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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 24/06/2018 

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 24th June 2018

Heavenly Father, Your chosen people, the Jews, were to be a light to the Gentiles, showing every other race and nation the Truth about You, who You are and how we should live our lives
But Your people became proud of being Your chosen people and instead of having servant hearts they thought that being Abraham's descendants was what made them special
So You came to the earth Yourself, Jesus, Messiah, the One Perfect Jew with the Servant Heart, here to show exactly how life should be lived; the Way to live, the Life demonstrated, the Truth about God in heaven here on earth. But the Jewish leaders were embarrassed, shown up by this Man who was also God, so they decided to kill You
The gospel is a stumbling block to some, the Jews, and foolishness to others, the gentiles, but to us who believe, who know Jesus as Saviour, it is the power of God and the wisdom of God
Your foolishness is wiser than our wisest wisdom! Jesus, the stone on which You build Your church, is the cornerstone but has been rejected by some
But the disciples gave their lives to You, Jews becoming Christians and showing the Way, the Truth and the Life, empowered by the Holy Spirit, so that today I sit here worshipping You, knowing Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, as they did. Amen


Saturday 23rd June 2018

Heavenly Father, I have made no earthly investments, I have no stocks, shares, or bonds. My savings in the bank are minimal, but there are some
However, I have made one investment, the only investment that cannot spoil or fade, cannot be devalued, cannot suffer from a ‘Wall Street Crash’ or a ‘Recession’. I have only one real investment and that is in Jesus, or rather more importantly, Jesus had invested Himself in me!
Incredible as it may sound, as unbelievable as it may appear, because You love me so much You invested Yourself in me, giving everything You had so that I could gain that which I cannot lose. You loved the world so much, loved me so much, that You gave Your Only Son so that I would not, and will not perish, but would have and will have eternal life.  A famous saying "he is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep in order to gain that which he cannot lose"
Help me Father to invest my time and energy in people, in Your Kingdom, in Your Building Society, the Communion of Saints that You are drawing to Yourself, day in and day out. I suppose it is true that "There is no place like home" and it is great to be home, but my eternal home, with You, Jesus, and the treasure I have stored with You, other people I have spent time with, leading into Your presence, is by far my most important investment. Amen. Thank You

Friday 22nd June 2018

Heavenly Father, as I lay awake for a while last night the thought crossed my mind that I was sleeping in a room I didn't pay for. In fact I have slept in the room for many nights and I did not pay for one of them. I could not afford to pay what it would have cost
As I lay awake I thought I heard You say quietly, gently "Get used to it. As it has been, so it will always be. Has it not always been so?" I had to answer, I have to answer, that it will always be so; I am going to spend Eternity sleeping in a room I did not pay for, in a room that I could never afford to pay for. Lord Jesus, You told us that You were going on ahead of us to prepare a place for us

My room here is paid for by a trust fund, set up by someone who has died and gone on ahead of me.  My room in Eternity is also paid for by a Trust Fund, I have put my trust in You, I am saved by grace, and everyone who puts their trust in Jesus finds He has paid the price; Your sacrifice on the cross paid the price for every one of us past, present and future
Perhaps I could have tried to pay for the room I have slept in, but eventually my funds would run dry and I would be bankrupt. So it is in Your eyes, no matter how much I try to pay my way I am bankrupt, the Bible says my finest efforts are like filthy rags to You
Thank You so much for the trust fund in the here and now, but thank You forever for the Trust Fund You have set up in Jesus name which sees my room in Heaven secured by His blood on the doorposts, the price He paid. Amen


