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What’s your talent?

as published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life August 2018


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whats your talent
For a number of years, talent shows have become popular on TV. The programmes feature contestants, of any age, performing a short act in front of judges in the hope of being awarded a large sum of money. This may also lead to a new career and fame too!

These programmes feature all kinds of people including singers, comedians, magicians, and acrobats. Some acts are good and entertaining while others can be odd, quirky, or downright appalling! Some people reveal a talent, while others don’t. Some have a big ego or an inflated sense of importance and cannot understand why they are rejected!
The Bible tells us that God is our judge. We are on show. He watches us, but He is not looking for the slip-up, the mistake or waiting to condemn. Our God is all-loving, kind, and forgiving and looks for our potential and is pleased when we do our best. He looks to help us, to build us up and desires the best from within us
In the Bible, we see that God chose all manner of ordinary individuals to fulfil His purposes. Some made errors and committed dreadful sins, but even then God didn’t discard them as worthless. For example, Jesus chose a mixed bunch of disciples with all kinds of flaws, yet they became (with the exception of Judas) the ideal men to spread the Good News about Him
God has a plan for each one of our lives, and we are called to be faithful in serving Him, wherever we are. By God’s grace, the Holy Spirit is given to every Christian, and the Spirit equips us for service and His greatest activity is amongst the ordinary. Under God’s influence, what we regard to be natural talents and gifts, can be enhanced and released by His creative energy

Isn’t this encouraging? We don’t have to put ourselves forward and hope to be a winner like contestants on a TV programme. If we give ourselves to God, He will prepare and use us in the way that best suits our gifts and personalities   


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