Never mind the heatwave - Christmas is saved! 

24 July 2018
Liz Coates reports

OPEN CHRISTMAS 1 belinda jayne

Entertaining the guests at the annual Open Christmas in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Belinda Jayne Roll

Christmas is saved after some 30 businesses and organisations dug deep to rescue a long-standing community event

OPEN CHRISTMAS 2 belinda jayne

Dinner is served at the annual Open Christmas in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Belinda Jayne Roll

Volunteers behind the annual Christian mission project, Open Christmas, have hailed the “outstanding” response from well wishers who have answered a rallying call for cash

Fundraiser Sue Anderson said although there was enough money for this year’s event, it was the one after that was at risk

She said mounting costs were making it a struggle

She said “We have it in the Marina Centre because its the only venue that is big enough but we have to hire in ovens and baking trays and that pushes the cost up

“We have the turkeys donated but we have used almost all our resources up”

She added that the small donations they received every year were just as important

An appeal for 50 businesses and organisations to donate £100 to save the event was launched earlier this year

To donate visit the website by clicking here or call 078233338402

this article also appeared on the Yarmouth Mercury website and is used with permission

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