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Thank you from Latitude Festival Pastors 


Dear Friends
“Love Latitude in Prayer 2018”
It is with great joy that I write to you on behalf of the Festival Pastors to thank you for praying for the 85 strong team during the Latitude Festival
During one of the hottest weekends of the year pastors patrolled day and night, assisted people erect tents, carried luggage, listened to peoples’ concerns and heard incredible life stories. They dealt with lost property, gave directions, helped people who were vulnerable, provided water and other refreshments, encouraged the stewards, prayed with people and so much more. The café staff, aided by the artists and musicians, provided a wonderful setting for people to relax, drink fantastic coffee and engage with various forms of interactive art. Our well organised base prayer team were an essential hub point between the team and home prayer team, also keeping contact and providing welfare checks for the teams out on patrol. We had 75 requests on the prayer tree and other requests via the pastors patrolling out in the fields. One young couple were so relaxed in the prayer zone that they fell asleep on one of the cushions. Another lady from the USA engaged with the Lord through the art and attending the Sunday service, which was held outdoors, and is going to look for a church on her return to the USA. It was a joy to meet people throughout the weekend from the UK but also from all over the world at this fantastic event
Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festival Republic, kindly dropped in to the café on the Sunday of what was a very busy weekend for him to say “thank you” to the team for their work during the festival. Such an encouragement!
As we completed our last day together we stood in a circle of prayer to pray for each other and, as the night shift had to complete one final night and the pull-down crew for the Monday morning, we prayed specifically for them. The Festival Pastors had been praying for all who had been interceding for the work of Festival Pastors at Latitude over that weekend, and during our final prayers we asked our dear Lord to bless all who had been interceding and supporting the team that weekend. Finally, the Festival Pastor family said, 'The Grace' together before closing the café for this year and returning to our own communities and fellowships
Thank you for your support and prayer for Festival Pastors this year. Your prayers made a huge difference and encouraged the team greatly throughout the weekend
In His grip
Liz Livey
Prayer Encourager for Latitude