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ENYFC prayer diary for October 2018 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

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“Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise up and restore the former desolations; and they will renew the ruined cities, the desolations (deserted settlements) of many generations” (Isaiah 61 v 4)



GYHS 07-2018We believe God has given us the whole of Isaiah chapter 61 for the young people and the town of Great Yarmouth for this term so please join with us as we pray this over them and claim the promises He has given for the town. We are thrilled to be back in the school and as you probably know by now the pupils have their lunches in two sittings. From 1215-1250 we have the pleasure of the Year 10s and Year 11s. Then from 1315 -1350 we engage with the Year 7s, 8s and 9s. This is great from our point of view as it gives us more time to listen to the young people but also to chat with the staff between the sittings. Thank you for praying for Jane and her family. When we asked how things had been over the summer she said that they weren’t better yet but they weren’t worse! Praise God and keep praying for a miracle. We suggested Psalm 91 to read and told her about Isaiah 61. She also said that although she isn’t going to a church at the moment, she sees “this” (gesturing Ali, Lorraine and herself) as her church at the moment. Thank God for His favour in the school. “To proclaim the favourable year of the Lord…” (Isaiah 61) 
Janine* has been so excited this term as her family has been allowed to remain in their home until it is sold (PD September 2018). Thank God for His provision and blessing for them. Just this week she was bursting with excitement as she came to sit with Ali in the dinner hall “Is God speaking through you or something?” she said, to which Ali replied “Yes! That’s exactly what He does – why what’s happened?” Janine* then went on to explain that after her conversations with both Lorraine and Ali at the café the previous Thursday, her relationship with her sister (which she had thought was irretrievable) had been restored and they had been in contact, affirming their love for each other. Janine* felt able to read Psalm 25 to her sister too which she had been wanting to do. Needless to say both girls were apparently in tears on the phone – isn’t Holy Spirit wonderful? 
We have pencilled a date in The Sense’s diary as the Head of Music would really like them to input into the pupils’ education again this year, but we haven’t had permission from the school yet so please pray for this; that it will go ahead next Spring

THEOS 07-2018THEOS is going really well. It has changed to a Wednesday after school and we get different young people each week. One week we had two of the Year 11s who went to WEC camp and we discussed creation – where it all started. The following week we had two Year 9s who have been to Spring Weekend and one of their sisters who is now in Year 7, so we looked at the Fall and they drew pictures of the things that stood out to them in the passage. As you can imagine it’s difficult to plan a “series” or a journey through the Bible as the young people are so sporadic – we may plan a session for the ones who came the previous week, only to have none of them turn up, but we “press on” and trust that we are chatting about things each week’s group needs to hear, after all, Holy Spirit knows exactly what we’re preparing and exactly who is going to turn up! It’s interesting that the older ones don’t seem to have many questions about God or Christianity, yet the younger ones do: 

“How does anyone know what Jesus looked like – there weren’t any cameras then?” Kevin* Y9 
“Why do some Christians think suicide is a sin? Do you believe that?” Kevin* Year 9 
“Why did Jesus die for us?” Kevin’s* Year 7 sister and one of the Year 11 girls at WEC+ 
“I don’t think I’ve ever been to church” Lennon* Year 9

Please thank God for these opportunities to share of His awesome and indescribable love for every one of us and for His provision of the office – it’s such a great location, some of the Year 7s walked home from school, past the office and we were able to welcome them in so they know where we are. One Year 7 asked if she could do her music homework on the keyboard we have. That keyboard was given to us over a decade ago and hasn’t been used since (thank God for the person who donated it and to Christchurch for giving us room to store it) but it’s now available in the office for the young people to use – who knows – maybe she will be the next generation worship leader?! Let’s pray…….


