Austerity Debate came to Christchurch, Great Yarmouth 

5th November 2018
as published in Imagine Norfolk Together newsletter


AUSTERITY DRAMA 2018AOn the 23rd October, 'The Great Austerity Debate' came to Christchurch, Great Yarmouth.  This piece of forum theatre was brought to us by Menagerie Theatre and was the brainchild of Patrick Morris, who is also the director

It focused on a short period of time in the life of Megan, the main character, as she struggles with the pressures of debt, lack of childcare and unstable employment. The twist came half way through when the play finished and Patrick Morris invited the audience to become part of the performance, re-enacting scenes, joining in and contributing ideas which might have a positive impact on Megan's life 

AUSTERITY DRAMA 2018BThe original performance was bleak and seemed hopeless, but the participation of audience members introduced glimmers of hope through, for example, a supportive neighbour, and a credit union

The final task of the evening was to discuss in groups the kinds of policy changes which would be needed to prevent Megan's situation happening in reality or being perpetuated. Suggestions included reforming / scrapping Universal Credit, and getting rid of zero hours contracts. These ideas will be added to those produced at performances all around the country 

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