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ENYFC prayer diary for September 2018 

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“I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus……” (Philippians 3 v 14) 



Commitments for September 2018: 

Tuesday 4th           
Trustees Meeting As the trustees gather together at the beginning of this new school year, they have a lot to discuss. We are moving into a new era of fundraising, new events’ timetable, longer hours for Lorraine and further development of the work. Please pray for imagination, for His voice to be clear amongst all the options and ideas, for integrity in our discussions and love in our manner with each other

Wednesday 5th           
Planning and envisioning Lorraine and Ali start back in the office today after a summer of refreshment and praying for His future plans for us. Please thank God for His provision of office, worker, funds, school and events and pray that Lorraine and Ali will settle back into work mode quickly and that only His plans will come to fruition 

Thursday 6th                 
Dinner Hall As Lorraine & Ali spend time with the new Year 7s, pray that there will be some good conversations already and some interest in the café tonight
Youth Café With the new day and times, pray that the young people will remember it’s on today

Tuesday 11th           
Dinner Hall 1 This week the new timings begin and Lorraine and Ali will be spending time with the Year 7s, 8s and 9s in the Dinner Hall
Dinner Hall 2 It’s the turn of the Year 10s and Year 11s now as the younger pupils have gone back to their classes, so please pray for openings to talk to these pupils we’ve known for 4 years, to open up with Ali & Lorraine
ETP As this returns for another term, pray for inspiration for recipes and an enthusiasm for chatting and prayer from the young people

Wednesday 12th         
Dinner Hall 1 Pray for conversations with the staff we haven’t seen for 6 weeks. Pray that Jane will have seen a difference in Lewis’ situation
Dinner Hall 2 Thank God for these young people and the relationships we have built over the years we’ve been in the school
Theos With this being on a Wednesday now, please pray that the young people will remember it’s on

Thursday 13th         
Dinner Hall 1 Thank God for the opportunity to take some of these pupils to WEC. Pray for conversations to open up regarding that experience
Dinner Hall 2 Thank God for those pupils who are going to speak to Ali & Lorraine today. Pray for wisdom in our answers to their questions
Youth Café Thank God that we are still able to offer this safe place for the young people to go after school. Pray that they will settle into the new routine quickly

Tuesday 18th          
Dinner Hall 1 Thank God for all the positives of this school; the confidence of the pupils and the respect they’re learning for themselves and each other
Dinner Hall 2 Pray for opportunities to talk about Jesus and the difference He makes.
ETP Pray for Lorraine and Pete as they lead these young people and invest in their physical and spiritual health
Pray for Ali as she remains at the office for those who want to chat without going to ETP

Wednesday 19th        
Dinner Hall 1 Pray that Holy Spirit will open the pupils’ minds and hearts to the possibility of His existence
Dinner Hall 2 Pray that the young people will open up about the things they’re finding difficult in life
Theos Pray that the young people who come will genuinely want to know more about Jesus and will have a revelation from Holy Spirit

Thursday 20th       
Dinner Hall 1 Thank God for His love for these pupils and staff. Pray again for Lewis and Jane and their difficulties – that they will know Holy Spirit’s peace
Dinner Hall 2 Praise God for His favour in the school for us to visit regularly
Youth Café Thank God for the young people who are coming today. Praise God for the commitment of the volunteers; praise Him for Louise, Michelle, Amilcar, Sue, Erny and Susan

Saturday 22nd              
Reboot As we take 7 young people to London for the day to hear from speakers such as Louis Giglio, Michael Ramsden and Amy Orr-Ewing. Pray that the young people will be challenged, inspired and changed by what they hear of Jesus today. Please pray for a safe journey and safety whilst in London

Tuesday 25th         
Dinner Hall 1 Thank God for finances to employ Lorraine to expand the work and develop these relationships
Dinner Hall 2 As the pupils settle into the new year, pray that they will not become anxious about their workload and exams timetable
ETP Pray for genuine and sincere conversations and prayer time
Pray for Ali at the office with those who just want to chat

Wednesday 26th        
Dinner Hall 1 Pray for peaceful, positive conversations that will be honouring to God. Thank Him for our health and our freedom to speak about Jesus in this country
Dinner Hall 2 Thank God that we have more than enough food to go around. Pray that those with much will be generous
Theos Pray for those who attend to be safe from harm or injury
Thank God for all those who are chatting with Ali in the office today

Thursday 27th        
Dinner Hall 1 Praise God for the trustees who make this work possible. Pray for their health as they guard and guide the organisation
Dinner Hall 2 Thank God that He is unchangeable and unshakeable. Pray for courage to do His will in every situation
Youth Café Pray for safety here and for meaningful conversations. Pray for more volunteers as one has stepped back to helping just once a month now


Thank you for your support, as always and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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