ETP 10-2018ETP continues to be an encouragement to us as we serve alongside Park Baptist Church to provide a safe place for young people from Year 5 (aged 9) to Year 9 (aged 14) where they can learn about healthy eating and put this into practice by cooking a meal together. Whether it’s pasta, curry or pie, the young people are keen to get involved and sometimes most of the ingredients actually make it into the finished dishes! Unless it’s ginger – then one of the Year 6 girls can’t resist! It’s all good fun and when we’re eating the finished dish around the table, we have the opportunity to talk and pray. This is a really valuable time for the young people to open up about their week and our focus is on seeing what God has done in their lives through some pretty difficult stuff they have to face. We prioritise thanking God but also pray for His provision in the many situations they face. We’re really grateful for the first year’s funding from Dreams and Visions but please pray for the funding applications Pete Timothy is submitting, so we can continue to support Park in this venture


OPEN OFFICE 10-2018OPEN OFFICE Whilst this is going on, the office is open for those who don’t want to cook, or who are in Years 10 and 11.  Again, this is very different each week – one week just one Year 11 arrived and spent the whole two hours colouring and chatting. The following week there were six young people, chatting, drawing, playing games, doing puzzles, playing on the instruments. It’s a really valuable space for just building relationships but as it’s smaller than the Youth Café, we can engage in one-to-one conversations more readily. Thank you to all those who give financially – we provide fruit and hot chocolate for the young people who attend


YOUTH CAFE Now in its fifth year this is the activity where we meet most young people. We’re privileged to be welcomed into the Salvation Army building and use their facilities and equipment. Please thank God for their generous hearts and encouragement. We had to change to a Thursday evening last month but we continue to get 25-30 young people each week with an influx of Year 7s since September. Thank God for His inspiring their hearts to try this out and see what goes on and for His FANTASTIC servants, Louise, Michelle, Susan, Sue, Amilcar, Erny and Livvy. Also for David and Katerina from the Salvation Army, who step in when we might otherwise have to close. One of the volunteers has stepped back to once a month and a couple of times last month we have been short of help. Thankfully we haven’t had to close yet – God always provides. If you’d like to come and visit to see first-hand what it’s like please let Lorraine or Ali know, we’d love to share this with you. One of the lads who came last term, Bobby* had been talking about his involvement with satanic practices and beliefs and has since changed school, but praise God that he is still coming to the Youth Café. Pray that we will be obedient to “bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted and to proclaim release to the captives and freedom to prisoners…..” (Isaiah 61) Please pray for him to see the Light of the world and know He is his Saviour

WEC plus 10-2018WEC Plus Highly unimaginative name, yes but says what it is; a follow-on from the WEC summer camp. We meet at the office every other Sunday to answer the questions these young people have since their experiences at the camp. We see four regularly and pray that the others will come along; one isn’t allowed to come as she has to cook a meal for the family at that time on a Sunday. The other lad Jamie* who we’ve known for five years (one of the originals at the Café!) doesn’t come to anything anymore as he is at college but thank God for the relationship Ali has been able to forge with the family over the years, enabling her to still have contact with Jamie*. Pray that the healing he experienced over the WEC week will continue and he will start asking questions

For the four who come regularly it is a place where they have a voice and they are listened to. One of the Year 12s (now at college) said “This is the place I can come to and sing!”  They each choose one of the worship songs they remember from camp and we worship together, then we read a passage in the Bible and discuss it. Sounds simple and straight forward doesn’t it? However, it is pretty chaotic most weeks in that they are all needing attention and affirmation/value and are not used to being in a two-way conversation where they actually listen to each other, so consequently they talk over each other with random statements not connected with what we’re discussing. They will then get the giggles over an “in-joke” and not engage with the passage either. The Year 12 girl says “It’s really difficult to believe because I haven’t grown up with it”.  Please pray for her to overcome her reticence and to have a relationship with Him who has been there through all her growing up. The Year 11 lad who comes doesn’t understand at the moment that it is a life changing relationship – he thinks that he has become a Christian through his experiences and prayers at camp and that’s all there is to it.
We have learned to trust God that something of what we’re doing is taking root and will be watered and nourished by Holy Spirit as we “press on” to the goal of seeing them in the Kingdom. Last week, Ali arrived at 4pm to prepare and get the technical side of things sorted, expecting them to arrive around 6pm. However, at 4.20 two of them arrived soaking wet as they’d got caught in the heavy rain shower. Ali was totally caught by surprise and her initial response was, “I’m not ready, you can’t come now” but thankfully Holy Spirit held her tongue long enough for her to remember that we always wanted an office where the kids could come if they needed anything, and that the whole point of this new office is that we are interruptible! So praise God that she had come in early and these two had somewhere warm to dry out. However, out of three and a half hours together we only managed twenty minutes of chat about Christianity. Praise God that as we looked at the healing of the man let down through the roof in Mark chapter 2 Ali was able to share the experiences of healings she has had with Holy Spirit and how God actually DOES heal today because of His great love for us. During that time, they young people were actually silent as they listened! We are learning to be thankful for these snippets of conversation about our Father and trust that Holy Spirit will grow and nurture these seeds “So they will be called the trees of righteousness (strong and magnificent, distinguished for integrity, justice and right standing with God)” (Isaiah 61 AMP version)


