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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 12/08/2018

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 12th August
Heavenly Father, is there a particular part of the world You want me to pray about this morning; a region, an area, a nation, a group within a nation?  Or is there a particular situation You want me to focus on; a political situation, an ethical situation, a moral situation, a medical situation?  Or is there a disaster that is looming or has occurred, an earthquake, a volcano, a tsunami, an explosion or fire?  Or is there an individual who needs prayer and that is where my words should go?
You tell us that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective, that Elijah was a man, just like any man, a human being and that he prayed and it did not rain for over three years, and then he prayed again and the rains came
People came to Jesus with all kinds of problems and difficulties, and He did something in each and every situation. He is the Righteous Man; His prayers were always powerful and effective.  The people coming to Him had no righteousness of their own, damaged, broken, sinful, hurting, desolate, disowned, possessed, ill, leprous, rejected; it did not matter, Jesus met with and dealt with every person's problem individually and they went away changed, released, healed and usually praising God
As we meet today in churches everywhere, help us to remember that we are human beings just like Elijah, and we can trust in the transforming power of Jesus to cleanse us, making us powerful and effective so as we pray for any situation we can trust that You hear and act in response, as Jesus did

Saturday 11th August

Heavenly Father, There are all sorts of illnesses, diseases, injuries.  Physical, mental, spiritual. Cancer, leukaemia, tumours, strokes, broken bones, just far too many to list
However, we all have the same problem, we have been diagnosed, tests have been done and confirmed.  We have sin, and it is terminal.  It is congenital, passed down through the ages from Adam and Eve. No one is immune.  What is your prescription?
Your first prescription was two tablets with ten commandments on them, but we found them too hard to swallow.  Then you sent a specialist physician, Your Son, who was able to deal with every sickness, even sin being forgiven.  But the sin in us was so great that we crucified Him
However, this brought about the greatest healing possible, it will do away with all forms of disease, sickness, infirmity, defeating sin, defeating death, and restoring people to a perfect state.  Your Supernatural Health Service is available to all, the cost has been paid on the cross. Your prescription: Jesus.  There is a waiting list, Your Book of Life in Heaven and the healing is completed in Eternity, but the symptoms are often dealt with here on earth when we are born again
Thank You Father for Your perfect provision, Your prescribed solution to our every problem, Jesus, Saviour of the World


Friday 10th August

Heavenly Father, forgive me for the times I merely pay You lip service, the times when my lips move in silent agreement but my heart is not in it.  Forgive me when there is no heart service, no life service
When You speak, Your Word is shown by Your actions.  You said "Let there be light" and there was light. You said You are the Good Shepherd, Jesus is the Good Shepherd, Your Word became flesh and lived among us
Help me Father to put my heart into all I do, to put my heart and soul into what You require of me, for You tell me that faith without works is dead.  You also tell me to let my yes be yes, my no be no, and to do the things you ask of me.  King David asked of You "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer".  He followed his words with actions
You call us to a life of service, to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to You; this is our true and proper worship.  It is good to say the right things, to give You praise and to worship You, but I also need to do the right things, those works You have prepared in advance for me.  I am called to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with You
Strengthen me for service, let my life reflect Your glory.  By this will all men know we are Your disciples, that we love one another.  Let Your love in me be seen in my life's actions


Thursday 9th August

Heavenly Father, thank You that we have the privilege of coming into Your presence to pray, not trusting in our own goodness but trusting entirely in the righteousness of Jesus
Thank You in particular for the power You have given us in saying "amen" to a prayer, especially prayers of other people.  Jesus said that if we agree about something in prayer then His Father in Heaven will do it
When the multitude cried out in Heaven that salvation belongs to our God and to the Lamb the angels, the twenty-four elders and the four flying creatures all said "amen", fully in agreement, let it be so, so be it!  Salvation belongs to You and to Jesus, there is no other Way; Jesus declared that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life
Amen to this Lord, no-one comes to the Father except through the Son.  We can only meet with You in Spirit and in Truth, only through Jesus. Help us to be constantly seeking Your Way and to be looking to say "amen" to every Word that comes from Your mouth
Amen to the Bread of Life

