in Him is hidden all wisdom and knowledge, the greatest treasure known to mankind
Thank You that we have Jesus in our hearts, minds, and souls, for where our hearts are is where our treasure is. We cannot lose this treasure, moths cannot destroy it, thieves cannot steal it, and it will not rust or decay because You have ordained that nothing in all creation can separate us from Your love in Christ Jesus, our Lord and King
As with most treasure maps, X marks the spot, but in this case Your Cross marks the spot where the wisdom of God, the treasure of God, the Salvation of God is to be found.  At the foot of the cross, I can hardly take it in, that the King of all creation was dying for my sin
Now, Jesus is hidden in my heart, in the heart of every believer
Lord Jesus, reigning in Heaven, living in us by Your Spirit, reign in me, reign in Your power. When people search me, look deeply into me, let them find You, let them find the treasure of God. May I not keep You hidden but let the treasure be there for anyone to find. Jesus, You alone are worthy of all praise. Thank You. Amen


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