MAP 10-2018

Young@Arts Festival We love to partner with other churches and organisations who are passionate about young people. Leanne and her team from MAP join us in the school on Tuesday lunchtimes to get alongside the pupils and signpost them to agencies and help outside of school, so we have got to know the team over the last year. On 24th October in the half term holidays MAP are putting on an arts festival for all young people between the ages of 11 and 19. Sadly Lorraine is on annual leave that week but Ali is able to assist them in delivering some of the workshops. Please pray for this relationship between Youth for Christ and MAP and thank God for the privilege of working together



If you want to know how to support us please get in touch. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship (East Norfolk Youth for Christ) if you’d like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ and post them to the office address at the bottom of this update


People often ask us “What does Youth for Christ actually DO?”. If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you


Commitments for October 2018: 

Monday 1st                       
Consultation Evening at the Minster 
As we join our brothers and sisters from different churches and organisations at the Minster to chat and pray about ways of working together for the good of the town, please pray that God’s will is made clear and we see His heart for the young people and families in Great Yarmouth. Pray for wisdom and Holy Spirit’s guidance

Tuesday 2nd           
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11
As Lorraine has some well-earned annual leave this week pray that she will be refreshed and renewed with Jesus. Pray for Ali in the Dinner Hall, that she will sit with the pupils God wants her to chat with today
Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9
Thank God for these enthusiastic young people and their openness to us sitting amongst them. Pray that they will be inquisitive about Jesus, knowing we’re Christians
As Pete and the team from Park Baptist run this without Lorraine this week pray that the young people will continue to come and cook, Eat Talk and Pray with them
Open Office 
Thank God again for His provision of the office and the opportunities it provides for us to talk with strangers popping in. Thank God for the young people who come to chat and spend time socialising in a safe, fun environment

Wednesday 3rd           
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11
Thank God for the favour He has given us in the school. Pray that we will never take that for granted but always remember that it is from Him
Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9
Thank God for His indescribable love for everyone in the school, whether they know Him or not. Pray that the staff and pupils see that in Ali as she spends time with them today
We have had some good questions over this month from the young people attending here so please pray that what they hear will take root in their hearts

Thursday 4th                 
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Thank God for the opportunity today to chat with the staff between lunch sittings. Continue to pray for Jane, Lewis and their family; that they will see God in the tough stuff. Thank God for the gift of faith He has given Jane and pray that her partner will come to know Jesus

Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9
Please pray for the new Year 7s as the “new-ness” of school has worn off and they’re seeing what a big jump it is from primary to high school. Pray for them to rest well and for peace in their homes       
Youth Café 
Thank God for the provision of this space for the young people to drop in after school. Thank God for the fruit we are seeing after years of investing in the young people. Pray that the volunteers will be healthy and able to attend

Sunday 7th             
Please pray for the 4 regulars who come, that they will Taste and See that the Lord is Good, and commit their whole lives to Him. Pray for Ali as she leads them and encourages them to go further

Tuesday 9th           
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Thank God for the opportunities today to talk about Hallowe’en as it approaches. Pray that Ali & Lorraine will be gentle and guided by Holy Spirit to say words that won’t condemn but will change the young people’s hearts

Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Pray again for the conversations around Hallowe’en with these younger pupils who see it as a harmless way of getting sweets. Pray for Lorraine and Ali to be sensitive but brave in all they say and that Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of the young people, to hear the message of light and hope

Thank God for the funding Dreams & Visions provided for the first year of this group. Thank Him for His provision of volunteers and premises. Pray for more grants to come in to sustain this small group as they cook, Eat, Talk and Pray

Open Office 
Pray that there will be conversations and questions with those who come to socialise at the office today. Pray that they will know God’s peace in their personal circumstances

