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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 09/09/2018

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 9th September

Heavenly Father, Another Sunday comes, another Son-Day, another day when the Son shines and the Son reigns, another day, come rain or shine, when Jesus will be spoken of, when Jesus will be heard about, when Jesus will be praised and worshipped, when stories about the life of Jesus will be told and re-told, when the stories of Jesus life will be used to illustrate how to live a good life, a powerful life, used to illustrate what heaven is like, to show us what You are like
Father, strengthen us with power from Your glorious riches, the power of Your Spirit deep inside us, that we may know Jesus through all we hear today, so Jesus will live in our hearts today, so we will know the depth of Your love today. We need this every week, in fact we need this every day because the depth of Your love can never be fully known, but also what happens too easily is that we forget the depth of Your love
You can do immeasurably more than we can ever ask, so therefore  we can keep asking again and again for more of Your Spirit, more of Your love, more of Jesus in our hearts, to take on the challenges that face us. We know that without You, without Jesus, we can do nothing, but with You, with Jesus, we can do all things
May Your churches today resound with worship and praise, shake with Your power, be filled with Your Holy Spirit and Your love so we are equipped and ready to minister in Your Holy Name. Send us out to live and work to Your praise and glory


Saturday 8th September

Heavenly Father, we sometimes hear people say that a person does not need to go to church to be a Christian, and this is probably true, especially in societies and cultures where persecution is at its worst for Your children; and yet it is in those very societies and cultures that people risk imprisonment, losing their families, even death so they can meet together with others in churches
Jesus ministered with His disciples, they were His family as much as His earthly father, mother, brothers, and sisters and You continue to minister today through His Body worldwide. We are designed to live in families, but we know that many families are broken and there are still many orphans today.  In families You give us love, closeness, attachment, loyalty, security, and respect; at least this the case in good families, and this should also be the case in Your church
Father, we are Your body, bride, children, family. You are our Father. Help us, encourage us, guide us to meet in Your Family regularly, not just occasionally, not just on Sunday, but throughout the week. Help us to love one another so everyone will know we are Your children. I was once an orphan, we were once all orphans, but through Jesus we are now adopted into Your Family. Help us to bring others home to You today


Friday 7th September

Heavenly Father, there is a song which begins, "If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you...”  A great love song, and I think it is true that a picture can often say more than words
But Lord when I think of Jesus, His birth, His life, His death, His resurrection, then as with so much about You, about Jesus, I find You turn things on their head, because I find that one Word, Your Word, Jesus, paints a thousand pictures, a million pictures, millions of songs about one Word, millions of lives changed because of one Word, millions of people transformed because of one Word, Jesus.  We sing "There is power in the name of Jesus..." and find that His Spirit continues to this day, and will continue for ever, turning things on their head, painting a new picture for someone, somewhere
Holy Spirit, glorify Jesus again today, respond to His Name, the Name above all names; when You hear His Name uttered in a quiet prayer, a silent prayer, bring about a new landscape, a new portrait, a new vision, a new hope, bring a still-life to life, a new life in Jesus. Heaven and earth will pass away, but Your Word will never pass away, Your Word, Jesus, never comes back empty, Your Word always accomplishes what You send it to do. May Your Word paint a thousand pictures today and may each one bring many blessings and glorify Jesus


Thursday 6th September

Heavenly Father, we say there are those who see the glass as half full and those who see the glass half empty. There are those who see the world through ‘rose-coloured glasses’
Of course, there are those who see the world through corrective lenses, normal glasses that help those who are long or short sighted. Optimist, pessimist, realist; I wonder which category I fall into? I also wonder which category Jesus falls into? I guess I swing between the ways of seeing the world, some days bright and hopeful, others grey, dull, and less hopeful
Father, do You feel like this too, do You have days when You despair and others when You see the light at the end of the tunnel, good times ahead? I think You are literally the Eternal Optimist! You are ever hopeful, and throughout the Bible You use the word "but" as You tell us not to despair because You have a better plan
Friday the crucifixion, but Sunday Resurrection is on the Way. Jesus, returns to the Father, but He sends the Holy Spirit. In this world we have trouble, but Jesus tells us to take heart as He has overcome the world
Father help me to see the world through Your eyes, as Jesus did, the view from Your perspective. I was lost, but now I am found. I was dead in my sins but now I am alive in Christ. I was Your enemy but now I am Your child. The glass is half full and half empty, but the day will come, has come when my cup runs over. I am eternally optimistic, eternally grateful. Faith, hope and love, help me to share all three today. Thank You


