Piano Recital by Martyn Marshall with Organ Finale 

Caroline Buddery  reports on one of the recent lunchtime recitals at the Minster
GY MINSTERThe breathtaking conclusion on organ to the recent piano recital given by Martyn Marshall was J S Bach's Concerto no 2 in A Minor which in three movements began resoundingly with lovely ritornello
On a halcyon day the luscious recital opened with a celebration of the anniversary of Debussy's birth on 22 August 1862, his 1st Arabesque 'subject to the laws of beauty inscribed in Nature herself' receiving a rhapsodic rendition by the gifted recitalist
The eclectic programme included the tranquil, reflective work In a Monastery Garden by Albert Ketelbey and The Call of the Angelus inspired by the traditional Catholic custom of ringing the Angelus Bell
Bach's Dance Suite Partita 1 which is in seven movements crowned with a Gigue gave great pleasure as did Mendelssohn's gorgeous Songs without Words Nos 1 and 2. Jane Freeman warmly thanked the dedicated recitalist for a delightful lunchtime concert