Wednesday 10th         
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Thank God for the privilege of praying for the members of staff who are facing illness and bereavement in their families. Pray that Ali & Lorraine can speak of the hope they have in Jesus
Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9
Thank God for the seeds that have been sown in these pupils since they started at Gt Yarmouth Charter Academy. Pray that Holy Spirit will grow those seeds and make the young people courageous to find out more
Pray for the young people who are coming today, that they will have some questions about Jesus

Thursday 11th          
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Thank God for all He is doing in the school amongst the staff and pupils, even though we don’t see it all
Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Pray that the atmosphere in the school will be positive with positive conversations amongst the pupils and staff

Youth Café 
Thank God for the amazing volunteers who step out of their comfort zones every week to engage with these young people and show them Jesus: Louise, Michelle, Amilcar, Sue and Erny; and for those who make a special visit once a month, Livvy and Susan

Tuesday 16th           
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Thank God for our finances today – that He has always provided all we need in every way. Pray for our fundraising efforts to be successful: that He will continue to provide what we need to resource the work

Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Thank God for sending His Son to atone for us and all those we meet today; that we can all live in freedom and joy

Pray for Lorraine and Pete, for their health and strength to carry on with this club

Open Office 
Pray for Ali as she remains at the office for those who want to chat instead of going to ETP

Trustees Meeting 
Thank God for Richard, Nigel, Matt and Ali, that they will hear His vision and future for East Norfolk Youth for Christ. Pray for courage and insight for them as they meet together

Wednesday 17th         
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Pray that the young people who have experienced Jesus through our camps and events will understand their need to be regularly meeting with other Christians

Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Pray that the young people will open up about the things they’re finding difficult in life

Pray that Holy Spirit will guide Lorraine and Ali as they plan this study. Pray that the young people will engage

Thursday 18th          
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Pray for peace in the dinner hall today as some of the pupils will be getting nervous about their upcoming mock exams

Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Pray for those younger pupils who are getting tired with the longer days and who are still not dealing easily with the school structure and timetable. Pray that Ali and Lorraine will notice them and be Jesus’ comfort to them

Youth Café 
Thank God for Bobby* who still comes even though he goes to a different school now. Pray that we will have conversations with him that show him Jesus, who will be the Light in his darkness if he chooses Him

Sunday 21st            
As we take on the subject of Hallowe’en please pray that the young people will be open to thinking differently about this time of year – that they will see good, not evil, love not hate, freedom and laughter, not fear

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th
Please pray that the young people for whom holidays are not a pleasure will know His peace in their homes. Pray that they will remember some of the things of Jesus that they’ve heard with the volunteers, Lorraine and Ali at the Café. Pray for safety and protection from the enemy over this week
Pray for the staff to have some quality rest this week. As Lorraine has some much-needed rest and refreshing this week, pray that she will have some brilliant times with Jesus; that she will come back refreshed and reinvigorated to continue taking the Good News relevantly to the young people of Great Yarmouth

Wednesday 24th     
Pray for Ali as she supports MAP Young@Arts Festival today. Thank God for the opportunity to support MAP as they invest in the young people of Great Yarmouth. Pray for Leanne (MAP) who has initiated this day and thank God for new relationships with the MAP staff as we work together in the town

Tuesday 30th               
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Pray for peaceful, positive conversations that will be honouring to God. Pray for protection for them tonight and tomorrow

Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Thank God for His idea of celebration! Pray that there will be celebrations of light and goodness today and tomorrow.
ETP Pray for Lorraine, Pete, Claire, Lester and Gary as they engage with these young people and show them God’s love and compassion

Open Office 
Thank God for the conversations Ali is going to have at the office today. Thank Him for the finances to buy games, puzzles, drinks etc

Wednesday 31st      
Dinner Hall Years 10 & 11 
Praise God for all He has done with us and for us over the last 12 years. Thank Him for His grace and love in every circumstance.
Dinner Hall Years 7, 8 & 9 
Pray for Mr Smith in his second year of headship at the school. Thank God for the positives his leadership has brought and pray for him to know the Reason behind his appointment here

Pray that as we tackle the issue of Hallowe’en, that these young people, too will see the Light of the world and turn from the darkness


Thank you for your support, as always and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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