Thursday 21st June 2018

Heavenly Father, I sometimes hear people say they are "sick and tired". Often the person using the phrase is quite robust, walking down the street, looking fairly healthy and anything but sick or tired. They probably mean they are "fed up"; another strange phrase, as it must be good to be well fed, full. I know that what is meant in each case is that we don't like something, it annoys us, goes against our personal preference, causes me an inconvenience
I sometimes use the phrases myself, for which I ask You to forgive me, because I am well fed, not sick at all and although I may be a bit tired, I have just had a good night's sleep and I am fit enough to face the day
I know that there are people who really are sick; I see them all around me at present with tubes and bags, lost limbs, bandages, and great suffering.  Sunken eyes from lack of sleep, patients, but also doctors and nurses who give of themselves in long shifts, but never complain. Those who are thin from lack of nourishment, often because they cannot eat, or what they eat they cannot keep down
Our Great Hope, Your Great Promise, is that one day all of this will come to an end; there will be no more death, or suffering, no more sickness, no more pain, You will wipe every tear from our eyes and there will be no more weeping
For now, in this broken and hurting world, help me to help where I can, serve where I can, smile where I can. Help me to be a blessing to the sick and tired, and also to those who are well fed; just like Jesus!  Amen


Wednesday 20th June 2018

Heavenly Father, "Testing, testing, one, two, three, testing". Tap, tap, tap! "Is it on?"  How often have I seen and heard this when a sound system is being set up? So many times! And then, "Can you hear me? Is it loud enough?"
As I come to You today, help me to stop doubting whether You can hear me, to stop testing You, to stop wondering whether or not You are switched on, and if I am loud enough. Your sound system is a sound system, it does not need to be checked over, levels do not need to be set, connections do not need to be unplugged and then plugged in again; Your system is sound, designed by You from Eternity, always on and constantly available, prayer!
I pray and I always get through to You. You do not need a microphone to get through to me, but I do have to listen, focus my headset; too often after I have gone through a sound check there is no time left to talk to You!
As I go from here, into my day, I want to stay in communion with You. No matter where I go, no matter who I meet, no matter what the interference, no matter how difficult life may be, or how easy(!) I will stay in Your presence, Your Holy Spirit is my microphone, no cables, no power pack required, You provide everything.  Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory!

Forgive my lack of faith. I know You hear me, I know You care about me, I know You are my God and that because Jesus has made the connection Your sound system is in working order. I know You have the channel open, help me to be a lead to connect others to You. Amen


Tuesday 19th June 2018

Heavenly Father, I wish that I could say "I never doubted You for a minute" but I know, and I know that You know, I guess everyone knows, it simply would not be true
There are many times when fears crowd in on me, the storm rages, and I want to run away and hide. At some point I hear Your voice saying to me "Don't panic" not in a frantic shout that shows panic and desperation, but in Your quiet, small voice; Your "Be still, and know that I AM God" voice
The enemy may try, but You never make me feel like a stupid boy: in fact, You make me feel like an overcomer, You tell me I am more than a conqueror. You tell me that there is nothing that is going to happen today that we cannot handle together. Even though I may stumble and grow weary, Your Word lasts forever, and because I have put my hope in You, You will renew my strength, and I will rise up on wings like an eagle, I will run and not grow faint
The enemy tries to intimidate, hurling lies at me, telling me I am a loser, a failure, defeated, but his roar is false and his mouth is toothless because You have defeated him already; on the cross Your Victory was accomplished
When I submit to You the enemy flees. So, I can whistle as I work because I am Yours and You are mine. Thank You that I am part of my Father's Army. Amen


Monday 18th June 2018

Heavenly Father, I saw someone writing information they needed to remember on the back of their hand just the other day; it reminded me that You told the Israelites that You are One God and that they, and now we, should love You with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; talk to our children about You, and write this on our foreheads, our hands and our doorframes so we don't forget
Often we have a stiff, upper lip, as a determination to stand our ground, but often I find I have a trembling bottom lip as I can hardly speak and tears flow, especially when I realise the depth of Your love for me and the agony Jesus endured in my place
Sometimes people are said to wear their heart on their sleeve if they are open about their emotions; Father help me to wear Your heart on my sleeve, not mine, so I remember all that You have done for me, whether in my day or in the middle of the night, when there is exuberant praise or deep, deep worship. Father don't let this be just for show, but to show Your love, let it be a reminder to me to love as You have loved, as Jesus loved us and loves me today
Once again, fill me with Your Holy, Life giving, Spirit and let Your joy be my strength. Help me to seek treasure, souls that are in need of Your touch, Your Life-giving Spirit, so I can store up treasure in Heaven
Thank You for saving me, what can I say? My sleeves, my arms, my forehead, my doorposts are Yours; help me to put them to good use. Amen


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