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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 02/09/2018

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 2nd September

Heavenly Father, if we change something completely, go through a radical review because something is bad, then we say we deal with it root and branch
We know from what we see in the garden that if we cut off a dead branch then the rest of the tree may be healthy, but often if the disease keeps spreading then we need to deal not only with the branch but the root. Certainly weeds crop up again and again unless the roots are dealt with, pulled up.  There are many aspects to my life that have roots which grow good or bad fruit; often I don't know when, where or how they were planted
Jesus had His life rooted in You, in Your love, Your goodness, Your mercy. He rejected anything that was not from You, even saying to Simon Peter "Get behind me, satan!" because the words he spoke had not come from You
To deal with the bad things in my life, completely, entirely, wholly, totally, utterly, thoroughly, I need Your Holy Spirit to fill me each and every day; to deal with the root and the branch. Jesus said "Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit"
Father, as You deal with me today, I give You my life, body, soul and spirit; root and branch. May the fruit only of Your Holy Spirit grow in my life today

Saturday 1st September

Heavenly Father, there is so much that goes on around us which is unseen. Things that happen which only a microscope can reveal are so significant: the makeup of our blood, the condition of our tissue and our major organs, the microbes that we breathe in and out, the germs that infect and affect us. Strong people can succumb to the smallest infection
We cannot see a person's mind, read their thoughts, know their motives, but these things are real and the strongest people can succumb to temptation. We cannot see many gases, we cannot usually see electricity, but we know the power they possess and often see the effect on even the strongest people. We cannot see the spiritual world around us but we see its effect as strong people fall foul of the traps evil lays
Let today be a day when the power of Your Holy Spirit brings salvation to many, brings repentance to many, brings release to many. Let today be a day when addictions are broken, relationships are restored, vows and promises are kept. Let this be a day when You are honoured, when Your Kingdom comes, when Your will is done on earth as it is in heaven, when people are fed, when our sins are forgiven and we forgive others, when temptation fails and we are delivered from evil. And may the Kingdom, and all power and glory be Yours forever


Friday 31st August

Heavenly Father, I wonder how many of us, if asked the question "Who are you?" would introduce ourselves to someone by stating our name and then saying "I am a Christian, a child of God"
My identity often goes with my surname, linking me to my family, to my heritage, my lineage, my ancestors, but now that I am adopted into Your family I have a new identity and I am a new creation. No more in condemnation, here in the grace of God I stand
When the seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish priest, confronted an evil spirit, the spirit said that it knew Jesus, and it knew Paul, but said it didn't know them. Father, I am not looking to confront evil spirits, but I ask You to confirm my identity, that I am Your child, that I am known as Your child, both in this world and in the world that is unseen
Our battle is not with flesh and blood, but with the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. I will check that I am prepared, that I am wearing the armour You provide, that I even sleep in it, so I am ready and available to confront evil when called to do so. My strength is in who I am, because You have made me who I am, no longer my own but Yours
Fill me again with Your Holy Spirit so there is no doubt who I am no matter whom or what I meet today. Thank You Jesus


Thursday 30th August

Heavenly Father, today is a special day, just as every day is a special day, because You have made every day, including today, special. Why is today special? Why is every day special? Today is special because it is a day laden with opportunities; opportunities for us to show the love that You have shown to us to others
You showed Your love for us by giving Yourself to us, by coming to the earth in human form, living with us, loving us, forgiving us, healing us, restoring us. Jesus said that the greatest love a man could show was to lay down his life for his friends, and that is exactly what He did
I only know a couple of phrases in Latin: Tempus Fugit, time flies and Carpe Diem, seize the day. Help me to seize this day, to make the most of every opportunity to live and love like Jesus, to show the same compassion as Jesus, to offer a Word of hope like Jesus, to bring about a change in someone's life like Jesus, to point the Way to the Truth like Jesus, to bring new Life like Jesus
Lord Jesus, by Your Holy Spirit, You make life special, You make every one who believes and trusts in You special. Even when time flies You take time to meet with people, even though more than two thousand years have flown by You still meet with people today. Make today someone's birthday as they are born again of Your Spirit, and if possible I'd like to be there to see the very special day


Wednesday 29th August

Heavenly Father, when a stone is dropped in a pond there are ripples that flow outwards after the initial splash. The vibrations that rolled out when the cross was dropped into the hole in ground ripple through eternity still
The cry of Jesus "Forgive them Father, they don't know what they are doing!" still echoes today. The rumble of the stone, rolled over the grave brought silence, but the roar of the angels as it rumbled and bounced when it was rolled away and the grave opened and Jesus was raised ripples, echoes, rumbles, vibrates in the world still
The power of God, the resurrected Christ, cannot be silenced. The Light of the World, shining from the grave, lighting up Eternity, cannot be turned off, darkness can never put it out
Holy Spirit, help us to bring ripples of hope today, let us vibrate with the love of Christ causing others to wonder, let our words and actions echo in time and space so Eternity is brought into focus and those around us ask questions about life and where we are going. Let us be a light shining in the darkness, drawing people to You, to Jesus, to receive from You. New birth is usually noisy; let the sound of new birth draw others to ask "What on earth is going on?" The stone over human hearts being rolled away today is the sound we hear. Let us cause a rumble today. Thank You


Tuesday 28th August

Heavenly Father, thank You that I can call You Father. Thank You that You take whatever I have to offer and make something worthwhile out of it. Even the bread and fish that were left over on the hillside in the middle of nowhere were collected together to be used and 6 large jars of water were turned to wine to be used
Sometimes, when it feels like everything I do goes wrong, there seems to be no way forward, the path ahead is not clear or is blocked by so many obstacles You come to me, lift me above everything and remind me that You are God, You are in control and You can still use me even in the difficult times, even when things have gone wrong
Jesus shows us that even in the worst of circumstances, when everything has gone wrong, or so it seems, that is when Your glory is revealed


Stuck on a hillside, with 5,000 men plus wives and children to feed and with virtually nothing, 5 loaves and 2 fish, Jesus fed everyone
At a wedding in Cana in Galilee, the embarrassment for the father as the wine ran out, Jesus provided the best wine, and lots of it
And, even nailed to a cross, with nowhere to go but the grave, Jesus rose from death, resurrected to win the greatest victory and secure a future for me and all who believe and trust in Him

When things are not at their best, even at their worst, You are still God, Jesus is still alive and You can still bring about the miracle I need and You are glorified. That is what a good Dad You are!

Monday 27th August

Heavenly Father, it is said that we come into this world with nothing and we will go out with nothing; in fact You tell us this. What we do in the time in between is up to us, to a certain extent, although we are all subject to the circumstances into which we are born
I will make a number of different things while I am here, two of which are money and friends. The money I make I will spend and that which I don't spend will go to someone else; I know I won't take it with me. The friends I make are far more important, one or two in particular; my partner for life, my wife, and my Saviour for eternity, Jesus
With my wife I have made a home and a family, You tell me they are a blessing to me, and they certainly are my treasure on earth; thank You
With Jesus, I hope to store treasure in Heaven, including my family, and amongst the friends I make, whether I introduce them to Jesus or help them to stay faithful
You tell me if someone should wander from the truth and someone should bring them back, even me, whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way saves them from death and covers a multitude of sins
Thank You for all those who have brought me back when I have wandered away from the Truth. Thank You for those who I may have helped along the way and into the Way, even those strangers I don't know about, all my treasure in Heaven. This is what I take with me, but only because of Jesus


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