Thursday 5th September

Heavenly Father, I had a picture yesterday of someone struggling to get through a door, pulling themselves in to be as thin as possible and squeezing through the gap with great difficulty
The reason was that behind the door so much had been swept under the carpet it was stacked high and pushed against the door making it very hard to open. It was then like a mountain which had to be climbed to get to the other side of the room, the gap between the carpet and the ceiling was so narrow it was almost impossible to pass
I wondered what had been swept under the carpet? Deal with today, today.  You tell me:

don't delay in forgiving, this stacks up;

don't hold on to grudges, these stack up;

don't forget to bring sins to God, confess quickly and seek forgiveness from the Father, through Jesus the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit;

look to bless wherever possible, don't hold back in giving either physically, spiritually or financially;

make good intentions into good actions; we know where good intentions lead if not carried through, promises and plans must be carried out or they are useless

Jesus said that today has enough worries, deal with them today, don't let them stack up to become tomorrow's worries
Father, I have swept far too much under the carpet. Lord Jesus, help me to sweep out from under the carpet; help me to lay my carpet flat

Tuesday 4th September

Heavenly Father, it is true to say that right at the start human beings were conned; not by You, but by the enemy, satan, the deceiver. The con being a confidence trick, the building up of confidence, trust, but based on lies
We had the wool pulled over our eyes, and while the hood was blinding us, satan winked at his minions, saying "Gotcha," to us and to You. We were hoodwinked, fooled, tricked. We were led up the garden path to the forbidden tree and so sin entered the human race and we lost our relationship with You and our home in the Garden of Eden. How easily we are fooled, hoodwinked!
King David thought he could fool Nathan the prophet, having slept with Bathsheba, got her pregnant, and arranged  for Uriah, her husband, to be killed. Fooled into thinking he could break three commandments without consequences, coveting, adultery, and murder, David was certainly hoodwinked
The enemy still tries to con us today, portraying followers of Jesus as boring, having no fun, weak, ineffectual. Forgive me for ever listening to him, believing him. Yet the joy of the Lord is our strength, the power to move mountains is ours in Jesus. Miraculous living is indeed great fun, exciting, life changing for us and those we meet
Help us to spot the con, the lie, the deception and the deceiver's voice. Let us put our trust in You, the Great Joy-giver. The Truth will set us free, and because of Jesus we can be truly free


Monday 3rd September

Heavenly Father, where do we go to find the answers to life's problems? There are many self-help books that often tell us the answers lie within ourselves
I often went on courses and the first things I heard were that the person leading was not an expert, did not have all the answers, that they were a facilitator, and the answers lay within me. My heart sank because I wanted an expert, someone with all the answers, someone who would tell me what to do because I hadn't got a clue, the answers did not lie within me at all
Then I came to Jesus and found that the answers to life's problems lay in the Life itself, in Jesus. The Bible is quite precise, Jesus is also precise; they both tell us the Truth, tell us what to do and what not do, what works and what doesn't work, what the problem is and how to fix it

The problem is sin, the solution is repentance
The problem is guilt, the solution is forgiveness
The problem is I am weak, the solution is Christ who strengthens me
The  problem is looking inwards, the solution is looking upwards
The problem is me, the solution is Jesus

Father, when I come to You, recognizing that I am broken and that I have broken myself and I confess my sin, You are faithful and just, You forgive my sins and purify me from all unrighteousness. The answer lies in coming to You, coming to Jesus. You do not remove life's problems, far from it, but You go through them with me
Lord, I come to You, let my heart be changed, renewed, flowing from the grace that I've found in You


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