Confessions of a Christian Camping Convert 

AMY FRISBY9th September 2018

Amy Frisby (aged 11) writes about how she got on during her first summer camp experience and whether she’d ever do it again...
Earlier this summer I was invited to go on a camping week with Youth for Christ. It was the first time I’d ever been away camping on my own but my mum told me it would be lots of fun so I decided to go!

The camp is actually separated into two camps for different ages and is run by a missionary society called WEC. This year it was held in Cromer and I was part of ‘Week A’ from 28th July to 4th August

I already knew Ali and Lorraine through ETP (Eat, Talk, Pray) and they both came with us. Lorraine was on Warrior Camp (9-13 year olds) and Ali was on Team Camp (13-17 year olds). Each camp has about 75 children and 25 leaders

We went to the beach and we did lots of onsite activities, including drama workshops, football, wide games, dancing, and lots of crafts. Every lunch time, we also had HHH – Horizontal Half Hour, when we chilled out in our tents. Rev Peter Timothy, Minister, Park Baptist Church, commented “I’m not sure if this was more beneficial for the children or the leaders!”

We did Bible studies four times a day: morning meeting, where we learned about being lost and found and how Jesus could find us at WEC; evening meeting, where we met missionaries from Malawi; morning quiet time about the parables in Luke 15 and evening quiet time where we studied Bible topics that kids wanted to talk about

My favourite part was the wide games, when we all played together in teams. I’d never played a game with so many people!

I think I got a lot closer to Jesus through the week by talking to people like Jen (my favourite leader) and by the regular Bible studies. I feel a lot more cheerful now and I’m looking forward to going again next year