Amen to the Good Shepherd

Amen to the Resurrection and the Life

Amen to the Vine and the Gardener

Amen to the Light of the World

Amen to the Gate
Thank You Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, may I be a blessing to You today


Wednesday 8th August

Heavenly Father, the Bible tells me "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - His good, pleasing and perfect will".  Trans = the other side of; formed = the way something is designed, made, created.  So, You are telling me to give You my mind and to allow You to rewrite it, to reform it, to transform it?
The Bible also tells me "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, My thoughts higher than your thoughts".  So, You want me to see things, think of things, the way You see and think? I can only do this if You transform my mind
Also speaking of Your knowledge of me, "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain".  I cannot get there on my own, I need You every step of the Way.  I read that a transformer changes the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit.  Without the transformer in my phone charger the power would be too much and my phone would be damaged, even destroyed.  Your Word is powerful, I must use it through Your Transformer, Your Holy Spirit
When I step out today, looking to find Your good, pleasing and perfect will, looking for Your higher Way, I need You to guide me so Your power flows safely and in Your Way.  Jesus said to You "Not my will but Yours" and I must say the same and do as Jesus did.  Father, continue renewing, transforming, my mind so I can find Your good, pleasing and perfect will. Thank You


Tuesday 7th August

Heavenly Father, I can remember so well hearing, when I was very young, the words "Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin...".  There then followed a story on the wireless ‘Listen with Mother’.  It was on the Light Programme!  In later days it was on television as ‘Watch with Mother’ and on other days there was ‘Andy Pandy’ with his friend Teddy, ‘The Woodentops’ with Spotty Dog, and also ‘Bill and Ben - The Flowerpot Men’ with Little Weed and a tortoise called Slowcoach, usually pronounced as ‘Schlobberdop’.  There were also ‘Rag, Tag and Bobtail’, stories about a hedgehog, a mouse, and a rabbit
Lovely memories from my childhood, but Father, I wonder if the same question were to be asked in church "Are you sitting comfortably?" if You would begin?  Are we meant to be sitting comfortably? Why are we in church?

To be equipped, kitted out, prepared for battle against the forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We are a nursery-church looking after those who are newly born again;
a hospital-church caring for the weak, the injured, the damaged;
a deliverance-church looking after the redeemed, the sinful

I am not sure we are called be a lounge-church, sitting comfortably, simply being fed so we can feel better
Lord Jesus, You told amazing stories, parables, but each one had a message of Your Father's saving grace, forgiveness, healing, and redemption. I doubt if the listening crowds were sitting comfortably.  Father, help me to get out of my seat, to live life like Jesus; empowered, then I'll begin!

Monday 6th August

Heavenly Father, anyone who is expecting a new arrival, the birth of a baby, will be preparing for that arrival. The nursery will be decorated, the cot provided, the pram or buggy readied for use, and the provision of food, milk at first, planned and available. And of course nappies, plenty of nappies. The whole family will be waiting for news of the birth and details of the newly born baby and the health of the mother
Help us, as individuals and as church families, to be just as prepared for new arrivals, new birth, within the church. Give us wisdom in preparing the place where people born again of the Spirit can be safely nurtured, fed on spiritual milk so they grow in their new faith healthy and strong
There will be a lot of new experiences for both the new born and the whole family, the church, and in particular those who take on the responsibility of looking after the new addition. There will be lots of noise, crying out for attention; questions, confusion, misunderstanding, but good parenting will enable the new born to grow in faith, in trust, in stature, in Spirit. Very small steps will happen, and each new achievement noted and applauded, each stumble and fall picked up and comforted. New life is exciting and a challenge

Heavenly Father, Father of us all, strengthen us for what lies ahead
Lord Jesus, Saviour to us all, Brother and King, walk with us through faltering steps
Holy Spirit, guide us in honing our parenting skills, the wisdom we need to present everyone fully mature in Christ



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