Menagerie Theatre Company presents The Great Austerity Debate 

GREAT AUSTERITY DEBATE 2018Menagerie Theatre Company presents The Great Austerity Debate at Christchurch, King Street, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2HL on Tuesday October 23rd at 7pm
Tickets are £6 and can be bought from the Christchurch Coffee Shop, Monday to Friday [10am – 2pm]
The Great Austerity Debate is a forum theatre event. It starts with the story of Megan K. as she juggles low-paid work, ever deeper debt, universal credit, two kids, and a fancy red handbag
After watching the performance, you are invited to suggest different choices for the characters and then see those choices played out by the actors
Entertaining, inspiring and surprising, The Great Austerity Debate explores austerity’s effects and how – even after 8 years – we can still imagine alternatives