Bradwell primary school develops music provision

25th June 2018
Bradley Young, Head Teacher, Homefield VC Primary, reports


At Homefield Church of England Primary School, we have spent the past two years developing our music provision. This was aided by the appointment of a music specialist to our staff team, who has revitalised the music curriculum and has raised the profile of the subject across the school, making it more tactile, more active and a subject all pupils look forward to with eager anticipation

With our school strapline being ‘providing opportunities to shine’,  we felt it necessary to increase the peripatetic sessions we offer to enable a greater number of pupils the chance to learn a musical instrument for the first time. Expanding from the more common keyboard, choir and recorder, we now have the pleasure of offering drumming, guitar and flute. Developing this further, we will see our pupils performing live in front of audiences, either individually or collectively in an ensemble
It has been a real highlight of our recent collective worships to listen to the newly acquired musical talents of our pupils as they performed for us. Such elements enable all to prepare better for collective worship or assist all to reflect on the key message of the worship as they depart from it. Increased participation in community, local and regional inter-school singing events and competitions has been an important development at Homefield, not to mention our fabulous class performances across the year
Our school choir has supported the Big Sing at our local church, as well as our community fete and we have achieved choral success competing against some neighbouring schools by winning the Talbot Happy Cup in 2017. Our greatest musical success is undoubtedly our House Shout competition, which sees our four house teams compete against one another for the coveted House Shout trophy. This annual event has now run for the past two years and has involved Mrs  Alison Corfield (Head of Norfolk Music) as our Head Judge. It has also seen local celebrities provide their own motivational messages and endorsements to inspire our pupils

Our children and staff engage with this whole-heartedly utilising some detailed choreography and powerful singing to showcase and celebrate their talents. The event is highly emotive and uplifting and one we are extremely proud of

Looking ahead to the future, we aim to combine the expressive arts of music, art and dance by undertaking the Take Ten Pieces project

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reproduced from Diocesan Board of Education newsletter and used with permission